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Canadian Subscription Box Directory

This is a list of subscription boxes based in Canada, or that ship to Canada. US only boxes are not listed.
  • Boxes with no remarks listed are Canadian, but may or may not charge shipping fees.
  • Boxes with remarks listed show country of origin and estimated shipping costs.Check the FAQ on the website to confirm costs before signing up!
  • Boxes with a star (*) next to them indicate I have reviewed the service. Look for my reviews in the "Labels" section on the left side of the page!

Please Note:

This page does not list box cost or currency charged. The list is only a reflection of approximate shipping costs and country of origin. This means a box could originate in Canada, but charge in US dollars. Please be sure to read the FAQ of any subscription service before signing up.

Inclusion in this list does not constitute as an endorsement of the company. Be sure to do your due diligence before signing up for any service. Click here to read some tips on how to protect yourself.

**As of July 2019, this list is not being updated. Information may be out of date.**

Also be sure to check out CRATEJOY - the ultimate one-stop-shop for all subscriptions.

Canada Craft Club
Canadian Beer Club
Crafty Cocktails (does not contain alcohol)
Hazelton's Beer of the Month Club
Hazleton's Wine of the Month Club 
My Wine Canada
Okanagan Wine Club
Wine Collective

Bare Terre
Botanic + Terre *
BOXYCHARM (US, $5 shipping)*
GLOSSYBOX (US, $5 shipping) *
Ipsy Glam Bag (US, $4.95 shipping) *
Joah Box (South Korea, Free shipping)
Julep (US, Free shipping) *
KissMe Lipstick Club (US, $3.99 shipping)
Lip Monthly * (US, ~$3 shipping/tax)
Live Glam (US, $3.99 - 5.99 shipping)
Look Fantastic Beauty Box (UK)
Love Goodly (US, $14.95 shipping)
LuxeBox *
Mapleblume *
MorpheMe Brush Club (US, $4.99 shipping)
No Make No Life (Japan, Free shipping)
Nourish Beauty Box (US, free shipping)
Petit Vour (US, $10 shipping)
Pony Tail Mail
ShadowMe Eye Shadow Club (US, $5.99 shipping)
Square Hue (US, $9 shipping)
Sweet & Sparkle (US, Free Shipping)
The Detox Box 
Topbox *
Tribe Beauty Box
Vegan Cuts Beauty Box (US, $9 shipping) *
Wychbury Ave Soapscription

Check here for CrateJoy's Book Subscription Boxes!
Bookroo (US, $16 shipping)
Butterfly Books
Callisto Crate *
Chamber of Fables
Comic Bento (US, $12 shipping) *
LitJoy Crate (US, $14.95 shipping)
Once Upon a Book Club (US, $15 shipping)
Owl Post Books (US, + shipping)
Raven Reads
Sweet Reads Box *
The Not Busy Company
Upper Case Box (US, + shipping)
VIBookcrate *
Writerly Kits (for writers)

Aaron's Sweet Shop *
Candy Experience *
Cocoa Couriers (US, shipping may be extra) *
Coffret Chocolate
Hazelton's Chocolate of the Month Club
InstaCandy (US, + shipping)
Japan Candy Box (Japan, Free shipping)
Japan Crate* (Japan, Free shipping) 
La Boîte à Bonbons *
McGuire Chocolates
Purdy's Chocolates
Rebel Chocolates
Sweets Box
Tokyo Treat (Japan, Free shipping)
Treats (US, +shipping)
Treatsbox *
Yum Yum Candy *

Angels' Cup (US, + shipping)
Alakaban Tea
Amoda Tea *
Coast to Coast Coffee *
Craft Coffee (US, Shipping included)
Dollar Tea Club *
Driftaway Coffee (US, free shipping)
My Tea Box
Parachute Coffee
Phil & Sebastian (US, + shipping)
Rave Coffee
Roasters Pack *
Simple Loose Leaf (US, $5 shipping) *
Tea Sparrow *

Chef's Plate * - Get 4 meals free using my link!
Fresh Prep * (Metro Vancouver only) Get 3 meals free using my link!
Good Food * - Save $50 using my link.
HelloFresh CA * - Get $40 off your first box using my link
Revive Superfoods - Get 3 cups free using my link!

Ann Williams Monthly Craft Box (US, + shipping)
Art Snacks (US, $10 additional shipping)
Blueberry Cove Beads *
Fridays Off Le Club (fabric)
Home Made Luxe (US, + shipping)
Indigo Artbox (US, + Shipping)
Knit Crate (US, Free shipping)
Knit Me
Monthly Coloring Club
Quilt Crates (US, + shipping)
QuiltyBox (US, $10 shipping)
Sew Sampler (US, $12 shipping)
Sketch Box (US, $10 shipping) *
Smart Art Box (US, + shipping)
Stitchy Box (US, $6 shipping)
Yarn Crush *

Bombay & Cedar (US, $15 shipping) 
BuddhiBox (US, $9.99 shipping) *
Causebox (US, $7.95 shipping) *
DIY Collectives (US, $18 shipping)   
Ecocentric Mom (US, $6 shipping) *
Love Goodly (US, $14.95 shipping)
Nourish Beauty Box (US, free shipping)
Petit Vour (US, $10 shipping)
Terra Bella Box (US, + shipping) *
The Vegan Box (Australia, Additional shipping)
Yogi Surprise (US, $10 shipping) *

CLOTH & PAPER (US, + shipping)
Covet Crate (US, + shipping)
FEoNA Box *
Stay Creative Box - Get 20% off your first quarterly box using cdnboxaddict10

Basic MAN * (US, $5 shipping)
Coastal Co. (US, $9.95 shipping) 
Elizabeth & Clarke (US, $15 shipping) *
Empress Mimi (UK, + shipping ) - Use code CDN30 for 30% off any subscription
Enjoy Leggings (US, $7 shipping)
Five Four Club (US, $25 shipping, does not includes tax/duty)
Flaunt Box - Fashion Rental Subscription
Frank And Oak Style Plan  *
Frock Box *
From Rachel
Golden Tote (US, $30 shipping)
Namast'eh *
Once Upon a Tee (US, $3.99 Shipping)
Rachel Zoe Box of Style * (US, $15 shipping. Duties/Tax extra) Save $10 using CBAFBOS10
ShoeDazzle (US, $6.95 shipping)
TeeBlox (US, + shipping)
The Kit Grid
Urbane Box (US, $25 shipping. Tax/Duties may be extra)
Wohven * (US, +shipping)
Yoga Club * (US, $9.95 shipping)

BuddhiBox - Yoga (US, $9.99 shipping) *
Choosing Health
Fit Snack (US, $8 shipping)
Little Life Box *
Lovish Box
Namast'eh *
Runner Crate (US, $19 shipping)
Stride Box (US, $7 shipping) *
Super Gains Pack (US, + shipping)
The Barbell BoxYoga Club (US, $9.95 shipping) *
Yogi Surprise * (US, $10 shipping) Save 25% on first box with YOGI25

Bake Box by Q's
Carnivore Club *
Cheesy Place Cheese of the Month *
Crafty Cocktails
FAIR/SQUARE (vegan) 
First Look Organics *
Fit Snack (US, $8 shipping)   
Food Trip To... *
Griller's Monthly *
Hazelton's Cheese of the Month Club
Hazelton's Crackers of the Month Club
Healthy Surprise (US, Additional shipping starting at $9.99) *
Hunger Hankerings
Japan Crate* (Japan, Free shipping)   
Keto Can
Love With Food (US, + shipping)
Maple in a Box
MunchPak (US, +shipping) - Save $2 off first box using SNACKIN
My Gluten Free Bars
Naked Snacks *
NatureBox (US, $4.95 shipping) *
Oatbox * Save $5 using my link!
Piquant Post (US + shipping)
Raw Spice Bar (US, + shipping) *
SpiceBreeze (US, $2 shipping) 
Taste Japan (Japan, shipping included) *
The Taste Box  *
The Vegan Box (Australia, Additional shipping)
Top Munch (US, $11 shipping)
Tokyo Treat (Japan, Free shipping)
Try the World (US, $7 shipping)
Urth Box (US, $6 shipping - Save $5 on first box using code CRUNCHWEEK) *
Vegan Cuts Snack Box (US, $9 shipping)
Xcuse Me I am French

Dollar Shave Club (US, plus shipping)
Harry's (US, $6 shipping) *
Molr Dental Club
Razor Company
The Personal Barber (UK, + shipping)
Top Shelf Razors *
Vanguard Razors

Awesome Pack *
Board Game Bento
Creation Crate *
DIY Collectives (US, $18 shipping)  
Freestone Fly Fishing Company
Monthly Pen Club  (Belgium, $9.50 US shipping)
Mystery Toy Box
Sticker Swaps (UK, Free shipping) *
Writerly Kits

Art in a Box (US, Canadian sub price includes shipping)
Home Made Luxe (US, + shipping)
Posh Home Box

Cate & Chloe Jewelry (US, $9.99 shipping) *
Emma & Chloe (US, + shipping) *
Monthly Watch Club
My Meraki Box *
Penny + Grace (US, Free shipping)
Pure Vida Bracelet  Club (US, + shipping)
Your Bijoux Box (US) *

Check here for CrateJoy's Kids Subscription Boxes!

Ann Williams Monthly Craft Box Ages 6-8, 9-12, and Teen (US, + shipping)
Awesome Pack (Family oriented) *
Bits Box - Age 6-12 (US, $10 shipping) 
Bookroo - Age 0-6 (US, $16 shipping)
Brick Loot (US, + shipping)
Butterfly Books
Cooper & Kid (US, + shipping) - for Dad with kids aged 5+)
Creation Crate *
Curiosity Box - Age 3-7 *
Gathered: A Box Collection
Gen YZ Box - Age 9-16   (US, $15 shipping)
Green Kid Crafts Age 3-10 (US, $8 shipping)
Groovy Lab in a Box - Age 8+ (US)
In Your Case Stationery Box *
Kawaii Box (Japan, Free shipping)
Kiwi Co - Options for ages 0-16+ (US, $8 shipping) * Save 30% on first box with SHARE30
Lillypost - Age 0-6 
LitJoy Crate (US, $14.95 shipping) - Books for age 0-2 yrs, 3-7 yrs, and 14+ yrs
Little Pnuts - Age 0-6 (US, Annual subscription ships to Canada, shipping cost extra)
My Funvelope
Mystery Adventure Club - Age 6-12
Mystery Toy Box
Petit Mail - Age 3-7
Raddish Kids (US, $10 shipping)
The Doodle Post *
Think With Art * - Age 6-10   use code BOXADDICT to save $5
VIBookcrate - Age 8-12
Wonder Box
Yume Twins (Japan, Free Shipping)

Check here for CrateJoy's Lifestyle & Women's Subscription Boxes!

Apollo Box (US)
Bombay & Cedar (US, $15 shipping)
brēō box (US, $25 shipping)
BuddhiBox * (US, $9.99 shipping)
Causebox * (US, $7.95 shipping)
Coastal Co. (US, $9.95 shipping)
Experience the World by Canadian Traveller
FabFitFun VIP * (US, $8 shipping)
GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box * (US, $12 shipping)
I Want it All Box (US, + shipping)
Jigeen Box
Love Goodly (US, $14.95 shipping)
Lovish Box
Metta Crate
My Petite Box *
Oui Please (US, Free shipping. Tax/Duty possible on delivery)
Rivers & Oak 
Simply Beautiful by BC Living *
Simply Earth * (US, +shipping)
Singles Swag (US, $6.99 shipping)
Starling Box (US, + shipping)
Stay Creative Box - Get 20% off your first box using cdnboxaddict10
The Bride Box (US, + shipping)
The Maple Box
The Missus Box by Real Weddings
The Not Busy Company
The Willie Wags (US, + shipping)
White Willow Box *
Yogi Surprise (US, $10 shipping) * Save 25% on first box with YOGI25

Click here for CrateJoy's Subscription Boxes for Men!

Almighty Collar 
Basic MAN * (US, $5 shipping)
Bespoke Post (US, $10 shipping)*
BLACKSOCKS * (Switzerland, Free Shipping)
brēō box (US, $25 shipping)
Cairn (US, $5 shipping)
Coastal Co. (US, $9.95 shipping) 
Extraordinary Man by BC Business
Fan Chest (US, $15 shipping)  
Five Four Club (US, $25 shipping, does not includes tax/duty)
Frank And Oak Style Plan  *
Gentleman of the North *
Gentleman's Box (US, +shipping) *
Good Luck Sock *
Griller's Monthly *
Harrison Blake Apparel (US, $12 shipping)
Harry's (US, $6 shipping) *
Live the Adventure Club Gear Box 
Me My Suit and Tie (UK, + shipping)
Me Undies (US, $8 shipping)
Men's Accessories Box (US, $6.99 shipping) *
Menlo House (US, $25 shipping)
moJJa Underwear Club *
Monthly Watch Club 
Once Upon a Tee (US, $3.99 Shipping)
Sock Box *
SprezzaBox (US, $6 shipping) *
TeeBlox (US, + shipping)
The Menswear Club (US, + shipping) *
The Nomadik (US, $16.99 shipping)  
Trendy Butler (US, + shipping)
Unzipped Citizen Underwear Club (US, $10 shipping)
Wohven (US, +shipping) 

Charley and Co.
Ecocentric Mom (US, $6 shipping) *
Mommy Mailbox (US, $10.50 shipping) *
The Honest Company (US, additional shipping) *

Cairn * (US, $5 shipping) 
Gear Pack
Kinder Box (US, $7.99 shipping)
Live the Adventure Club Gear Box 
Mystery Tackle Box (US)
The Nomadik (US, $16.99 shipping) 

BarkBox * (US, $5 shipping)
Bark'N Fun
Bowzer Box * (CDNBOX saves 10% off first box)
Buns Box
Dog Bundles
KitNipBox (US, $6.95 shipping)
meowbox *
PupBox (US) *
PupJoy * (US, $5) Get $10 off first box with this link!
Saddle Box (US, $15 shipping) *
The Dapper Dog (US, $4.99 shipping)
Whisker Box * Save 10% for life with code CDNBOXADDICT
Woof Pack *

Kawaii Box (Japan, Free shipping) 
My Ireland Box (Ireland)
Locally Obsessed 
My Petite Box *
Oui Please (US, Free shipping. Tax/Duty possible on delivery)
The Maple Box

Hanky Panky Little Black Box *
The Big Oh! Box (US, $14.99 shipping)
Spicy Box
Unbound (US, $20 shipping)

BLACKSOCKS (Switzerland, Free Shipping) *
Foot Cardigan (US, $2 shipping)
Gentleman of the North *
Good Luck Sock *
moJJa Sock Club
Odd Sox (US, Free Shipping) *
Social Sock Club (Aus, Free shipping)
Society Socks *
Sock Box *
Sock Fancy (US, free shipping)
Sock Rocket *
Socking Behavior (US, Free shipping)
SockPanda (US, $3 shipping - Save 10% on first box with PANDA10)
Urban Drawer

In Your Case Stationery Box *
Nicely Noted (US, free shipping)
Olive Box (US, $6.95 shipping - free for 6 & 12 month subs)
Post Candy
Q&A Letterbox
Writerly Kits 

Awesome Pack *
Board Game Bento
Creation Crate *
Fan Chest (US, $15 shipping)
Horror Pack (US, $10 shipping) *
Loot Crate (US, + shipping) Code LOOT10 for 10% off first box
My Geek Box (US, + shipping)  *
Mystery Toy Box
Pop in a Box (US, free shipping)
TeeBlox (US, + shipping)

Artemis Box - (US, + shipping)
Blume (formerly Ellebox) *
Bonjour Jolie (US, $10 shipping) *
Dollar Maxi Pad Club (US, $6 shipping)

Empress Mimi (UK, + shipping ) - Use code CDN30 for 30% off any subscription
Me Undies (US, + shipping)
moJJa Underwear Club *
Panty by Post *
Panty Drop (US, $10 shipping)
Splendies (US, $7 shipping) *
Unzipped Citizen Underwear Club (Men's - US, $10 shipping)

Anxiety Gone
Artemis & Xena (UK, + shipping)
Be Brave Box *
Caring Crate 
Courage Box
Inner Evolution
Pampered Post
Warm Hug Box *

Review & Promotion Opportunities
**Note** As of March 1, 2019 I am no longer reviewing new subscription boxes.

Updated July 24, 2019

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