Au Revoir from Canadian Box Addict

I started Canadian Box Addict in 2013 when there was nothing else like it in Canada and subscription services were an emerging market. Over the past six and a half years, I’ve posted nearly every weekday, over 1500 posts. My blog came at the right time and filled a void for this niche market and its curious consumers. What started as a hobby turned into something much bigger and a little community formed. I am grateful and honoured that companies trusted me enough to send me boxes to review, especially in the early days when I was still starting out. I’m even more appreciative of the small and loyal group of box lovers that followed me from the beginning, as well as those that joined more recently. What a trip we’ve been on, this wild and crazy subscription box journey!

Most people don’t know that while I was working on the blog and reviewing boxes, I was also juggling a full-time job, a side business, part-time schooling, travel, and life! I never complained because the boxes were my hobby, but also my passion. They were an escape from the rest of the craziness in my life, and I managed to juggle everything just fine for several years. Two years ago, I realized I needed help, so I enlisted the services of Hayley. Since late 2017, Hayley has kept you up to date on the beauty subscription boxes, writing nearly 150 posts for Canadian Box Addict.

I always said I would continue blogging as long as I had the passion. If I found joy in the work, I would make the time. My life has changed over the past few years. I’m nearly 40 and my priorities and passions have shifted. I also feel like I’m not juggling all the balls as well as I used to, and the blog has suffered for it. I’m sure my regular readers have noticed the change and I feel bad that I haven’t delivered the same standard of content as before. I realized a few months ago that the time had come for me to move on. I shared the news with various partners and box companies in the spring and now it's time to share with Canadian Box Addict readers.

My last review was posted the other day. Thank you to Crafty Cocktails for sending me a fantastic box so I could go out on a high note with a great cocktail in hand! The Canadian Box Addict blog will remain for a while, as an archive of information for all the future Canadian box lovers to find it and use it as a resource, but no new information will be added. The Box List will also stay; however, I can’t promise it will be up to date.

I want to thank everyone who supported Canadian Box Addict and followed my blog and IG over the years. I need to give a special shout out to Hayley, who went from follower to writing partner to friend. Thanks for all your help, girl! Your beauty box reviews were way better than mine.

For those of you continuing the subscription box adventure, check out these fabulous box reviewers:

If you're interested in seeing what I do next, follow me on my personal Instagram @jillgoesplaces. Be sure to follow Hayley too!

Peace, love, and boxes.



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