My Petite Box Review - December 2018 - Canadian Lifestyle Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? My Petite Box
How much? $30/month plus tax. Shipping $10 per box for Alberta or $15 for rest of Canada. Save on 3 and 6 month pre-paid terms.
What's in it?  Discover one local Alberta-based business each month

My Petite Box is a Canadian subscription box based in Calgary, Alberta. Each month, My Petite Box works with one local maker from Calgary and the surrounding area to provide subscribers with unique and wonderful items. Products may include cosmetics, jewellery, food, lifestyle goods, and more. Subscribe by the 20th of the month to receive the following month's box. My Petite Box ships between the 5th and 8th of each month. You can cancel easily through your online account. Gift subscriptions are also available!

This month's featured business is McGuire Chocolate, from Calgary. McGuire is a bean-to-bar chocolate maker with a focus on preparing simple, high-quality products.

McGuire bars are made with single origin chocolate and organic cane sugar. They have a chocolate bar subscription too.

McGuire offers two-ingredient dark chocolate bars, mini tasting bars, and "The Hank Series" bars. The Hank Series are inspired by a cat named Hank and his many characters. The minis are 9 grams each and perfect for tasting.

First look!
McGuire Mini Bar: 70% Nahua from Upala, Costa Rica ($2)
This bar has notes of macadamia nut, malt, buttermilk, and root beer. No joke, it really does taste a bit like root beer. It's wild! I toured a cacao farm while in Costa Rica and saw how the cacao pods grow and produce beans, which later becomes chocolate.

McGuire Mini Bar: 77% Las Trincheras from Venezuela ($2)
This one has notes of light caramel, heavy cream, and pecan. This bar has only two ingredients  - cocoa beans and cane sugar, but it tastes like creamy caramel and pecans. Chocolate is incredible!

McGuire Mini Bar: 70% Ben Tre from Mekong Delta, Vietnam ($2)
I've never had chocolate sourced from Vietnam. This one has notes of toasted marshmallow, pineapple, plum, and tobacco. It's very earthy but also fruity. The got the plum taste quite strongly.

McGuire Mini Bar: 85% Akesson from Ambanja, Madagascar ($2)
This bar from Madagascar has notes of cranberry, hibiscus, raspberry, and peanut. It was very fruity and floral. Not my favourite.

McGuire Mini Bar: 70% Chuno from Del Norte, Nicaragua  ($2)
This bar, made from Nicaraguan cacao beans, has notes of tangerine, red wine, olive, and peanut. I took a chocolate making class in Nicaragua and learned how to roast and grind the beans into cacao nibs, and then chocolate. It's quite a process! 

This is another region that's new to me when it comes to chocolate. With notes of espresso, honey, plum, and toasted wheat, I think this one was my favourite! 

McGuire Bar: 70% Pisa from Cap Haitien, Haiti ($12)
I'm so glad they included a full size of this bar with beans grown in Haiti. It's amazing. With notes of cherry fudge, fig, plum, cashew, and brown sugar, it was a real treat. The rich, nutty flavour got me more than the fruit undertones.

McGuire Bar - The Hank Series - Santa Paws ($12)
Santa Paws is a special bar made with 52% Milk Chocolate spiced to taste like Christmas. McGuire describes is as Spiced Eggnog.

The December collection from My Petite Box included products from Calgary-based McGuire Chocolates. There was two full size bars and six minis, valued around $36 Canadian. These bars were delicious! We had a chocolate tasting and tried each one. That's the best way to learn about different regions and flavours. This was a great interactive box that was fun to share and taste!

Interested in My Petite Box for yourself? Order by December 20 to get the January box! Subscriptions started after December 20 will begin in February. Check the FAQ to learn more.

Thinking of My Petite Box as a gift? Check out their Christmas offers here. Local Calgary pickup is available until December 22nd.

Click here to check out My Petite Box.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


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