Review - October 2018 - Canadian Care Package Subscription Box

this box was provided complimentary for review. 

What is it?
How much? $35 to $65 per month. Shipping free in Ontario and $5 per box elsewhere. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What's in it? Practical items that seniors most need, most want and most request. is a Canadian care package subscription that sends a box of essentials to seniors or others in need of a little monthly support. Each box is filled with practical things that seniors most need, most want and most request. Items include personal care products, sweet treats, and a special surprise item. There are three subscription levels to choose from:
  • Everyday Essentials - 5 items - $35 per box (3-month minimum)
  • Everyday Enjoyables - 8 items - $50 per box based on 3-month (1 month is $55)
  • Everyday Enrichables - 12 items - $65 per box (3-month minimum)
Except for the special surprise item, the products are the same every month and the same for every subscription. With this model, your loved one will get their essentials replenished each and every month. Your first box ships within a week of ordering and every month thereafter. You can skip a month by e-mailing the team or cancel any time through your account page.

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This is a review for the Everyday Enjoyables subscription. It includes 8 items and costs $55 for a one-time box, or $150 for a 3-month term ($50 per box). 

When you subscribe you can customize the label wth up to 24 characters so your loved one knows who sent the care package.

First look!

Every box will include a set of buttons that your loved one can use as tokens of thanks to give to their caregivers. Cute idea! When my maternal Grandpa lived in a care home, I'm sure he would have liked to give trinkets to the ladies who helped him every day. He was very generous and gentlemanly.

The following items appear in the Everyday Enjoyables every month:

Werther's Originals Caramel Hard Candies ($2.99)
I don't know a senior that doesn't love hard Werther's caramels! These and Scotch Mints (which are in the Everyday Enrichables box) are my paternal Grandpa's favourite.

Aveeno Daily Moisturizing Hand Cream (75ml, $9.99)
Aging skin needs moisture so this gentle hand cream made with colloidal oatmeal is just what the dermatologist ordered!

Kleenex Slim Pack (3 pack tissues, $1.99)
Each pack includes ten 3-ply tissues. The packs are sized perfectly for pockets. My Grandma always has a tissue or two up her sleeve, literally.

ChapStick Lip Balm Original ($2.49)
Another great item for dry aging skin, and for dry winter weather. Lens Cloth  (Similar Priced - $4.99) 
I received two but I think that was a mistake as they were stuck together. No complaints though! I'm notorious for having filthy eye glasses. I will give the other to my Grandma. She wipes her lenses on her shirt! 

Dove Sensitive Skin Beauty Bar ($7.99)
This sensitive skin care can be used for hand washing or bathing. Dove is gentle and made with moisturizing cream.

The next item is the special surprise. It changes monthly to keep things interesting.

Relaxus Stress Puck ($3.95)
Squeezing this puck can help relieve emotional stress and tension. It's also good for strengthening hands, fingers, and wrists. They're helpful for those with arthritis or repetitive stress injuries.

The October "Everyday Enjoyables" box included 8 items, valued over $35 Canadian. I LOVE the concept of You can send a box of love to the senior in your life each and every month with little effort. This is especially handy for those with loved ones that live out of town, whether in care homes or on their own. My Grandfather lived in a town about 7 hours from me for a few years. This subscription would have been perfect for him. At $50 for this subscription level, the value is low, but it's important to remember that subsidies the shipping cost (its free in Ontario and  $5 for the rest of Canada). I also think the true value is in the convenience rather than the price of the products. I'm a fan and I'm sure many seniors would appreciate a care package like this each month.

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


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