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What is it? Piquant Post
How much? $11.99 per month plus $5.99 shipping to Canada. Save on 6 and 12 month prepay terms. Prices in US dollars.
What's in it? Four freshly ground, small batch spice blends with delicious recipe cards from a new region each month

Piquant Post is a US based spice subscription services that sends small batch, freshly ground spices straight to your door. Each month features spices and recipes from a new region of the world. Piquant Post's chefs develop mouthwatering recipes to help you add variety to your cooking and meal planning without extra effort. The monthly box contains four spice blends with enough herbs and spices to make each four servings per recipe. The spice blends contain no fillers, preservatives, or sugar. Orders ship on the 15th of each month. You can cancel any time.

Great news: Piquant Post recently lowered their shipping charge for Canadians!

The August box is taking us to Turkey! I wrote about this a while ago when I received another Turkish themed box - I travelled around Turkey in 2015. The food was incredible and some of my all time favourite dishes were enjoyed on the streets of Istanbul and near the caves of Goreme. Turkey is where east meets west and the cuisine mirrors the geography. With influences from the Mediterranean and the Middle East, there's so much to savour in this beautiful country. It's one of my top 3 destinations!

Recipe: Turkish Kofte with Tzatziki 
Kofte are delightful, savory spiced meatballs that you will find everywhere in Turkey from home dinner tables to city restaurants to roadside stalls. The smell of Kofte wafting around the home is a classic childhood memory of Turks around the world and you’ll soon see why. Typically made of ground lamb (or a mixture of ground lamb and beef) mixed with onion, fresh herbs, some type of grain or bread, and spices, Turkish kofte with tzatziki can be served on toothpicks as a finger food, cooked in sauces, or wrapped in pita for a quick bite. Make a large batch and freeze them for an easy reheat.
We ate a lot of Kofte in Turkey, usually with beef because I'm not a huge fan of lamb. Tzatzki is not Turkish, nor is it commonly served in Turkey. A comparable version would be Haydari, a mint and garlic yogurt dip (no cucumber). It's commonly served with other meze (like appetizers or tapas). To make this dish more authentic, skip the Tzatziki and make yourself some haydari!

Recipe: Imam Bayildi (Stuffed Eggplant)
This classic Turkish dish with a funny name (Imam Bayildi translates from Turkish to “the Imam Fainted”) is a hearty and delicious vegetarian recipe to try out on your next “Meatless Monday”. Legend has it that this dish is so named after being served to a 17th Century Imam (Ottoman religious leader) who fainted with pleasure after eating the smoky eggplants stuffed with dried fruit and sliced nuts and topped with minced lamb. While we enjoy a flair for the dramatic, there’s no need to lose our heads! You can easily customize this dish to your liking: add in ground meats for a heavier meal, or stuff with diced portobello and zucchini for heartier vegetarian take. Make extra portions and refrigerate to serve dreamy leftovers where the flavors have melded into a smoky treat.
Eggplant is a very common ingredient in Turkish cooking. This dish will take some time, but it's worth it!

Recipe: Menemen Turkish Scramble
Simple, savory, and scrumptious, this classic Menemen Turkish scramble is a recipe we know you will be glad you added to your cooking repertoire. This dish represents all that we love about Mediterranean food: fresh, simple, healthy and packed with flavor. Traditionally served in metal pans at your table, you’ll see the Menemen Turkish scramble bubbling and sizzling around the rim, while remaining tender and slightly runny in the middle, perfect for sopping up with bread!
I was so excited when I saw this recipe! Menemen is one of the dishes I dream about. It seems like just a basic scrambled egg dish but it's not.

Recipe: Kisir (Turkish Quinoa Salad)
Turkey’s Kisir (‘KUH-suhr’) salad is similar to neighboring Lebanon’s Tabbouleh salad in that its traditionally made from bulgur wheat, fresh herbs, cucumbers, lemon, and tomatoes. The primary difference is that Kisir is prepared with 2 red ingredients to stain the bulgur red and add an earthy depth of flavor: tomato paste and spicy red pepper paste. We’ve altered the authentic recipe to make an easy, gluten-free side dish that you can customize as you like. This Turkish quinoa salad is delicious as-is or make it authentic by subbing in pearl couscous for quinoa.
This dish is very easy to prepare and super tasty!

Nutty Sumac
This blend is yet another of our proprietary but blends created to showcase flavors of the Eastern Mediterranen region. Sumac is made from the tart berries of a bush native to the Mediterranean that is popular in Middle Eastern recipes. They are dried and crushed to produce a crimson powder that provides a lovely tanginess similar to lemon, but with a fruity flair and an overall sweet-sour profile. Our Nutty Sumac spice blend combines the tangy flavors of sumac with the earthy, nutty notes of cumin and sesame, and marries them together with the mild, fruity heat of Aleppo chilis. This blend is so versatile, try it on roasted chicken, potato salad, pan seared shrimp, or as a flavor-packed topping for your hummus! Contains: sumac, paprika, Aleppo chili, white sesame seed, cumin, and allspice.

Turkish Herb Blend
Easily add classic Turkish flavors without scrambling to buy a ton of spice jars or expensive fresh herbs from the store, although if want to really amp the flavor, you can finish dishes by sprinkling fresh herbs like basil, dill, or mint on top of your dish. Our blend starts with fresh, classic Mediterranean dried herbs like dill, mint and oregano. Where our blend really shines is the addition for Aleppo Chili flakes for an a fruity-peppery note, with cumin and fennel seed for a sweet nutty finish. Contains: dill, mint, garlic, oregano, Aleppo chili, cumin, and fennel seed.

Sweet Nigella Blend
We developed this proprietary spice blend to deliver layers of classic Turkish flavor to use in a variety of dishes. With a slight peppery note up front from the nigella seed and Syrian Aleppo chili flakes, a lemony-tangy flavor from sumac, and a sweet, warming finish from cinnamon, cardamom, and star anise, Sweet Nigella is a versatile spice blend perfect for making Kofte, sprinkling on a dressed salad, or on roasted vegetables. We’re confident the Sweet Nigella Blend will transport your menu to Turkey and leave you wanting more. Contains: nigella seed, cumin, pasilla chili, sumac, mustard, red pepper flakes, cinnamon, mace, cardamom, and star anise.

Urfa Biber
This month, we’re delighted to bring you Urfa Biber, a variety of dried chili commonly used in Turkey and now, by in-the-know top chefs around the world. With a deep burgundy color and an complex flavor profile, Urfa Biber will elevate the flavor profile of just about any dish to an authentic Turkish masterpiece. These chilis are harvested and dried in the sun by day and covered to “sweat” at night, preserving their natural essential oils. Urfa Biber chilis convey subtle notes of chocolate, raisins, wine, salt, and tobacco along with a mild heat. Try this spice in a range of dishes from savory to sweet (like brownies!).

The August Piquant Post spice box included four recipes and spice blends inspired by the flavours of Turkey! I'm pretty impressed with this collection. The recipes are fairly authentic (aside from Tzatziki!) and the spice blends use some quintessential Turkish spices like sumac, Aleppo chili, and Urfa Biber. I can't wait to cook up some Menemen next weekend!

Interested in trying Piquant Post? You can use promo code CDNBOX15 at checkout to save 15% off any subscription plan. The best deal is a yearly plan, and the promo code brings the cost of the yearly prepay subscription down to $8.49 per month, plus shipping!

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.  


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