Mystery Adventure Club Review - Box 1 July 2018 - Canadian Kids Activity Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review. This post was written by Hayley.

What is it? Mystery Adventure Club
How Much? $29.99/bimonthly plus tax. $9.99 shipping. Savings on longer subscriptions. Prices in CDN dollars.
What’s in it? A mystery featuring clues, characters and stories all in one box!

Mystery Adventure Club is a Canadian subscription service for children 6-12 year olds. Each month, Mystery Adventure Club sends a wholly contained mystery featuring clues, characters and stories all in one box. It’s an interactive experience that wakes up your child’s imagination and makes you want to be a kid again. Ideal for kids ages 6-12! Check out this video for more information.

Everything you'll need to solve the mystery comes in 1 box!
  • Includes unique sets of clues, characters, stories and adventures!
  • Customize your subscription from 2-12  months
  • Kids can work in groups or by themselves on each mystery
  • Encourages imagination and critical thinking
Mystery Adventure Club ships coast-to-coast on the first of the month. Each box is an entirely different, wholly contained adventure. The concept of the Mystery Adventure Club stays the same, so you do not need to follow along in a chapter-to-chapter format. When you subscribe, you will automatically start at Story 1 and continue from there, however there is no need to take notes or remember anything from the previous box in order to solve the subsequent mysteries.

My partner and I really love going to breakout rooms together. Sometimes we win, sometimes we don’t. This is what this box reminds me of: a breakout room mystery in a box! My 12-year-old stepson was so excited to receive this box. It took everything in me to stop myself from opening it up and trying to solve the mystery myself, while he was away at camp. Let’s take a look into this box.

My stepson automatically noticed the small details on the box.

This secret code translator is on the back of the box.

First look!

The START HERE envelope contained...

A checklist to ensure you had all the correct tools and clues to solve the mystery.

A welcome letter, pencil and magnifying glass.

This book contained the mystery and clues. With each clue there was a bit of dialogue to put you on track.

This is a clue!

As is this... 

and these.

This was the clue that hung my stepson up the most! I won’t give any hints, but it kept him occupied for quite some time.

Interactive clues like this colour by numbers.

 Footprint Clue guide...

Keys and secret codes... 

 and other interactive clues.

This one really got my step-son thinking!

Suspect list! As you go through various clues you can knock suspects off the list!

The Mystery Adventure Club Box contained one mystery and all of the clues to solve it! I loved the details that went into each step of the adventure and think that their curation is on point! My stepson took about two hours to solve the mystery alone and I took around an hour. It could totally be done as a group too! What’s cool is that if you get really stuck, they have help on their website. (Don’t tell your kids that, haha but even a couple of these clues really stumped my stepson). I think this is a fantastic box; very affordable fun that isn’t a screen or electronic. I am most likely going to purchase a subscription for my stepson as he has been talking about it to everyone. Would you try The Mystery Adventure Club?

Interested in Mystery Adventure Club for your little Detective? Use promo code ADVENTUREAWAITS at checkout to save $15 off your first order!

Click here to check out Mystery Adventure Club.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up


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