Sweet Reads Box Review - July 2018 - Canadian Book Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review and this post contains affiliate links.

What is it? Sweet Reads Box
How much? $149.97 for 3 months ($49.99 each) or 287.94 for 6 months ($47.99 each). $54.99 for single month, non-recurring. Tax and $12 shipping per box is extra. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What's in it? A bestselling fiction novel and other goodies curated to match the theme of the book

Sweet Reads Box is a Canadian book subscription founded by a book-loving couple in Ontario. Sweet Reads Box is your chance to sit down, relax and enjoy a great read. It's me time, delivered. Each monthly box includes a bestselling fiction novel, an item connected to the novel's story-line or theme, a delicious drink to set the mood, a sweet treat to enjoy while reading, and a card explaining the novel choice and how all the items connect. Kerrie and Mark read and carefully select paperback novels from the Globe and Mail Best Seller list and the New York Times Bestseller List. Boxes ship on the 15th of each month via Canada Post.

Sweet Reads Box also has a Facebook Group for subscribers to connect, share, and discuss the monthly picks. They plan to start hosting monthly book chats as well!  
The quote on the card says:
The bamboo that bends is stronger than the oak that resists.

This month's book was discovered by Kerrie and Mark via a celebrity Instagram account. I wonder if it was Roxane Gay. She proclaimed this one as her "favorite book of the year"! They were captivated by the story about four generations of a poor immigrant family, set in Korea and Japan in the early 1900s.

First look!

Pachinko by Min Jin Lee (Paperback, $20.99 Canadian Retail)

From the publisher:
In this gorgeous, page-turning saga, four generations of a poor Korean immigrant family fight to control their destiny in 20th-century Japan, exiled from a home they never knew.

"There could only be a few winners, and a lot of losers. And yet we played on, because we had hope that we might be the lucky ones."

In the early 1900s, teenaged Sunja, the adored daughter of a crippled fisherman, falls for a wealthy stranger at the seashore near her home in Korea. He promises her the world, but when she discovers she is pregnant--and that her lover is married--she refuses to be bought. Instead, she accepts an offer of marriage from a gentle, sickly minister passing through on his way to Japan. But her decision to abandon her home, and to reject her son's powerful father, sets off a dramatic saga that will echo down through the generations.

Richly told and profoundly moving, Pachinko is a story of love, sacrifice, ambition, and loyalty. From bustling street markets to the halls of Japan's finest universities to the pachinko parlors of the criminal underworld, Lee's complex and passionate characters--strong, stubborn women, devoted sisters and sons, fathers shaken by moral crisis--survive and thrive against the indifferent arc of history.

This  sounds like a fantastic read. Sweet Reads calls it "heartbreaking, informative and brilliantly written". That's some high praise!

Now for the themed goodies...

Kikkerland Tea Fishermen (Set of 4, $15 US or $19.75 CDN)
These fishermen are a symbol of Sunja's father. Green tea also plays an important part in the novel, so use the little guys to help you get a perfectly brewed cup.

These are genius. They sit on the edge of your cup and keep your teabag perfectly centred, the string is out of the water, and the bag is easy to remove when you're ready.

The London Tea Company Sencha Green Tea ($6.99 US, $9.20 CDN)
This tea is 100% Fair Trade Green Tea. There's also a note to ensure you let the freshly boiled water settle before pouring over your tea bag. Green tea can taste bitter if scalded with boiling water.

SuGu Beauty Face Masks (3.95 Euro each, $6 CDN each)
Beauty is a central theme in Pachinko. These sheet masks from Korea look so fun! K-Beauty is quite popular in Canada at the moment! Laneige and The Face Shop are my faves. Sugu is a new brand for me.

Sweet C Bakery Candy Sushi ($9 CDN)
Sushi is a special treat in  the novel. This candy sushi set was included so you have the perfect treat to enjoy while reading Pachinko.

This set is SO FREAKING COOL! Sweet C Bakery is based in Winnipeg. They have an online shop but offer local pickup only. If you are in Winnipeg, be sure to check them out. There's lots of great products in their catalogue. The "sushi" is made from from rice crispie treats with fruit roll ups, gummy fish, candy strips, licorice, and gummy worms. The "wasabi" is vanilla buttercream. The "soy sauce" is chocolate sauce for dipping.

This was fun to eat! Even my boyfriend enjoyed the novelty of it. I'm kind of obsessed about trying to recreate this myself now!

The July Sweet Reads Box included a bestselling paperback novel plus five additional themed items. The retail value of this  box is around $71 Canadian! This is such a fun box! I love the curation with the Japanese and Korean inspired items. They fit the theme of the book perfectly.

Interested in ordering Sweet Reads Box? You can save 10% off your first order using promo code SWEETREADS at checkout. Don't forget to join the Sweet Reads Box Facebook group so you can take part in the book discussions.

Click here to check out Sweet Reads Box.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up


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