Little Life Box Review - April 2018 - Canadian Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review and this post contains affiliate links.

What is it? Little Life Box
How Much? $23/month plus $5 shipping. Tax extra. Save on 3 and 6 month terms. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What’s in it? 8-12 natural, health conscious samples and full-size products

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription service that sends a box full natural and Eco-friendly
samples and full-size health and wellness products. Items may include snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins, and more. Products vary each month and Little Life Box guarantees that you will never receive the exact same product twice. There is also a vegan option for those that avoid animal products

Little Life Box allows health conscious amateurs and epicureans to discover new healthy and organic items without having to blindly pay the full price. Their mission is to encourage people to make better choices with their everyday staples by helping them discover new ones every month.

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Spring flowers!

The annual Mother's Day Box is available for pre-order. For $35 you can send Mom a box of 10-12 of Little Life Box's most popular items.

First look!

GoGo Quinoa Andean Pink Salt (250g, $3.49 retail)
Pink andean table salt from Bolivia. The non-treated pink salt is harvested at 3000 meters above sea level in the heart of the Andes Mountains. The unique and elegant pink color comes from the minerals and trace elements found in the pure ancient sea salt deposits.
Quality salt is a must-have in the kitchen!

Ethical Bean Coffee Lush - Medium Dark Roast (2.1oz sample, $2.35 value)

Don’t let it’s delicate name fool you, this coffee gets the job done. This blend is full and rich with notes of fruit, smoke and earth. I've tried this coffee before and it's a nice balanced roast.

nuPasta Konjac Angel Hair ($3.69)
NuPasta is a low calorie & gluten free pasta. The texture is chewy, similar to al dente pasta (firm to bite).
You may be familiar with konjac from the popular Asian konjac sponge. This pasta is made from konjac root and soy. It's pre-cooked and easy to prepare. It has 1/10th the calories of regular pasta and 3x the fibre.

Kiju Organic Lemonade (300ml, $1.49)
This juice has no added sugar, is non GMO, vegan and made in Canada.
I didn't mind this lemonade. It has really subtle sweetness and fresh lemon taste.

Urban Spa Pumice Stone ($3.99 retail)
Cooled volcanic lava infused with magnesium, iron and oxygen make this a natural for exfoliating calluses, rough spots and build-up of dead skin. Use on damp feet daily to reveal the soft and smooth skin beneath.
I could really use this after the long winter and 6-weeks travelling!

Flexitol Heel Magic ($14.99 retail)
Flexitol Heel Magic is an innovative way to hydrate dry, cracked heels and feet.  This easy to use, no mess stick format contains a unique blend of emollients and moisturizers including Urea, Shea Butter, Lanolin, Vitamin E, Beeswax and Olive Oil in a highly concentrated moisturizing base to soften and protect dry, rough and cracked heels.
This also comes at the perfect time. It's an easy to use, no mess product and 2-days in, my heels feel softer already.

Pro Circuit X1 Energy & Thirst-Quenching Sports Beverage ($3 retail)
This energy & hydration sport beverage is made in Canada and contains electrolytes, vitamins and minerals to replenish you before and while working out.
These single-serve packets are great for long hikes and bike rides. 

Barney Butter Smooth Almond Butter Snack Pack ($0.60)
The “original” Barney Butter, created as a healthier alternative to peanut butter, we call it the “gateway” almond butter. This is THE one that will get that stubborn peanut butter lover to make the healthy swap. The secret? Their signature move – a “blanched” almond!
This snack pack is perfect for lunch bags and on-the-go. I like to have an afternoon snack of apples and almond butter.

Kilo Solution Quinoa, Apricot, Pineapple Bar ($1.33)
These healthy snack bars are made with pumpkin seeds, roasted soybeans, organic evaporated cane juice sugar, brown rice syrup, dried apricots, crisp rice, dried pineapples, sesame seeds, organic puffed quinoa, and other natural ingredients.

Final look!

The April Little Life Box included 9 items, valued around $35 Canadian. While I love a few of the products I received this month, this is the lowest value box I've received in quite a while. That aside, I will use every item I received, so it's a good month!

If you are interested in ordering Little Life Box, use promo code jill10 at checkout to save 10% off your first month of monthly subscription. This is valid for new subscribers only, with the purchase of a monthly plan (not valid on 3 or 6 month terms).

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


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