Wantable - Ending Intimates and Makeup Collection Subscriptions

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Wantable announced this week that they are phasing out the Makeup Collection subscription and the Intimates Collection subscription to shine the focus on Wantable Edits. Wantable stated in their release that these Collections "no longer align with our mission to provide the highest quality products on a try-before-you-buy basis". With this change, Wantable will be able to focus exclusively on their hand picked Style, Fitness, and Men’s Fitness. Wantable Edit is a styling service where subscribers pay a $20 styling fee and Wantable handpicks 5-7 apparel items for you to try on at home. Wantable only sends products that meet your price, style, and size preferences. Return the items you don't like. You only pay for the items you keep, minus the $20 styling fee.

But... unfortunately Edits do not ship to Canada!

If you are a Makeup or Intimate subscriber, here's what you can expect over the next few months:
  • Subscribers will receive their October and November Collections as scheduled.
  • Final December Collections scheduled on or before 12/1 will be shipped on their regular timeline.
  • If your Collection is scheduled on 12/2 or later, please Wantable by 12/1 if you would like to receive a December Collection, and they will ship your order within 1-3 business days. 
Click here to read the announcement.

As I posted above, Wantable doesn't ship Edits to Canada, which means eliminating Collections effectively crosses Wantable off the list of subscriptions available in Canada. It's too bad. Hopefully they find a way to make Edits work for international customers soon.


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