RawSpiceBar Review - August 2017 - Meal Preparation Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

What is it? Raw Spice Bar
How Much? $26/quarter (1 shipment) or $88/year (4 shipments). Shipping is an additional $20/quarter or $40/year. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it? 6 small batch spices, freshly ground to ship, plus tips and recipes

RawSpiceBar is a subscription service offering freshly ground spice blends and recipes. RawSpiceBar used to be a monthly kit, but starting in September, they will be quarterly. Every 3 months, RawSpiceBar will refresh your spice cabinet with 6 small batch spices, plus tips & seasonal recipes based on your preferences. At any time you can change to a different kit, pause your shipments, or cancel your account. Spices are ground in-house, right before shipping.

The quarterly kit features "Global Blends".
A roundup of the most loved spice blends from around the world, freshly ground, toasted & blended just before shipping to your door. Take a culinary trip to Morocco, Japan, Ethiopia, China, Mexico & India with plenty of recipe ideas in your inbox- no plane ticket required!

August is the last kit from the old monthly format. As of September, RawSpiceBar will be on their new quarterly format. I am going ahead with this review anyway to show you and idea of what you can expect from RawSpiceBar.

This package shipped August 2nd and arrived August 17th.

The August kit is "The Memphis Flavour Kit". This sounded familiar to me and with good reason. We received a Memphis themed spice kit in July 2015 as well. This is not a good thing. Here is the write up from the July 2015 card:

Barbeque is king on the Memphis food scene. In this BBQ town, sugary sauces are omitted from the barbeque menu. Instead, Memphians prefer so called dry rubs—freshly ground spice blends of paprika, black pepper, and cayenne, with just a touch of brown sugar for sweetness. This month, we’re replicating the dry rub ribs that have put Memphis on the BBQ map. In this rub, Greek influences such as oregano and garlic meet traditional Cajun spices like paprika and chili powder. For our side dish, applewood smoked salt is the star of our creamy potato salad.

Aside from a few word (hickory instead of applewood this time), it's IDENTICAL to the August 2017 card.

When I found the info online, it looks like they mixed up the July 2017 and August 2017 kits. The Memphis write up on the website mentions Cardamom Summer spice, which was included in the July box. From the looks of it, The Super Berries & Acai Bowl recipe from August should have been in July, and the Cardamom Summer spice and pancake recipe from July should have been in August. It's a pretty bad mix up, if that's what happened. I can't think of any other explanation.

The spices this month are:

Smoky Chiles & Mustard Memphis
This Memphis-style dry rib rub is a blend of earthy, smoky, herbal and spicy. Greek influences, such as oregano and garlic, meet traditional Cajun spices like paprika and chiles. We use this smoky rib rub to create an acidic “wet mop” for making tangy and tender charcoal-grilled ribs.
Ingredients: Toasted yellow mustard seeds, smoky paprika, onion, garlic, black peppercorns, celery seed, thyme, oregano

(I think this is actually supposed to be labelled "Memphis Dry Rib Rub". There seems to be a copy error on the package).

Hickory Smoked Sea Salt Hickory
This is the easiest way to give salad, sandwiches, green beans, stewed beans or grilled meats a deep and sweet just off the grill flavor.  This sea salt is smoked over a hickory fire for a smoky richness.  We love this in potato salad, cole slaw, egg salad, grilled salad or even as a pinch to sweet desserts like peach pie or baked apples.  Enjoy!
(Looks like this pack has a mistake too... and extra Hickory!) 
The Super Berries
As written above, it looks like this should have been Cardamom Summer...
Super Berries contains amla, acai, turmeric, ginger, wild blueberries, lacuma, and spirulina. I couldn't find it on the RawSpiceBar blog or website.

The recipes include:
Memphis Dry Rub Ribs (same as July 2015)
Memphis Dry Rubs Portobello Burgers
Dry Rub Vinegar Mop (from the website) 

The theme card references a creamy potato salad as a side dish for the Memphis meal, but the recipe wasn't included in the mailing.

The 3rd spice blend, Super Berries, didn't seem to fit with the Memphis theme. The recipe fits even less - a Super Berries Acai Breakfast Bowl. I think this was supposed to be Cardamom Summer Strawberry Ice Cream or Cardamom Summer Blueberry Cobbler. Both fit with a Memphis theme much better.

The August RawSpiceBar featured a Memphis Spice Kit and I have to be honest.... it's terrible. First of all, it's a repeat of July 2015. The write up is identical, as are the main spices and recipes. The second issue is that the wrong spices and recipes were included. From the looks of it, they mixed up two spices between July 2017 and August 2017. A similar issue happened in June 2017. There's also quite a few copy errors and mislabelled spice packs (the same happened last month).

This is the last monthly kit from RawSpiceBar. Starting next month, they have switched their format to quarterly. I think this is for the best. For the last 3 months there have been a lot of errors and mix-ups. Perhaps only mailing every 3-months will help them gets things sorted out and back on track.

If you are interested in trying the new RawSpiceBar quarterly subscription, you can save $5 off your first shipment using promo code CDNSPICEADDICT at checkout!

Click here to check out RawSpiceBar.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.  


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