GlobeIn Artisan Box Review - June 2017 "Adventure" - Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? GlobeIn Artisan Gift Box 
How Much? Starts at $40 per month + $12 shipping per box. All prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? A themed collection of artisan-made products from around the world

Each month, GlobeIn delivers “the globe in a box” - a collection of artisan-made products from around the world, curated around a central theme. GlobeIn introduces you to products that you can feel good about - they are often organic, fair-trade, and support artisans and farmers from around the world.

Last month, GlobeIn increased their prices. There was a lot of backlash, with good reason. The cost was raised from $40 to $55 a month, without adding any extra products or value. It looks like GlobeIn may have listened to customers and walked back their price increase. The website is showing $40 per month. It looks like instead of $55 per month with free shipping to the US, they are now charging $40 per month plus $10 shipping to US. There is no change for Canadians. I didn't see any official announcements, so I reached out to GlobeIn and was told they are doing some website testing. I'm not sure what that means, but from the looks of things, the price increase is off.

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The first theme for July is Adventure.

Dear Venturers & Voyagers, Romantics & Pioneers,

Adventure is an impulse. It is also a muscle. It requires the ability to plan and the gumption to let go, the ability to carry and the surrender to toss. It calls for just the right accessories—threadbare, essential.

What are you waiting for?

Run. Jump over things. Go where it’s beautiful. Where it is forbidden. Find something hidden. Sneak around. Climb to the top. Go to the bottom, to the edge, go the distance. Plot a course. Get lost. SLEEP UNDER THE STARS. Spontaneously. Metaphorically. Take a dirt road. Get dirty. Get in a tree. Be adventurous.

First look!

Enamel Travel Mug from India ($12)
This mug matches the travel cup that was sent out with the Picnic Box in June 2016. They aren't a matching set, but close enough. I love the design. This will make a great camp mug. It's enamel coated stainless steel, so it's lightweight and durable.

Drawstring Backpack from Kenya ($25)
Designs for this cotton backpack vary. I like the fish-scale pattern I received. GlobeIn included a drawstring backpack in the July 2015 Wander Box as well.

Matr Boomie Block Print Bandana from India ($14)
This 100% cotton bandana is great for wrapping around your neck or your head to keep sweat at bay while you're out on a hike. GlobeIn sent a bandana out in the September 2016 Threads box, although I like this one better. It's larger and will be more versatile.

Maggie's Organic Cush Footie Socks from Peru & USA ($10)
These socks are made in the USA with organic cotton grown in Peru. Good socks are key for trekking and it's good to keep a spare pair in your pack! Socks are a new item for GlobeIn, and they're always needed!

The June "Adventure" box from GlobeIn included four items, valued around $61 US. I like the idea of the Adventure theme, but I'm not a fan of the curation. There's a lot of repetition from older boxes - we've already seen iterations of the backpack, bandana, and cup. Newer subscribers will probably appreciate this one more. The products themselves are quite nice and useful.

If you are interested in checking out GlobbeIn, new subscribers can save $10 off an Artisan Box subscription using promo code WELCOME.

Click here to check out GlobeIn.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.  


  1. I received dress socks in the Unwind box.. I agree, some items are becoming repetitive; I now have two stemless wine glasses, two regular wine glasses and a glass mug. I love them all but I'm running out of cupboard space! Also I've noticed in the months I don't receive a woven basket, they don't identify the item that was the alternative item which the website states... has this been your experience? Thanks!

    1. I forgot about the Unwind socks! June's Refresh box also left out the woven basket. There were only 4 items, like this month, so no basket replacement.


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