FabFitFun VIP Review - Summer 2017 - Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

Canadian Box Addict pays for this box. This post contains affiliate inks. 

What is it? FabFitFun VIP
How Much? $49.99/quarter or $179.99/year, plus $8 per box shipping to Canada. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it? Full-size premium beauty, fashion, fitness, and wellness finds, valued at least $200

FabFitFun VIP is a US based lifestyle subscription box for women. FabFitFun is a beauty and lifestyle e-zine. Every 3 months, the editors of FabFitFun send out a mystery VIP box filled with their favourite products, as well as must have products of the season. VIP features a mix of beauty, fashion, fitness, wellness and home products that help you feel good from the inside out.

Yearly subscribers (Select Members) have the option to customize certain products in each box and get advance notice of add-on sales. Select Members are also the first to be billed and have their boxes shipped. A Select membership costs $179.99 per year (for 4 boxes), plus $32 shipping to Canada. That's a savings of $20 per year, over four boxes. I recently upgraded my regular account to Select in order to take advantage of these great perks.

Check out all my FabFitFun VIP reviews here.

The Summer 2017 box is designed by Libby Vanderploeg, an illustrator from New York. This is my most favourite box yet. You can see more of Libby's work here.

Instead of a mini-mag, we have a mini newspaper!

The FabFitFun Times (my name, not theirs) includes details about all the products, suggestions for their use, and other fun tips and ideas for summer.

We have two sponsored items this month - 3 Months Free Trial to Salted and a packet of Vital Proteins Marine Collagen. Salted is an online cooking school that offers demos and lessons by video. A credit card is required for sign up. We received this promo in Winter 2014 as well. I signed up, but never used to service. It's just not something I need. There are so free many resources for cooking tips and lessons online and on TV, so I don't see the need to pay for it.

FabFitFun tried something new this season and offered subscribers some mystery selections. Subscribers were able to select between Chef, Artist, or Traveller and then select between Beauty or Fitness.  There was also an option to pay $10 extra per selection to get them all. I picked Chef and Fitness, then paid extra to get Traveller. Those that didn't login to pick were given random selections, chosen by FabFitFun. I liked this change as it helped customize the box to each individual. Not everyone has the same interests and hobbies, so it's nice to get a choice.

Chef Selection - Salted Himalayan Pink Salt Kit ($26)
This salt kit comes with a grater, wood stand, and a block of Himalayan Pink Salt. It looks lovely on the counter and makes a great conversation piece. FFF suggesting using it to finish all your best dishes from popcorn to a watermelon salad. I chose this option with my box.

Traveller Pick - Understated Leather On The Road Again Travel Set ($28)
This vegan leather set was my $10 add-on. 

It's a nice set. The metallic gold and white writing is on trend. The luggage tag is sure to stand out at the baggage carousel. 

Artist Pick - Amy Tangerine Ready, Set, Create! Art Set ($22)
I did not pick the Artist option or pay extra for it, but I wanted to mention it for those still interested in picking up this box.  The set consists of a canvas, acrylic paints, a brush and sponge, and an alphabet stencil. I know a lot of people were not happy with this pick and felt the quality wasn't worth the price.

Fitness Pick - Way of Will 03 Soothe & Cool Massage Oil ($29.50)
This massage oil has a base of sweet almond, apricot kernel, and jojoba oil. Jojoba oil increases hydration, elasticity, and suppleness, while German chamomile cools affected areas.

Beauty Pick - Klorane Dry Shampoo with Oat Milk ($20)
The beauty pick was a full size can of dry shampoo. Klorane is an award-winning classic. I didn't pay extra to get this one, and I'm glad I didn't. Dry shampoo doesn't work for my mane. 

Kris Nations Mystic Bar Necklace ($58)
This necklace was offered in white, turquoise, and peach. Select Members were able to pick their colour of choice. I love the little glass jar packaging!

I picked white, which is Howlite gem. Howlite enhances intuition and promotes calmness. The stones are hand cut by artisans in India.

Cargo HD Picture Perfect Highlighter in Bronze ($30)
This high definition highlighter gives a radiant finish. It's lightweight and goes on flawlessly. I don't use bronzer so I will be passing this on to someone else. I left it sealed in the box for that reason.  

Eau Thermale Avene Ultra-Light Hydrating Sunscreen SPF 50 ($24)
This facial sunscreenis sheer and lightweight. It contains broad spectrum SPF 50+ UVA/UVB filters and is enriched with powerful antioxidant and soothing Avène Thermal Spring Water. I can't wait to try it. I go through so much sunscreen!

Juice Beauty Soothing Eye Concentrate ($29)
This eye cream moisturizes and soothes dark circles and fine lines. It has certified organic grape and carrot juices blended with essential fatty acids to hydrate and nourish the eye area. I'm always in the market for a new eye cream so this is great!

BKR The Little 500ml Glass Water Bottle ($35)
This water bottle was a choice item for Select Members. Bottles were offered in pink or blue. I already have pink, so I went with blue. This is the 3rd time I've received a BKR bottle from a subscription. They're very popular, and for good reason. BKR has a small spout and is made from glass, with an outer silicone cover. BKR bottles are available from Well.ca in Canada!

Michael Stars Alligator Tie Dye Print Ruana ($54)
This limited edition Michael Stars piece can be worn as a sarong, scarf, or poncho. Select  Members were able to pick between three options. The other two were Inspired Print and Blue Batik.

The ruana is light weight really versatile. I practice tying it like a scarf and wearing it as a shawl, or poncho. I haven't quite figured out the sarong yet. This will be great for the summer and upcoming travel plans.

Final look!

The Summer Edition FabFitFun VIP Box included eight items, plus a bonus sample. The retail value over $310 US! I also received an extra lifestyle item, valued at $28, for only $10! I'm pretty pleased with the Summer box. The Michael Stars Ruana is a great versatile item, and I'm thrilled with my Chef and Traveller lifestyle picks. 

Interested in trying FabFitFun? Use promo code FAB10 to save $10 off your first box. This Summer box is still available, so if you subscribe now, your first box will be Summer. Your Order Summary will list which box you are getting first, so you can double check to be sure. Once the Summer Box is sold out, new subscribers will receive The Editor’s Box. Following that, your next billing will be for the upcoming season's box (Fall). Click here to see FabFitFun's seasonal billing schedule.

Click here to check out FabFitFun VIP.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. Some wonderful items inside.

  2. Do you have to pay any extra duty or import taxes being in canada?

    1. No. FabFitFub covers everything.

    2. How much is annual box in CAD including shipping

    3. Depends on the current exchange rate at the time of purchase. You'd have to use a currency calculator to figure it out.
      They now charge GST on Canadian boxes as well.
      The year membership is $179.99 US for 4 boxes, $9 tax, and $32 for shipping ($8 x4). So $221 US converted to Canadian based on the exchange rate today, August 27th, would be $286, or $71.50 per box. That will change as the exchange rate fluctuates.

    4. Hello, my Visa bill came in and it was 80$ CA, for a box that was supposed to be 49.99$ USD, that was way more then expected. I did expect an exchange rate, but double is a bit much. I am still waiting for my box, hopefully it was worth it, as I will not re-order at that price. :(

    5. $80 is excactly right based on a quarterly subscription. Your original comment asked about the annual price. An annual pre-paid subscription is discounted slightly. If paid quarterly, the box is $49.99 plus $8 shipping and $3 GST. That’s $60.99 US. Converted to Canadian based on today’s exchange rate, that’s $79.11. It’s not double - the box is $50 plus tax and shipping.


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