The Taste Box Review - February 2017 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? The Taste Box
How much? $39.95/month, including shipping. Save on 3 and 12 month terms. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What's in it? 3-5 high-quality, gourmet ingredients to allow you to create better meals

The Taste Box is a Canadian subscription box that sends a selection of high quality, gourmet ingredients to your door each month. Each box is curated around a theme and includes products and recipe ideas to help you create incredible meals at home. The Taste Box aims to pique your culinary creativity and bring your cooking to the next level. The Taste Box ships the 2nd week of each month. You can skip or cancel any time through your account page.

The Taste Box was kind enough to send me a previous shipment for review. The February box was themed 'Eat Your Heat Out'.

'Eat Your Heart Out' is inspired by decadence and passion. To help set the mood, we have included items that will ignite your taste buds with spice, entice with silky textures and satisfy with something sweet. These are the perfect ingredients to help guide you through a sultry home-cooked meal that will leave you wanting more.

The product card includes details on each item and a link to the monthly recipes. You can find all the details on the February box here.

Soma Chocolate Maker Maya Chili & Spices Drinking Chocolate ($5.75)
Inspired by the ancient elixir of the Maya civilization, this dark chocolate drink, layered with chili peppers, orange peel, and ginger packs a spicy cacao punch! Just add boiling water to enjoy traditional liquid chocolate and if you’re feeling adventurous, throw a shot back, as is. It’s also amazing when added to coffee or poured over pancakes and crepes!
I love spiced cocoa! I like the idea to add it to coffee for a spiced mocha. Soma Chocolate is based in Toronto! 

Soul Chocolate Madagascar Bar ($5)
This is not your ordinary chocolate bar! Containing 70% cacao, the Madagascar’s tasting notes are red fruit and citrus, making it a perfect accompaniment to your favourite glass of Cabernet Sauvignon since those big tannins will nicely stand up to the semi-sweet bitterness of dark chocolate. 
I've tried this bar before and it's amazing. I remember I could really taste the fruitness of the bar. The Taste Box provides some tips for pairing wine & chocolate so I can't wait to try this with a delicious glass of red.

Soul Chocolate Chef's Chocolate (~$15)
Soul Chocolate is a dedicated team of professionals with a goal of crafting some of the best bean-to-bar chocolate this world has to offer. This Dominican 70% is ground to give it a powder-like consistency and works great in place of semi-sweet chocolate. It’s different than cocoa powder, as it has not been pressed to remove the cocoa butter, as cocoa powder has. Easy to use and fast melting, its tasting notes are caramel, honey, and grape
When I first took this out of the box, I thought it was coffee. From reading the description, it sounds like it's ground cacoa nibs, with added sugar. The Taste Box suggests using it to make brownies or chocolate cake. I am going to try brownies this weekend! I couldn't find this for sale on the Soul Chocolate website, so the price is estimated (cacoa nibs aren't cheap!).

La Tortilleria Morita Chiles ($3)
We’re self-proclaimed “chiliheads” at The Taste Box and our latest obsession is the morita chile! Considered a medium heat chile, the morita is actually just a smoked jalapeno. Translated to mean “little blackberry” in Spanish, the heady aroma of mesquite and chocolate make the morita a wonderful addition to both savory and sweet dishes. Just rehydrate in water and voilà! Want a more subtle heat? Remove the seeds and stems prior to using.
The Taste Box suggests throwing these dehydrated chilies whole into sauce or soups. They also provided a recipe for a salsa. 

The February collection from The Taste Box included four products, valued around $29 Canadian. While the product value is low compared to the subscription cost, it's important to remember that shipping is included in the cost of the price. The curation, recipes, and tips count for something too, but it would be nice to see the value come up a bit more in future boxes. The Taste Box is $39.95 per month, but with a pre-paid 12-month subscription, it works out to only $29.95 per box, a savings of $10 per box. To get the most value out of this box, a 3 or 12 month term is recommended. I really enjoyed opening this box and learning about each product. The theme is great, and this was a perfect box for Valentine's month - who doesn't love a little chocolate and spice! I'm really looking forward to trying the Chef's Chocolate and I'm excited to get outside my comfort zone and try the whole chilies!

The April box is out now and it's themed "Flavours of Spain". You can see more here and click here to check out The Taste Box.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. Great to see what was inside.

  2. I've been on board since the beginning and getting my Taste Box is one of my monthly highlights. The "Eat Your Heart Out" was one of my favourites as I am a big fan of the dark side of chocolate. For me, one of the best things about the Taste Box is that many of the ingredients included are not one shot deals. They last for months. Not a day goes by that I don't use at least one ingredient from one of my Taste Boxes.

    1. I love to mix and match Taste Box ingredients also, and each products is such high quality
      that meals taste exotic in a subtle way.
      Taste Box is such a treat to get each month and we feel we are travelling, via our tastebuds, while staying home.

    2. Glad to hear the great reviews!


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