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This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Food Trip To...
How Much? $39.90 for single box (no subscription). $37.90 every 2 months. Save 25% off a year subscription (6 boxes). Tax extra. Shipping free in Quebec, and $9.90 per box elsewhere.
What’s in it? A surprise destination in a box, featuring 6 products and 4 recipes to make an authentic meal for 6, cultural facts and trivia, and a small surprise

Food Trip To... is a Canadian subscription box, based in Quebec. Every two months, the Food Trip To… team will introduce you to a surprise destination thanks to a box filled with tantalizing treats, delivered right to your home or office. Boxes can be purchased a la carte (single purchase) or as a recurring subscription (Around the World plan). With the Around the World plan, you will receive a new country in a box every 2 months. There is no obligation. You can cancel any time through your account page. Food Trip To... also donates 10% of proceeds from the sale of each box to Oxfam Quebec! There is now an online shop as well, so you can purchase more of the worldly products featured in each Food Trip To... box.

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For the February/March box, we're headed to India! Check out the Food Trip to India site for loads of information on this culturally rich region. The blog posts are all in French though.

We’re off to the subcontinent to discover multi-coloured festivals and the incomparable Taj Mahal! Immerse yourself in the magnificent landscapes of Kerala, visit Jain temples and Dravidian palaces, experience the purifying waters of the great Ganges, ride atop an elephant through a tropical forest, spice up your diet with local flavours, break out your Bollywood dance moves and experience the cacophony of an Indian traffic jam. It’s a sensory voyage… through India! 

The India box includes recipes for a cocktail, a main dish, and a dessert.

Cocktail - Bombay Rose
A restyled gin & tonic, worthy of a Maharaja!

Main Dish - Tandoori Chicken
A richly flavourful tandoori dish of marinated chicken with a lemony accent, accompanied by crisp papadum.

Dessert - Gulab Jamun 
A typical Indian dessert that charms the taste buds with its texture and sweet floral taste.

To liven up the party, we have facts and trivia about India, some words and phrases in Hindi (just one of 22 official languages spoken in the country), and music playlist, and movie suggestions. Did you know India is the 2nd most populous country in the world, with 1.3 billion inhabitants?

Gits Gulab Jamun Mix
This mix is used to make the dessert. It looks pretty easy. Mix with water or milk, form into balls, fry in hot oil, then soak in the balls in sugar syrup. They're kind of like Tim Bits! In our recipe, the sugar syrup is flavoured with cardamom and rose water.

Tit-Bit Anarkali Spices
The card says to chew a bit of this mix after a meal. It's good for digestion and freshens breath! The pack includes a mix of fennel, sesame, coriander, sugar, samo seeds, and turmeric.

Alu Bhujia Potato & Chickpea Twigs
This is a salty snack. It looks like an Indian form of Hickory Sticks!

Food Trip to India Tandoori Spices
This spice mix is used for the Tandoori Chicken recipe. It contains paprika, cumin, fenugreek, pepper, coriander seeds, chili, cinnamon, ginger, and caraway. It smells SO delicious!

Fab Strawberry Chocolate Chip Cookie Sandwiches
This is a bonus item, as it wasn't included on the product card. A fun little treat, imported from India.

Key Brand Rose Water
Rose water is used in the Gulab  Jamun dessert. I also use it as a facial toner. It helps eliminate redness and calms skin. That's why so many cosmetic products include rose water... but you can buy it pure for a fraction of the price from an ethnic food store!

Jeera Paapad
Papadum are thin crisp flatbreads made from urd, or black soy bean flour. These go along with the Tandoori Chicken. They are also great dipping into curries.

This is a spice. I'd never heard of it before now! Apparently it has a fetid smell, but after cooking it smells of leeks. Click here to see all the benefits. 

Danima Jeera Biscuits
These cookies are made with cumin and are traditionally enjoyed at tea time. They are slightly sweet and slightly salty. Try dipping into a cup of hot chai!

Incense Holder
The last two items are the "gifts". FTT has brought us an incense holder and a set of incense sticks! According to FTT, the smell of incense pervades Indian culture. They suggest you light a stick to be instantly transported to the streets of Delhi. This is also a great way to set the tone for your Indian dinner party!

The February/March Food Trip to India box included 11 products, plus three recipes. Everything in this box is aimed at helping you host an authentic and fun Indian themed dinner party. I can't wait to cook the Tandoori Chicken recipe. I've always been intimidated by cooking Indian food at home, but this recipe doesn't look too challenging. If you like this box, it's still available for one-time purchase! Check out the box shop to buy.

Food Trip To... is offering a promo in time for Mother's Day. Purchase a 3-box plan and get free shipping, which is savings of $29.70! The 3-month plan includes the Food Trip to Argentina box, which is exclusive to subscribers. Use promo code SHIPPINGISONUS at checkout to claim this offer. Remember, it is only valid on the 3-box plan.

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. This is a really great India themed box! Seeing it makes me want to order one now.


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