CAUSEBOX Welcome Box #1 Review + PROMO CODE

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What is it? CAUSEBOX
How much? $54.95 per quarter, plus $7.95 shipping. Save on a yearly term. Prices in US dollars. Import fees are extra. See note at end of this post for details.
What's in it? Limited edition socially conscious products, curated for women who care.

CAUSEBOX is a US based subscription that sends a quarterly collection of socially conscious lifestyle products. Products are sourced from leading socially conscious brands, some of them custom made for CAUSEBOX. Each product inside the box has a story. As CAUSEBOX puts it, "it matters how these products were made and who they empower". Click here to see the past CAUSEBOX mailings.

In each box, you will receive 5-8 of our favorite seasonal lifestyle products from different brands that are focused on ethical and sustainable production, donate a percent of profits to charity, or aim to inspire and empower others.

Boxes ship in March, June, September, and December. The Spring 2017 CAUSEBOX sold out in one day, so they introduced a Welcome Box to offer to new subscribers who are waiting for the Summer box. When you subscribe, you get the Welcome Box as your first mailing, and you reserve a spot for the coveted Summer box. The Welcome Box is filled with new products from some of CAUSEBOX's favourite brands. It's was so popular, this particular box, Welcome Box #1, sold out within a few weeks! Those that subscribe now will receive Welcome Box #2, which you can see here.

Despite being sold out, I'm reviewing Welcome Box #1 anyway so you can get an idea of what to expect from CAUSEBOX. 

The product booklet is like a mini-mag. It includes stories about each brand and some of the artisans. 

Full product list.

First look!

LSTN Sound Co. Bowery ZTebrawood Headphones ($49)
This company was founded on the pillars of music, nature, and charity. These high quality wooden earbuds incorporate all three. Every purchase from LSTN helps support surgeries for hearing restoration in the deaf.

Love for Humanity Organics Hydrating Facial Scrub ($26)
Every purchase from Love For Organics equals one meal donated to Feed the Children. If that doesn't make you feel good enough, this product is all natural, vegan, cruelty-free, and gluten-free. Originally Welcome Box #1 included a Love for Humanity Facial Cream. This scrub was subbed in instead.

Branded Collective Tiny Copper BRANDED Cuff ($20)
Our BRANDED Collection is hand sanded, stamped, and polished in Nashville, Tennessee. Each piece contains unique markings and qualities along with your individual number. We hope you will see these “imperfections” as we do… the delightful charm of handmade.
This unique bracelets are made by survivors of human trafficking. Since each cuff is unique, you can look up who made your specific piece. Mine was made by A.

The next item is a substitution. Originally Welcome Box #1 was supposed to include a pack of tea, but instead they included a necklace! I have enough tea so this is a-okay with me. The substitution, and the last one, explains why they moved onto Welcome Box #2 so quickly after I subscribed. Inventory must have been running low!

Musana International (~$25)
This lovely necklace was made by Nayinda Allen, a 25 year old woman from Uganda. Each bead was shaped by hand, then fired and painted, before being assembled. It's tucked into a barkcloth bag, made from the bark of the Uganda Mutumba tree. I estimated the price because Musana no longer has an online shop.

Every season, CAUSEBOX works with established and emerging artists to create an exclusive 5x7 art print. There's no information in the mini-mag about who made this card! The included frame was made in LA using reclaimed fence boards. It's rustic and raw and pretty darn cool.

Here's the two of them together. The card slides right in and fits perfect. Glass not required. I couldn't find a price on either of these items.

Noonday Collection Leather Leaf Earrings ($28)
These unique leather earrings are made under fair-trade conditions in India. More than 4000 artisans create pieces for Noonday, which directly impacts over 20,000 family members who have been supported by the fair-wage income. Noonday has also donated more than $250,000 to help financially support more than 1600 adoptive families.

CAUSEBOX's Welcome Box #1 included seven items, valued at $148 US (approx $200 Canadian), not including the value of the frame or art print. It's a great collection of items, all supporting great causes. I really enjoyed reading the stories behind each company and learning more about the women who created some of these products. While this box is no longer available, Welcome Box #2 is on sale now. You can see the contents here. If you subscribe today, you will be billed immediately and the Welcome Box will be shipped within a few days. The Summer box will bill on June 1st and ship shortly after.

Now, a note about customs fees. This box cost me $52.90 US, including shipping and a $10 off promo code. That's about $70 Canadian. I would have been okay with the value, except I was hit with a $17.99 CDN bill from Canada Border Services Agency upon delivery. CAUSEBOX declared the value at $50 US, but didn't itemize the contents, only listing CAUSEBOX under the "Detailed Description of Contents" field. As a result, CBSA arbitrarily deemed this to be "toys" and demanded tax on the value. The $17.99 fee covered $3.35 GST, $4.69 PST, and $9.95 Handling Costs. End result, this box cost me around $88 Canadian.

Does anyone subscribe to CAUSEBOX? Is this the norm for Canadians? Have you been hit with CBSA fees on delivery? As a rule, I don't subscribe to boxes that result in additional fees at delivery, so I immediately cancelled my CAUSEBOX subscription and I will not be getting the Summer box. I'm curious to hear your experiences with this one because I'd be happy to subscribe again if the additional fees are not typical.

If this warning doesn't deter you and you are still interested in trying out CAUSEBOX, use promo code WELCOME10 to save $10 on your order. It is a great box and your purchase supports wonderful and worthwhile companies and organizations. Remember, if you subscribe today, your first box will be Welcome Box #2.

Click here to checkout CAUSEBOX.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 

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  1. Some great things inside but bummer that you were hit with additional custom fees.


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