RawSpiceBar Review - December 2016 - Meal Preparation Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Raw Spice Bar 
How Much? $8 per month plus $4 shipping to Canada. Save on longer term subscriptions. Prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? 3 hand-picked, small batch, freshly ground spice blends and kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas.

RawSpiceBar is a subscription service offering a monthly box consisting of three freshly ground spice blends from a different region each month. All flavors come with kitchen-tested recipes, personalized for your diet. Add your own fresh ingredients for cooking globally inspired meals for four. The spice blends are perfectly portioned, freshly ground and expertly blended by top chefs for maximum authentic flavor. It's all done just days before shipping to guarantee freshness. Your first order ships within 10 days of purchase, and on the 10th of every month thereafter. 

RawSpiceBar partners with award winning chefs, bloggers & sources old family recipes to bring you unique spice blends from the highest quality spices around the world, with an unprecedented focus on quality and flavor.

January features The Icelandic Flavour Kit! 
This month’s box is a tribute to Iceland, the land of Vikings, heroic sagas, and extreme environmental contrasts. Therefore, a culinary heritage of striking flavors is not (that) surprising. It is during their coffee break, Kaffi, that the Icelandic indulge in glutenous sweets such as gingerbread, Piparkökur, or pastries. Kaffi is considered an essential part of the day to socialize and indulge in the moment. Due to its coastal nature, dishes such as fermented shark or grilled puffin are specialties, but not necessities, with many Icelanders opting stick with warmer flavors. With comforting spices like Fjórir Krydd, a dish wakes up like a dark winter forgotten under summer’s midnight sun. And with strong people, come strong spices. Black licorice, lakkrís, as with the rest of Scandinavia, is found everywhere, from the candy to the liquor to the salt. Iceland has taken salted licorice a step further and added a layer of chocolate. It is unique and highly addictive. Skål! (That’s the Icelandic cheers.)
The spices this month are very interesting! Licorice salt? Yum! To go with these blends, there are six recipes included this month, plus several more on the website!

Quatre Epices Cake
This is a take on a spice cake, and it's flavoured with coffee too!

Quatre Epices Honey Roast Pork
This slow roasted pork shoulder would be great for a special family dinner.

This granola is a blend of oats and nuts. It's sweetened with maple syrup and molasses. 

I'm most excited about this recipe. It's almost like cinnamon buns but they are stuffed with blueberries!

Licorice Almond Milk Latte
With the licorice salt, you can make a salted latte with almond milk. You need an espresso machine though.

Licorice Chocolate Almonds
This is a pretty simple recipe where you take roasted almonds and coat them in chocolate, then sprinkle with the licorice salt.

The December Icelandic Flavor Kit included three spices and about a dozen different recipes. There are lots of options, including several vegetarian dishes.

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Click here to check out Raw Spice Bar.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.
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