Post Pal Club Review - January 2017 - Kids Subscription Package

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** March 2018 - This company is no longer in business.**

What is it? Postal Pal Club 
How Much? $10.95/month. Free shipping. Save on 6 & 12 month terms. Prices in US dollars. What’s in it? 4 Awesome, Personalized Postcards

Postal Pal Club is a subscription for kids that sends four postcards personalized with your child's face and name. Pick 4 lucky friends or family members, add a handwritten message on the back, affix postage*, and drop the post cards in the mail!  Postal Pal Club is good for all ages, but it's especially popular with kids aged 3-12.

*For U.S. customers, postcards are pre-stamped and ready to send. Canadian customers will have to add their own postage.

The idea behind Postal Pal Club is that kids will learn the sentimental value of sending and receiving a handwritten note via the mail. It's also a hands-on activity that doesn't include a smart-phone or tablet!

To help get your child started, Postal Pal Club includes a card introducing you to a young child who may appreciate a postcard with some happy thoughts. This month, we meet Zamora Moon, a girl in California who is battling pediatric brainstem glioma. Learn more about her story here.

Postal Pal Club includes suggestions for what to say and what not to say to Zamora. They also include the mailing address, where cards received will be forwarded on to the family. This is a really great idea and can help teach your child compassion and empathy.

I sent in a photo of my niece. They requested a high quality, face-front photo with no dark shadows. Postal Pal Club takes the photo and crops out the face, then places it into their own original artwork.

When I opened the envelope I found these post cards hilarious! My niece really got a kick out of them too. She was really amazed that her face was on all these drawings. There are new designs sent every month!

On the back side, there's a picture of your child dressed as a postman, along with his or her name. The envelope also included a personalized bookmark, but I didn't get a photo.

The January mailing from Postal Pal Club included four personalized post cards and a bookmark. I really like the concept behind this subscription. It's very creative, and parents can use the postcards as a teaching tool to help kids write and communicate better. In addition, kids are treated to a fun piece of mail each month, and there are some laughs to be had upon opening the package! Alternatively, you could hold onto the post cards and send your own handwritten notes to your child, which is also a fun idea!

Click here to check out Postal Pal Club.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. Some cute post cards these are.

    1. They remind me of valentines we used to give out in elementary school!


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