Sticker Swaps Review - November 2016 - Sticker Collectors Subscription + PROMO CODE

This package was provided complimentary for review and this post contains referral links.
What is it?  Sticker Swaps 
How Much? $9.99/month with free shipping. Prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? An envelope full of high quality stickers from around the world, delivered to your door monthly.

Sticker Swaps is a subscription service based in England for those that are obsessed with stickers! Each month Sticker Swaps sends a minimum of 5 high quality featured stickers, along with a stack of random "lucky dip" stickers from their huge collection. 

Stickers are such an amazing art form and a great way to put your message across. The culture of stickers is fascinating and the wide range of different treatments that artists and designers give them is incredible.

Sticker Swaps loves working with artists, designers, and brands from all over the world. If you are an artist, brand, or designer, you too can be featured in an upcoming Sticker Swap collection. Click here to learn more.

The stickers come via letter mail in a lovely pink envelope. Inside you will find the collection for the month, plus a link with more information on each item. For more on the November Edition, click here.

Random - I Moustache Stationery - I wonder if this sticker is from subscription box Moustache Stationery.

Stabby Gabby - Gabby is a tattoo artist from Minneapolis, Minnesota. Check out her Instagram here and her Etsy store here.

Random - The Old Street Barber. Selling grooming products for bearded men. Check them out here.

Game Boy - Jazz is a designer, illustrator and “creator of stuff” based in London, England. She creates pins, patches, and stickers. Check out her Instagram here and her Etsy here.

Pink Animal - Designed by Sarah Johnson from Cardiff, England.

Live Design Co. - Designed by Jay in Austin, Texas. See more of his work here.

Random - Hand drawn guy

Mushroom - This retro game sticker is designed by Mictoon from Montreal, Canada. Check out his Instagram here and Etsy here.

Blackwing - Sponsor of the November Edition. Blackwing creates fantastic artists pencils. Check out their site here.

Random - Street art tag by Shermone

The November Edition of Sticker Swaps included six vinyl stickers, plus four randoms from the Sticker Swap collection. This is a fun subscription for those into stickers, graffiti art, graphic design, and tattooing, among other art forms.

Interested in trying Sticker Swaps? Save 50% off your first month using promo code BLOG50!

Click here to learn more about Sticker Swaps.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 


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