The li'l box co. Review - October 2016 - Canadian Children's Activity Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? The li'l box co.
How Much? $49.99/month, plus shipping -$9.99 Western Canada or $16.99 Eastern Canada. Prices in Canadian dollars. Payment via Paypal.
What’s in it? A unique, bonding experience and fun-filled themed day-long activity day to enjoy with the child in your life. Aimed at children aged 3-6. 

The li'l box co. is a Canadian subscription box that sends everything you need to have a fun and engaging afternoon with the child in your life. The li'l box co. says the best way to slow the clock on children growing up too fast is to spend quality time together, so they created this subscription that pulls together ideas and supplies so you have more time to play.
It can be tough to find original and creative activities to keep the minds of children occupied and active. The li’l box co., can help with that! No more searching on the internet; no more getting down on yourself thinking you don’t have the time or creativity to put it all together; no more sleepless nights wondering what activities to fill the next day with!

Each box is filled with supplies and instructions for a themed day of learning and adventure.  Activities are aimed at children aged 3-6, but they can be modified for children younger or older.
Every month will feature a new theme with new exciting activities. Previous themes have included "Camp Out!" and "Off to the Carnival!".

On October 2nd, we received an e-mail titled "October Clue". The e-mail contained suggestions and tips to introduce the themed box adventure to the child, and generate some excitement and anticipation. The above photo was the clue and the e-mail included several open ended questions to ask the child to elicit thought and discussion.
The two of you should find some time to come together and brainstorm. Write down both of your ideas on what you think the theme is and why? Finding time to encourage anticipation of the box arrival is an important step in the process. This encourages spending quality time together and stimulating imagination, rather than simply asking, "what do you think is in the box?"

The box shipped 10 days later. Around the same time, we also received an e-mail titled "Structuring the Day" with instructions for theme and box activities. This was done so the adults would have an early preview of the activities and arrange for the best time to open and explore the box.

First look!

These are the "Structuring the Day" instructions we received in the e-mail. The theme of the box is "Walk on the Moon". The directions list everything included and instructions for the various activities. Interspersed with all the instructions and ideas, there is information and facts about the moon, the first moon landing, and other fun information for the kids to learn. 

Little hands will have a lot of fun digging around to find all the fun treats and activities!

Activity 1 - Gravity!
The first activity requires no props. It's a lesson in gravity. Since gravity is constantly pushing us down, we get shorter during the day. To measure the effect of gravity during the day, we measure our height at the beginning and end of the day, then go back and compare the two measurements.

Activity 2 - Create the Moon!
With this modelling dough, we are to build our own moon! According to the directions, 
involving kids in this activity helps sequential comprehension and building the moon will work on small motor skills development. The instruction sheet gives some facts and discussion points to use while working on this project to stimulate creative thoughts.

Activity 3 - Moon Sand!
This "moon sand" appears to be a mixture of various flours. The idea is for the kids to play with the "sand" at the kitchen table. Maybe put it into a bin or bucket for easy clean up. After playing for a bit, we take the sand outside, place it on a piece of paper and try to step into it to make a foot print. This is a good opportunity to talk about the first moon landing in 1969 and how that first footprint is still there because there is no wind on the moon!

Activity 4 - Flag Planting!
With the paper and crayons, kids can create their very own flag to plant in the moon sand. Kids can model the first first Apollo landing by stepping into the moon sand and planting a flag!

Activity 5 - Astronauts Need to Eat!
Astronaut ice cream! This is a chance to teach kids about what astronauts eat in space. Most of their food is freeze-dried or dehydrated so it lasts longer and takes up less space. I've actually had one of these Astronaut ice cream bars before. They make fantastic camping food and it tastes just like an ice cream bar, and re hydrates in your mouth. It's really quite strange, but also fantastic.

Activity 6 - Moon and the Stars!
Before bed or nap time, remember to set up the glow in the dark stars to create your own mini-night sky. With your moon model, your moon sand foot print and your stars, you can settle into your dreams of becoming our next astronaut to join the International Space Program!!

With all the activities complete, it's clean up time!

October's "Walk on the Moon" box from The li'l box co. included all the supplies for six different moon themed activities and lessons. The activities are meant to take you through an entire day of fun, exploration, and learning. This is a great way to bring a family together for an engaging and fulfilling afternoon together. This would be perfect for a rainy day when everyone is stuck indoors. A lot of thought and research went into producing this box and the activities and it really shows. I was quite impressed with the entire process.

Keep an eye out for my upcoming follow up review of the box in action, assisted by my cousin and her two children!

Click here to check out The li'l box co.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up


  1. Looks like a pretty fun activity included inside this box.


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