Project Candy Box Review - November 2016 - Canadian Candy Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Project Candy Box 
How much? $30/month, plus tax and $4.95 shipping. Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What's in it? A surprise assortment of at least 10 different candy items

Project Candy Box is a Canadian candy subscription service that sends a monthly box of sweets from around the world. Each month you will receive an assortment of different candies and treats, tied together with a theme. Each box will include at least 10 different full size items!

Every month will be a different experience and a fun, new way to sample new treats. From sweet to sour, gummy to chocolate, old to new and near to far, our candy combinations have been carefully crafted to wow your taste buds.  

November marks Project Candy Box's two year anniversary!

First look!

Instead of a product card, Project Candy Box breaks down the monthly box online. Click here to see all about the November box.

SweetTarts Soft and Chewy Ropes
Chewy licorice filled with a creamy punch filling? Sounds good!

Wonka Randoms
Randoms are said to have an endless variety of shapes. Every bag is different. As gummies go, these ones were good.

Radpack Gum
Each Rad Pack contains 5 different gum balls. Depending on which end you tear open, you will enjoy Super Sour, Mouth Mess, Foaming Flavor, Ball of Fire and Extreme Cool. Sounds interesting!

This bag is full of little chocolate balls with assorted flavoured centres. There's orange cream, coffee cream, caramel, chocolate raisins, chocolate buttons and crunchy Maltesers. I liked the coffee cream and chocolate buttons the best. These can be found in the UK.

Frazzles Crispy Bacon
Frazzles are a bacon flavoured corn snack. Instead of potato, these crisps are made from puffed corn. And they're even shaped like little bacon pieces. They don't taste bad but I couldn't eat many. This is another treat from the UK.

Dairy Milk Marvellous Creations Jelly Popping Candy
This chocolate bar has small jelly beans baked into it. This bar is from the UK, but they've been available in Canada for a while now.

Blue Jays Chewy Candy Laces
These are strawberry licorice laces. Yum!

Jolly Rancher Mango Crayon
This was not good at all. It's a twist pop but instead of being a pop, the container pushes out gooey mango flavoured stuff. The goo is very gritty. The consistency was just too weird to get down with. 

Mike and Ike Zours
Sour Mike and Ikes are delicious! I could eat more of these.

Lot100 Lychee Gummies
These are individually wrapped lychee flavoured gummies from Malaysia. They're different. Lychee has a very floral taste to it. It's not bad, but I'm not sure yet if I like it.

The November Project Candy Box included 10 full size candy items from all around the world. There's items from the UK, Canada, and Malaysia. I feel like the retail value of these items is under the subscription prices, but it's not likely you would be able to procure all these varieties on your own. The cost works out to $3 per item, so if that seems reasonable to you, this is a fun box to try out!

Interested in trying Project Candy Box? Use promo code CBACANDY10 to save 10% off your first month.

Click here to check out Project Candy Box.

 Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.  


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