Miss Fresh Review - October Week 4 - Canadian Meal Preparation Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Miss Fresh
How Much? Starts at $69.95 per week. Shipping included. Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? Delicious recipes and pre-portioned fresh ingredients delivered weekly

Miss Fresh is a Canadian meal preparation subscription that sends pre-portioned fresh ingredients plus delicious recipes to your door each week. Miss Fresh launched in Ontario but they are now shipping Canada wide!

There are a few subscription plans to choose from:
  • Vegetarian Box
    • Our weekly selection of vegetarian recipes packed with seasonal vegetables, hearty grains and animal-free proteins. Whether you are vegetarian or a meat-lover, you will enjoy refined dining with these unique and delicious meatless recipes.
    • Order 2 or 3 meals per week, with 2, 4, or 6 portions each
    • Minimum order is 6 portions
    • Priced at $11.59 per portion
  • Custom Box
    • Your selection amongst all our available gourmet recipes including meat, fish, produce, and grains. Choose your favourites based on your dietary preference.
    •  Order 2-5 meals per week, with 2, 4, or 6 portions each
    • Minimum order is 6 portions
    • Priced at $12.99 per portion
  • Kilo Solution Box
    • Isabelle Huot, Ph.D in nutrition, presents her selection of healthy, delicious and tasty recipes. In less than 30 minutes, savour a balanced and satisfying meal developed following rigorous nutritional criteria. Perfect to enjoy by yourself, with your partner or amongst friends. The pleasure of dining well without the guilt!
    •  Order 2-3 meals per week, with 2, 4, or 6 portions each
    • Minimum order is 6 portions
    • Priced at $12.29 per portion

Miss Fresh also overs three different Snack Box options, which you can learn about on their website.

With Miss Fresh meal boxes, the minimum order is 6 portions, meaning you can't sign up for two meals per week for two people (only 4 portions). Instead you can get two meals per week for four people (8 portions) or three meals per week for two people (6 portions). This is something a little different from the other meal prep box that I write about regularly.

This is a review for a Custom Box with three meals with two portions each.

Miss Fresh recipes are designed to be prepared in 30 minutes or less. The are are 9 recipes to choose from each week, although if you don't make selections in time, Miss Fresh will send recipes to meet your dietary preferences. For the Custom Box, the recipes are varied, with vegetarian, seafood, poultry, and meat choices available.

Miss Fresh works with local suppliers to ensure subscribers receive the best seasonal produce. All meats are fresh, never frozen, and vacuum sealed. Fish will either be fresh, when available, or flash frozen.   

Upon opening the box, I found some items loose and some items packaged into bags, labelled by recipe. This helps cut down on packaging, but it was a bit of a time waster. For the loose items, I had to take some time sorting the ingredients to ensure they were matched to the right recipe and some items weren't labelled, so I had to consult the ingredients list on each recipe.

The meals come in an insulated box packed with gel ice packs. The box is shipped overnight by FedEx. Delivery day varies by area. All components are recyclable, including the ice packs.

Here are my three recipes for the week:

Chorizo & Spinach Pizza 
A satisfyingly delicious flatbread pizza, loaded with spinach, cheese and spicy chorizo.

For the pizza we have basil, spinach, tomato sauce, cherry tomatoes, garlic, mozzarella cheese, flour, frozen pizza dough, and chorizo slices. The dough was no longer frozen upon delivery, so I made the pizza first. This recipe only needed 1 can of tomato sauce, so the two cans in the photo was a mistake. The second can is for an upcoming recipe. Neither can was labelled, aside from stickers on the top. One said "Use 1/2" and the other said "Use 3/4", with no indication which one was for which recipe. Again, I had to consult both recipes to see which needed what amount of sauce. One recipe listed the tomato sauce amount in millilitres and one listed it in ounces. The can itself was labelled in millilitres.

Preparing the pizza was fairly easy and straight forward. I had trouble getting the pizza dough rolled out large enough to make a decent sized pizza. This is supposed to be enough for two people! It probably would have been better to have two portions of dough. Another thing I noticed is that this recipe has no seasonings, not even salt and pepper. I wasn't keen on putting plain tomato sauce on my pizza, so I added some Epicure Pizza Seasoning and a generous sprinkle of salt and pepper.

The end result was really good. I ate half for lunch and the other half for lunch the following day. As a dinner though, it probably would have needed a side salad or something else to add more substance. When all was done, I had 1/2 a can of tomato sauce, half the bag of cheese, and entire branch and then some of basil, half the container of tomatoes, and a few slices of chorizo remaining, unused. Like I said above, a second batch of pizza dough probably would have been better. I snacked on the chorizo and tomatoes, and saved the remaining cheese and tomato sauce for the next recipe. The basil ended up in compost. 

Chicken Enchiladas 
These enchiladas are delectable and you can use chicken or black beans or both! With a dollop of sour cream to soften the spices it is absolute heaven in your mouth.

Here is a look at the recipe format. The recipes are formatted to be used for 2 or 4 servings, and you adjust your prep based on how many portions you are cooking. While this one shows only 5 steps, each step actually outlines several different steps. Again this recipe called for no seasoning (salt and pepper), which I find really odd. 

For chicken enchiladas we have cilantro, black beans, garlic, jalapeno, tomato, onion, Monterrey jack cheese, chicken bouillon mix, cumin, chili powder, tortilla shells, and chicken breasts. There's also a can of tomato sauce, which was included in the pizza ingredients photo. The chicken breasts were very large and nicely trimmed of fat. There was only four tortillas, which didn't seem enough to make 2 decent portions. 

I mostly followed the recipe, but added seasoning to the tomato sauce and seasoned the chicken with salt and pepper while it was cooking. For two portions, the recipe only called for 1/2 the jalapeno, 1/2 a tomato and 1/2 an onion, which means there is left over food again. I also didn't need the full can of tomato sauce (only 3/4 can this time). I did end up using the entire can, plus the left over from the pizza recipe, otherwise I would have had to dump all the left over sauce down the drain. I also mixed the left over mozzarella from the pizza in with the Monterrey jack and used them both. 

The end result was quite tasty and I mentioned to my boyfriend that I was surprised how good it was. This picture shows half of one portion, so it isn't a whole lot of food. We ate this for lunch one afternoon. I ended up with about a cup of extra chicken mixture, so a couple of extra tortillas would have been perfect. I also had 1/2 a tomato and 1/2 an onion remaining.

Stir-Fried Beef and Broccoli in Oyster Sauce 
This beef with broccoli recipe is awesome for lunch or dinner. A classic Chinese dish that is easy to prepare and is so flavorful.

This recipe includes broccoli, green onions (already trimmed), garlic, ginger, rice, oyster sauce, rice wine vinegar, soy sauce, shiitake mushrooms, and sirloin steak.I followed the recipe exactly this time. 

I figured the soy and oyster sauce were salty enough without extra seasoning. I made this recipe five days after the box arrived, and the products were still pretty fresh. The produce was just starting to show signs of wilt, but everything else was good. Miss Fresh recommends ground meats, sausage, fish, and shellfish are used within two days, poultry within three days, and whole cuts of meat within four days. I kind of pushed it with five days, but the results were great.

Unfortunately I didn't get a photo of the final result as it was too late and dark. This meal was pretty good. It was easy to put together and provided two good sized servings. This was the only recipe that resulted in no unused ingredients, but I could have used some more ingredients for the sauce. There was a scant amount in the finished dish, but the flavour was great. I will likely make this one again, with a few minor tweaks.

One thing I need to point out is that the delivery date on the website is off by one day. I checked my account at the start of the week and noted in three separate places that my delivery day was Thursday, October 27th. I stayed home all day and no delivery arrived. I was about to e-mail customer service when I checked my purchase confirmation e-mail from the start of the month. In the e-mail, it said my delivery day was Friday, October 28th. Sure enough, the box arrived Friday afternoon. The website still shows Thursday delivery days though, although I'm told Miss Fresh IT is working on the issue. You may also notice that the calendar on the side is off as well. All the dates are off by one day (October 27th shows as Friday, when it was actually a Thursday). Keep this in mind if you subscribe. The delivery date in your confirmation e-mail is the correct date.

Final thoughts? I like the variety of recipes and the ease of preparation. I enjoyed all three meals, but I had to modify each one a bit to add flavour. I found it odd that not a single recipe called for basic seasonings like salt and pepper. I also found the ingredient portions inconsistent. Every recipe ended up with extra of some things and not enough of other things. While ingredients are supposed to be pre-portioned so there is no waste, two recipes included full cans of tomato sauce when only a portion of the can was required. I also didn't like having to sort the ingredients when I first received the box as it was a time waster and took away from the simple and efficient aspect of a service like this.With all that said, I think the pros outweigh the cons here. The food was fresh, the recipes quick and easy, and the meals tasty. 

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. The meals you cooked up look delicious especially that pizza.

  2. Well if you are a vegetarian don't vegetarians don't waste your money. The food is bland and barely enough for lunch. Ingredients might cost $2 if you bought them at the store. 1/2 of the produce was old. Tomatoes bad, greens yellow, green onions broken in pieces.

    1. I commented in the post that none of the recipes call for basic seasonings like salt and pepper and the portion sizes are small. This has continued with all the Miss Fresh boxes I've received and I find it so odd.

      I'm in BC and the box ships from Montreal so I'm also finding the produce isn't the freshest when it gets to me, especially in the summer.


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