La Boîte à Bonbons Review - November 2016 - Canadian Candy Subscription Box

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What is it? La Boîte à Bonbons 
How Much? $25 per month. Free shipping! Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What's in it? 4 different types of candies, totalling 1kg of candy

La Boîte à Bonbons is a new subscription box, based in Quebec, Canada. Each month, La Boîte à Bonbons sends four different candy selections, totalling 1 kilogram of candy. The candies are selected based on your preferences. When you subscribe, you can select between three box options - Sour, Soft, or Mixed. Every month there will be new selections. Shipping is free for Ontario and Quebec. For the rest of Canada, shipping is an additional charge, based on location.

One thing to note is that the website for La Boîte à Bonbons, and all correspondence from the company, is entirely in French. If you don't read French well enough to navigate the website, try to copy/paste phrases or paragraphs into Google Translate. To make it easier, you only need to know a few key words: s'abonner (subscribe), bonbons sour (sour candy), bonbons doux (soft candy), mixtes (mixed candy). With that, you should have no trouble signing up! When you get to the website, make sure to sign up for the e-mail list, or look for the "15% de rabais" icon in the top right corner. You will receive a code for 15% off your first box!

The November box includes a little product card. 

All the treats come packaged in little bags!

Gummy Frogs
These colourful guys were pretty good. I've never see them in the stores before so it was fun to try them. There was 254 grams of frogs.

Rainbow Ribbons
These fruit flavoured ribbons were my favourite of the bunch. The outside is coated with sour sugar too! I received 214 grams of ribbons. They're quite light so there's loads of them!

Gummy Bears
Just boring old gummy bears... they were very fresh though! The bag contained 252 grams of bears.

Strawberry Bricks
These chewy strawberry candies have a different type of candy on the inside. It has a bit of a creamy texture. My boyfriend loved them. We got 260 grams of these ones.

The November offering from La Boîte à Bonbons included four varieties of candy, totalling just under 1 kilogram. It was a good mix this month. Aside from the gummy bears, the other three varieties are new to me. The Rainbow Ribbons and Strawberry Bricks were a hit.

Interested in trying La Boîte à Bonbons? Remember to sign up for their e-mail list to get a 15% off code!

Click here to check out La Boîte à Bonbons.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.   


  1. They look really delicious. I would totally enjoy this box.


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