Chefs Plate Review - September Week 2 - Canadian Meal Preparation Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Chefs Plate 
How Much? Starts at $49.80 per week, plus $6 delivery. Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? Fresh ingredients and delicious recipes delivered weekly to your door

Chefs Plate is a weekly meal delivery service that sends original gourmet recipes and pre-portioned farm-fresh ingredients so you can cook a fresh, healthy, and nutritionally balanced meal. Chefs Plate started in Toronto in 2014 and now ships to most major cities in Ontario, BC, Manitoba, and Alberta. They plan to expand into Quebec and the Maritimes soon. 

Chefs Plate is putting Canadians back in the kitchen. By delivering easy-to-follow recipes and fresh pre-portioned ingredients right to your door, we take the guesswork out of cooking and have made food fun again! No more Sunday night grocery store lines, no more hunting for recipes – we handle everything so you can relax and enjoy the cooking experience! 

There are two plans available: The "2-Person Plan" includes market fresh meals for two and the "Family Plan" includes market fresh meals for four. Once you've selected your plan, decide if you'd like to receive 2, 3, or 4 recipes per week. Plans are priced per plate. For example, if you purchase a 2-Person Plan with two recipes per week, that's four plates. The "2-Person Plan" is $10.95 per plate (serving) and the "Family Plan" is $9.95 per plate. I subscribe to the "2-Person Plan" with two recipes per week, which is $55.80 per week, plus $6 shipping. Prices are in Canadian dollars and there is no tax. The shipping fee is waived if you opt for more meals per week, or go with a family plan.
I've lost track of how many Chefs Plate deliveries I've received. I think this is number five. I skipped the first week of September because I was out of town. This one arrived September 13th. My FedEx guy typically arrives around 2pm, so I can plan my day around the delivery. 

Pork Fried Rice
A seared pork chop and sunny side up egg add a double dose of protein to this Chinese classic! The rice is steamed and then fried with peppers and cabbage in a hoisin-ginger sauce. This hearty favourite gets finished off with a molten yolk and crisp green onions.
I changed this recipe up a bit. I made it to take to work for lunch the next day, so instead of a sunny side up egg, I did a bit of an omelette/scramble (like you would find in true Chinese fried rice), and instead of displaying the pork on top, I cut it into smaller pieces and tossed it into the rice mixture. You will see what I mean with the final result picture. 

Here are all the ingredients... and amazingly, the eggs came intact! The cabbage was staring to brown a bit, but I sliced off the brownish bits and the rest was good. 

Chop, chop, chop. You know this is my favourite part!

 Here is the assembled dish. Like I wrote above, I added the cooked egg and pork into the finished rice mixture and tossed it all together. The flavour was good and this made for a protein packed lunch.

Thai Crunch Salad
Crisp and light, this spicy Thai salad is back by popular demand! Each ingredient makes a textural contribution – the purple carrots are shaved into curly tendrils, the snap peas are blanched for a refreshing bite while the fried chow mein noodles provide a crunch. Cooling sour cream is juxtaposed with spicy green curry paste for surprising and exotic dressing.
This is a vegetarian dish, which is normally not my preference. I find it's a better value to get meat dishes from Chefs Plate, but an occasional meat-free dish isn't bad. 

This recipe was nearly entirely no-cook. Just the snap peas and edamame required blanching. The rest was consumed raw. The dressing was a mixture of sour cream, mayo, green curry paste, and lime juice. 

So you may notice there is chicken on this vegetarian salad. I had chicken breast that needed cooking so I broiled it and added it to the salad. It worked out great. The salad itself wasn't my favourite dish from Chefs Plate. I didn't like the creaminess of the dressing, and the curry taste was kind of odd mixed in with raw salad greens. Overall it wasn't terrible (I ate it all!), but I wouldn't pick this one again. 

If you are interested in trying Chefs Plate, you can get your first THREE plates for FREE! That's a $33 savings. Simply use my referral link here, or enter my referral code #3platesFromcdnboxaddict in the promo code section at checkout. On a "2-Person 2 recipe plan", your first week will only be $10.95, plus $6 shipping. After that you can continue with your subscription, skip as many weeks as you want, or cancel. 
Menus for September 26-Oct 2 (September Week 4) and Oct 3 - Oct 9 (October Week 1) are currently up. Check out what's available here. My next delivery is September 27th and I selected New England Shrimp Rolls and Malaysian Mango Noodles. For the first week of October I picked Braised Turkey and Cuban Steak Bowl. Now I'm hungry!
Click here to check out Chefs Plate.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before  signing up.

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  1. I just signed up yesterday; my first delivery is next Friday! I live out in South Delta (by the ferry terminal) and so far CF is the only service that delivers outside Vancouver that I’ve found. I’m having my deliveries sent to my work since I work Fridays and live in an apartment, so I’m very excited.


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