Sweetify European Sweets Box Review - July 2016 - Canadian Treats Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Sweetify
How Much? $39.95/month with free shipping in Canada. Save on longer term subscriptions. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What’s in it? European sweets and candies totalling more than 600 grams

Sweetify is a brand new Canadian subscription box based in Metro Vancouver. Each month, Sweetify sends a box of European sweets from different regions of Europe. Items may include chocolate candies, traditional cookies, caramels, truffles, souffles and other desserts.
These sweets will be coming from well known European brands, so you can be sure to have something original in your cupboard at all times. Everything we put in the box is handpicked to make sure you only get the best quality and deliciousness.  

There are two boxes to choose from. The Regular Box includes approximately 600 grams of product and the Family Sized Box (staring at $55.95/month) includes approximately 1200 grams of product.

This is a review of the Regular Box.

It turns out, the team behind Sweetify live pretty close to me, so Elena and Vasily were kind enough to deliver this review box in person. It was great to meet them and learn about the people behind the box!

First look

All of the products this month seem to be from Russia and Latvia. Despite spending some time in Bulgaria last year, my Cyrillic isn't up to snuff so I wasn't able to read the wrappers. Due to the variety of items included each month, a product card is not included. Many of the product are featured on the Sweetify Instagram page, but not all. For what I couldn't find online, I emailed Vasily and Elena for help (they were very responsive!). It would be great to see all the products listed online on their website so customers could see what everything is and find the ingredients easily.

Caramel Wafers
These wafers have a "boiled condensed milk" cream centre. Boiling a can of condensed milk creates caramel sauce (or Dulce de Leche). These were very tasty on their own, and paired as a snack with coffee.

Rulada Creme Wafer Chocolate
Cream filling, crispy waffle, covered with tender chocolate with almonds - all of this together composes a delicate dessert "Rulada". 

Lady Night
Covered with dark chocolate, and under it hides the real surprise delicate souffle and juicy fresh plums. 

Marvellous Bird 
It is Snow-white soufflé covered with a thick layer of milk chocolate.
This was very similar to a chocolate covered marshmallow. 

Rulada Hazelnut Wafer Chocolate
The original mini-dessert of crispy waffle body coated with chocolate-milk glaze with crushed almonds, stuffed with a cream based on hazelnuts.

Little Red Riding Hood
Sweet waffle with cream filling containing grated peanuts and covered with chocolate glaze. It tasted just like an Oh Henry bar!

Walnut praline with cocoa and crushed crispy wafers, top covered with chocolate glaze.

Pineapple Valley
Between two layers of waffle there is a white cream with a pleasant sweet-tart pineapple flavour. Top covered with chocolate glaze. 
The pineapple flavour was very subtle. It was better than I expected.

Delicate and delicious chocolate candy with walnut filling and tender wafers.

Big Miracle
Chocolate candies with a hollow, crispy waffle body, coffee and soft creamy filling, and  a pleasant surprise in the form of whole hazelnut. 
This kind of reminded me of a Kinder product. It was a thin hollow wafer filled with a Nutella-like product, coated in chocolate and rolled in nut pieces. I didn't find a whole hazelnut in the centre.

Walnut Pyramid
Chocolate candy with crushed Brazilian nuts, walnuts, hazelnuts and almonds, covered with white and dark chocolate icing.

Fruit jelly, apricots, nuts, with a chocolate coating. 

Halvah type of candy with peanut paste, covered with chocolate glaze.

Gold Step
Candy on the basis of a soft caramel with peanuts covered with delicious milk glaze.
This one tasted kind of like a Snickers bar. I love the caramel centre.

Chocolate Bar
Chocolate bar of praline with addition of powdered milk, cocoa and crushed crispy waffles.

A combination of sweet chocolate and sour taste of fruit toppings, which include fruit puree and fruit juice. The consistency of the filling is similar to fruit jam.

Waffle decorated candy coated with chocolate glaze with rich nutty flavour.

Glazed chocolate candy based on cream jelly with soft caramel inside.

Candy has rectangular shape, made with praline, delicious waffle crumbs and grated peanuts, coated with dark chocolate.
I got the waffle crumb texture but the praline and grated peanuts were lost to me. It was still tasty though.

Riga Black Balsam
This is a black balsam cream filled chocolate. Black Balsam is a popular Latvian liqueur. It kind of tasted like a Grand Marnier liqueur chocolate.

Marmalade in the form of citrus slices, sprinkled with sugar.

Gold Souffle - Black Currant
Gentle air blackcurrant soufflé with addition of blackcurrant fruchtpaste. The taste is sour with the aroma of black currants.

Gold Souffle - Orange
The candy is sweet fruit soufflé with orange flavour with a touch of cognac.

The July Sweetify box included over 600 grams of chocolates and candies from Europe. Most of the products were from Russia and Latvia, which is pretty cool. Hazelnut and wafer products are very popular here! I like that all the products are small and bite size. I spent a couple weeks going through all the items and tasting. It would be easy to indulge on this one, so invite a few friends over and have a European sweet tasting adventure.

My one warning is to those with nut allergies. It would be impossible for the Sweetify team to ensure a completely nut-free box, so those with nut allergies (or any allergies, really) may wish to avoid this box. For chocolate fiends without allergies, check this one out!

Click here to check out Sweetify.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


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