Chococurb Review - July 2016 - Gourmet Chocolate Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

 ** Chococurb no longer ships to Canada. **
What is it? Chococurb
How Much? $35/month with free shipping to Canada. Save on longer terms. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it?
5 to 7 personally selected, extraordinary chocolate treats

Chococurb is a subscription that sends an assortment of chocolates or chocolate related items each month. It's a chocolate discovery experience, helping subscribers discover extraordinary chocolate from small, local choclatiers and larger national brands. Every box will have something new, exciting, and absolutely delicious. Chococurb also has an online shop so subscribers can purchase more of their favourites. Boxes ship on the 14th of each month. For Canadians, the boxes ship DHL in the US and are delivered by Canada Post.

On the Chococurb website, you can also learn about Tasting Chocolate, Chocolate Percentages, and Chocolate 101.

There are three subscription boxes to choose from:
  • Chococurb - $35/month. 5-7 full-size items.
  • Chococurb Mini - $20/month. 3 full-size items.
  • Chococurb Nano - $10/month. 5 small to medium items.
Savings are available if you sign up for a 3-month or 6-month pre-paid term. 

This is a review for the full size Chococurb box.

From May to September, Chococurb switches to "Summer Freight" to ensure your chocolate products don't melt in transit. When temperatures hit 80°F (26.6°C), Chococurb uses cold packs, cool shield foil bubble wrap, or styrofoam containers. Above you can see a small cold pack on top of the tissue.

The website says there is an additional charge for Summer Freight, but I went through the checkout process and  the original Chococurb was still coming up with free shipping.

Inside I found a foil "cool shield" bubble mailer. The week my package arrived, it was only around 18°C in Vancouver, so melting wasn't a concern. The products arrived in perfect condition, and I'm sure they would have been fine even if the weather was warmer.

There was no product card included, but I was able to find details about each bar online at the Chococurb Shop.

Rococo Chocolates Morocan Mint (20g bar, $10)
65% organic dark chocolate is infused with organic mint and elegantly packaged with a design inspired by Moorish tiles. What makes this bar a little different from other mint chocolates is that it has tiny pieces of mint leaves embedded in the chocolate, in addition to peppermint oil. The result is a very natural, fresh mint flavour that's never overpowering.
This little bar was very good. The mint flavour was very subtle and fresh tasting. The 65% dark coco was slightly sweet and not at all bitter. 

Manoa Chocolate Breakfast Bar (56.7g bar, $10)
The "breakfast bar" is a texture experience made with a liberal layer of roasted cacao nibs and locally grown Oahu north shore espresso beans. This dark milk chocolate bar has a lovely chocolaty-nutty crunch that finishes with a caffeine kick.  
Despite the name, this isn't breakfast food! The name comes from the addition of espresso beans. The chocolate had a nice fruity flavour and the espresso was very subtle. 

Vosges Haut-Chocolat Black Salt Caramel Bar (85g, $8)
Our new generation of caramel filled bars will have you swooning at first bite. 70% cacao dark chocolate surrounds the molten, salt-spiked, soft caramel center. If you are a newcomer to the addictive combination of salt + chocolate, this bar is a must-try. 
This bar is amazing. The soft caramel centre was unexpected, even though I read about it beforehand! The package suggests to place a small piece of chocolate on your tongue, then press it to the roof of your mouth. As the chocolate melts, the nutty and smoky black Hawaiian salt flavour shines through.

Theo Chocolate Salted Almond 70% Dark (85g, $4)
Theo claims this is a fan favorite, but we think it should be everybody's favorite. With the perfect amount of chocolate, almonds, and salt, why wouldn't it be? As with all things Theo, it's organic, fair trade, and non-GMO project certified.
I liked the salted almond flavour on this one, but the dark chocolate was too bitter for my tastes.

Wild Ophelia Sweet Honey & Hickory BBQ Potato Chips (56.6g, $3.99)
A sweet, savory and spicy warm-the-back-of-your-throat chip is entrenched in dark chocolate.
This one was my favourite. It tasted like BBQ Pringles chips covered in delicious dark chocolate. The texture of tiny, crispy potato chip pieces was unexpected and fun, and there was a slight spicy kick at the end of each bite. Delicious!

The July Chococurb box included five full size chocolate bars, valued at $35.99 US. This box costs $35 US, although you can get it for $30 per month on a 6-month pre-paid term. I really enjoyed my Chococurb experience. Sampling each chocolate bar was the best part (obviously!), and I discovered a couple new favourites. I've never seen these bars locally, so now that I know Chococurb offers free shipping to Canada, I may have to make an order!

Click here to check out Chococurb.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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