CallaLife Box Review - June 2016 - Canadian Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? CallaLife Box 
How Much? $38/month plus $10 shipping. Tax included. Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? 5-8 health, beauty, well-being and lifestyle items. 

CallaLife Box is a Canadian subscription that sends 5-8 carefully selected items each month. Items may be picked from categories such as health, beauty, well-being, and lifestyle. Many products are sourced from local Canadian artisans and producers. CallaLife also works hard to select "good for you" products that don't include many harmful chemicals.
[The] mission is to provide you with an array of useful products to make your month a little more beautiful. Whether it's a bag of calming tea, some eye serum to rid yourself of tired eyes, a small fitness device to get you working on your health goals or a super cute soap dish so you have something pretty to look at while washing your hands, you won't get bored of the CallaLife Box.

CallaLife also donates a portion from the sale of each box to a worthy Canadian charity. This quarter, CallaLife is donating to I Can For Kids, a school nutrition program.

This is the second month for CallaLife Box. You can see my May box review here.

CallaLife doesn't include a product card. Instead subscribers are e-mailed full details after the box ships. I like this, except the e-mail arrives before the box does so it's a bit of a spoiler.

Greenmunch Pink Chevron Paper Straws ($4)
Who's ready for a patio party?? YOU ARE! With 25 straws per bag, they are made of paper so they will biodegrade even in a backyard compost. Made with food safe paper and FDA approved.
Colourful paper straws are cute and look great when doing a special table setting or party but I don't like using them. I find the get wet and soggy too quickly.

Three Farmers Roasted Chickpeas ($5.29)
Chickpeas are rich in both soluble and insoluble dietary fibre. They are a good source of protein and they don’t have the high calories or saturated fats found in comparable protein sources. These Roasted Chickpeas can curb your hunger in just a couple of bites!
Bottle Bright Water Bottle Cleaning Tablets ($10.99)
Bottle Bright is an easy to use, non-toxic, effervescent cleaning tablet designed for water bottles, hydration packs, travel mugs, thermoses, jerry cans and more. Bottle Bright offers a safe and effective method to care for your hard to clean drinking containers. A patent pending, biodegradable and non-toxic formula bubbles away grime, mould, coffee stains, tea stains and drink mix odours restoring bottles to their original shine and freshness.
This is a great idea! I usually just rinse my hard-to-clean bottles in piping hot water, which isn't the best way to kill bacteria and other nasties. The linked website, is Canadian and sells lots of great water products, drink mixes, and bottles.

RDevine Skincare Sacred Earth Botanical Cleansing Clay + Mask ($28)
Sacred Earth is a gentle exfoliating facial cleanser that deeply cleanses the skin, while absorbing excess oil and toxins, helping to smooth and brighten the skin, produce an even skin tone, and minimize breakouts. This cleanser is the perfect product for combination and oily skin, but works well for all other skin types as well. This exfoliating cleanser is gentle enough for every day usage.
This is a powder cleanser, so you add water to get your desired consistency then wash as normal. You can also use it to make a clay mask. RDevine is a Canadian company and the products are made from natural, plant-based ingredients.

Sacred Kiss is not your average lip balm. Formulated with organic ingredients that nourish, moisturize, regenerate cells, heal and soften, this lip balm will leave you with sensually kissable lips.
This lip balm is made with shea butter and various other plant based butters and oils. There's no beeswax, which is good as I find it dries my lips.

True Citrus - True Lemon Single Serve Packets (5 x $0.25)
True Citrus - True Grapefruit Single Serve Packets (5 x $0.25)
Say good bye to cutting, squeezing, zesting, straining seeds and cleaning up sticky juice. Easy to carry and easy to use. Simply add 1 packet to 250-500 mL of water to create the perfect glass of grapefruit infused water. True Lemon is for more than just water - use it in tea, baking, cocktails, cooking - anywhere you would use fresh lemon.
I've been using True Lemon (and True Lime) for several years. It's great for on-the-go and travel. I actually first encountered it on an airplane when a flight attendant gave me a lime packet to go with my vodka & soda. The basic flavours of lemon and lime are sold in most grocery stores now, but they also have single serve fruit lemonade mixes that are a tad harder to find. The Elua shop carries pretty well every variety, which is very cool. It is kind of odd to receive loose packets instead of an entire box though.

We also received a 20% off promo code for KEYLIME Athletic Wear. The shop is based in Alberta, but they have an online store as well.

The June CallaLife Box included six products, with a retail value over $56 Canadian. This box cost $48 Canadian, including shipping. It's not a huge value, but the box included some interesting and useful products this month. The RDevine products are very nice, and I'm really looking forward to cleaning all my water bottles using the Bottle Bright tabs (is that weird?). This month CallaLife Box introduced me to and I plan to visit again to purchase more True Citrus products. 

Interested in trying CallaLife Box? New subscribers can save 20% off their first box by using promo code NEW20 at checkout. This code expires tomorrow, June 17th, so act fast!

Click here to check out CallaLife Box.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 

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