Bespoke Post Review - June 2016 "Slice" - Men's Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

Canadian Box Addict pays for this subscription. This post contains affiliate links.
What is it? Bespoke Post Box of Awesome 
How Much? $45 per month + tax, plus $10 shipping to Canada (US dollars) 
What's in it? Fresh & interesting lifestyle brands for men built around a central, unique theme   

Bespoke Post is a lifestyle subscription box for men. Each month, Bespoke Post sends a new "Box of Awesome" - a box filled with a limited edition collection of products built around a specific theme. To complement the box, Bespoke posts how-to-videos, tips & tricks, and interviews with the makers. Their goal is to introduce men to something new. Many of the boxes could appeal to women as well, which is why I subscribe. You can also skip as many months as you wish, so I've been subscribed for a couple years, but only get the box a few times a year.

Over the years, Bespoke Post has worked to lower the Canadian shipping charge. Originally I was paying $20 a box for shipping to BC. Last year they managed to get the cost down to $10 per box (or for shop orders $45 and up) Canada wide. They also cover the brokerage fees and duties, so there are no additional fees due upon delivery.

There were four new boxes to choose from this month:

I'm a fan of food boxes, and I already have Charred (from its April 2015 appearance), so I opted for Slice.

The  product card has instructions and suggestions for using each item. On the reserve side is a recipe for mouth watering pizza dough.

First look

SPARQ Soapstone Pizza Stone 12" ($44.95)
This pizza stone is what sold me on Slice. It's worth the cost of the box! I used to have a ceramic pizza stone, but didn't like that I couldn't wash it. This soapstone one is non-porous, stain-proof, naturally nonstick, and dishwasher safe. It also looks nice resting on a counter top, and could double as a serving platter or cheese plate.

Close up!

Mike's Hot Honey (12 oz, $10)
This is dubbed the "world's most versatile condiment". You can try it over pizza, chicken, ribs, biscuits, fruit, cheese, and even ice cream.

Caputo 00 Chef's Flour (1kg, $4)
Good pizza starts with good dough so Bespoke Post sourced the best. Saveur Magazine even named Caputo 00 the best flour for making pizza dough! The "00" means the flour is an extra fine grind. 

W&P Design Walnut Pizza Cutter (~$15)
This pizza cutter is stylish and functional! I couldn't find it for sale on the W&P Design website, so I'm estimating the price. I wonder if it's a Bespoke Post exclusive.

The "Slice" box from Bespoke Post includes four products, valued around $74 US. This box cost me $60.40 US, including tax and shipping. This box was delivered via Canada Post and there were no additional fees due upon delivery. I love the pizza stone and the extras are great additions to complete the pizza theme. I'm curious to try the spicy honey. You really can't go wrong with Bespoke Post. I've been happy with every box I've received from them!

Interested in trying Bespoke Post? New subscribers can save 20% off their first box by using promo code BOX20 at checkout. There are several great boxes available right now so be sure to check them out. New collections will be revealed July 1st.

Click here to check out Bespoke Post

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.   

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