Foodie Pages Tasting Box Review - April 2016 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription Box

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What is it? Foodie Pages Tasting Box
How much? $10.95 one time purchase, plus shipping
What's in it? 5-7 scrumptious tastes from some of Canada's top food makers

Each month Foodie Pages curates a Tasting Box featuring products from small, independent Canadian food producers. This used to be a monthly subscription service, but due to increasing demand and a growing wait list, Foodie Pages opted to cancel the subscription model in favour of a single purchase model. At the start of each month Foodie Pages publishes the contents of the Tasting Box, then you can chose if you'd like to order it or not. There are only 50 boxes available each month and they often sell out quickly. Since my last review, Foodie Pages lowered the cost of the Tasting Box from $14.95 to $10.95. Shipping is extra and runs around $10. 

Discover the undiscovered! Each month we release a limited number of Tasting Boxes filled with our latest food finds, made by Canada's top food makers. Your Tasting Box will include 5-7 products of various sizes - a variety of spreads, condiments, jams, honeys, syrups, cooking sauces, oils, vinegars, salts, spices, seasonings, baking ingredients and/or snacks.
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Welcome to the judging panel! By purchasing a Tasting Box from Foodie Pages, you have the opportunity to taste & review the latest products from independent Canadian food makers. A few days after receiving the box, Foodie Pages sends a short online survey via e-mail so people can rate and review the month's products. Top rated producers will win the Foodie-Approved Award.

The Tasting Guide includes details about each producer and product.

Slow Cooking Sauces Mild Mexican Adobo Sauce ($9.99)
Mexican Adobo Sauce is a starter for slow cooking on crockpots or dutch ovens that is free of preservatives and gluten. Simply add some of the sauce to your choice of protein into the pot and let it cook slowly. Literally set it and forget it!
Despite being labeled as Mild, this is still spicy as heck when in the jar. I use a pork roast in a slow cooker and the results were great and not spicy at all. The flavours really mellow out.

BonBites All Natural Energy Balls (2-pack, $3 x 2)
Bonbites gets back to raw and natural ingredients comprised of nutritious combinations to provide you and your family with energizing and delicious snacks.
These aren't my favourite. The texture is strange and I found them on the dry side. 

Wolfhead Coffee - Hickory Mesquite Smoked Coffee ($7)
This particular blend is roasted and naturally smoked in their custom-designed, small-batch roastery, resulting in a delicious, bold, full-bodied and balanced flavour. It's like a good campfire - warm and inviting with a lingering wisp of wood smoke.
I haven't had a chance to try this yet but my boyfriend and I are very curious. It smells great through the bag.

The April Foodie Pages Tasting Box included four items, valued at $23 Canadian. This box costs $10.95 per month, plus shipping (approximately $10). The box value is in line with other Tasting Boxes I've reviewed in the past - you typically get a value equal to the cost paid. I've always enjoyed my Tasting Box experiences. Over the last couple of years I've discovered several fantastic products from small Canadian producers. Slow Cooking Sauces has been added to my list of favourites!

The May Tasting Box is already sold out! If you are interested in trying for the June box, be sure to sign up for the Foodie Pages mailing list to get notified when the next box is available.

Click here to check out Foodie Pages Tasting Box and sign up for their newsletter. The Tasting Box can be found under the "Gift Boxes" tab.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


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