Subscription Box Warning - Don't "Get Candy Box"

Candy Box is a Canadian subscription box that I first learned about in April 2015. I reviewed one box, but never subscribed. Candy Box was still operating through October and November 2015. I last received an e-mail from Candy Box founder Simon K. in November, requesting promotion of their Cyber Monday deal. As of December, things seem to have gone sideways.

I received an e-mail from a reader named Michelle in mid-February. She had ordered a 3-month subscription in December, but as of early February, she had only received one box. She e-mailed me asking if I had any other contact information for the company, since they weren't responding to e-mails. I e-mailed Simon, asking if the company was still operating. I received no reply. When I checked @getcandybox on Twitter and Instagram, some alarm bells started ringing.

Candy Box has not been active on Twitter since October 2015. The first complaints from customers started via Twitter on January 18th. Click here to see the complaints. Along with Michelle, 7 other customers have posted about subscribing but not receiving boxes. The @getcandybox Instagram page is more of the same. The last post on their Instagram page was December 12, 2015. Then randomly, in the height of all the negative feedback, they posted a new image on February 9th, making it seem like they were still operating. I posted a comment suggesting those having issues contact their credit card company. My post was deleted. According to the other IG comments, at least nine more customers have have subscribed but not received boxes.

On February 23, I removed Candy Box from my Box List page and posted a warning about the service on Twitter. 

Today I received another e-mail from a reader named Holly describing a similar experience. Holly subscribed in December, hoping to get a box as a Christmas gift for her daughter. 

I’ve had nothing but problems trying to get my 6 month of boxes delivered.  It has been a fight each month to get them to send them to me.  I’ve still only received 3 out of 6 and don’t feel like I have the fight left in me to keep harassing them for the rest.

Their Facebook page displays more of the same. Their last update was March 15th. The comments to their posts are pretty bad. A dozen more customers are out boxes and money, with no reply from the company. The comments on this post are pretty telling. Unfortunately, along will all the negatives, there are even more people sharing the post and talking about signing up!

As of today, the Candy Box website is still operating. They are still accepting new subscriptions. From what I can gather, no boxes have been sent since February, although it seems like some subscribers received boxes and some didn't. Some posters say they haven't received anything since November. Others haven't received anything at all. On the Candy Box website, there is a line above the contact form stating "Some of our March boxes have been delayed, if this is your we're really sorry and working on getting them to you as soon as possible. If you would rather have a refund, please request it below".

It seems like Candy Box has been taking money from customers, without shipping any boxes. They are not responding to customer e-mails or social media posts. They update their website and social media periodically to make it seem like the company is still operating, but they aren't fulfilling their orders. 

Anyone who is currently subscribed should cancel immediately and contact their credit card company. Do not wait for Candy Box to contact you. You can also launch a complaint with the Better Business Bureau, although the BBB can't penalize Candy Box, so there are no real repercussions other than a bad reputation. Your best bet is to get your money back. Contact your credit card company and initiate a dispute based on products not received.

Bottom line: Don't get Candy Box!


  1. Ugh, I hate when companies do this - thanks for the warning!

  2. Happened to me. Bought a 6 month subscription and received NOTHING. No response, no nothing.

    1. I'm sorry to hear that, April. I have no idea how to get their website shut down. It's been 6 months and they are still taking money from people. It's shameful.

    2. Update for you: I contacted my credit card company and they reversed the charges and gave me back my money. I just received notice that the money has been charged to me again because Candybox contacted them and disputed my complaint. SO shady.

    3. Yikes! That is very shady. Were you able to resolve anything with the credit card company?


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