BuddhiBox Review - March 2016 - Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? BuddhiBox 
How Much? $32.95 per month, plus $10.99 shipping to Canada. Save on longer terms. All prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? Mix of 4-6 full-size products and product samples to enrich mind, body, and soul.

BuddhiBox is a subscription service for yoga lovers. The goal of BuddhiBox is to deliver "monthly mindfulness through a curated box of products that enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle". Each month you will receive items that enrich mind, body, and soul. Items may include healthy food, supplements, beauty products, and yoga accessories. A monthly BuddhiBox will include 4-6 products for you to discover and share. Even if you don't practice yoga, BuddhiBox is for people who enjoy a peaceful and mindful existence. BuddhiBox practices Saucha (living purely) and only partners with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards in production. They also donate a portion of proceeds to charity.

This month, BuddhiBox is donating partial proceeds from boxes sold to 109World.

Our pose this month is "Half Moon Pose". The recipe is for Raw Vegan Zucchini Pasta with Basil Pesto.

Product card

Mind Over Lather Natural Yoga Mat Cleaning Spray ($10)
You will actually look forward to chaturanga after you spray your yoga mat with a natural cleaner that smells fantastic and is a cinch to carry in your bag. Eucalyptus and Tea Tree Essential oils are in every mat spray and are naturally antibacterial and antiviral. Spray on and wipe clean.This lemongrass scent is light and refreshing, and the spray is very easy to use.

Soulful Essence Meditation Station Roll-On in Mindfulness ($23 x 2)
Grounding and introspective with hits of earth and wood. Juniper and frankincense work together to relieve tension, fortify the spirit and drive out negative thoughts and emotions.
I'm not sure if I was supposed to receive two, but I'm glad I did. One was leaky and oil soaked out all over the bottle.

Kiss Me Honey Lip Balm in Strawberry ($4.99)
Kiss Me Honey Organic Lip Balm is sugary and succulent. This lip balm contains anti-aging vitamins and antioxidants to keep lips soft, moisturized and soothed.This lip balm is great. Very nourishing!

Bear's Beauty Organic Hemp Deodorant in Lemongrass & Lemon ($14)
This is an answer to your Natural Deodorant woes. A truly effective, yet gentle 100% Natural Deodorant. Ingredients that stop you from smelling + absorb excess moisture will make your transition from commercial to natural 100% smooth. Carefully formulated to have a gentle balance of Baking Soda + Clays + Non-Nano Zinc that is effective + gentle.
This is a great smelling natural deodorant. Now to see if it works!

Iron Horse Creations Om Wrap Bracelet ($10)
This is a pretty ribbon wrap bracelet with with an Om charm and a Hamsa charm.

Not Pictured: Free Month of Yoga for You Online ($20 value)
Yoga for You offers "unlimited and customizable yoga, meditation, and body sculpt classes anywhere, anytime".

The March BuddhiBox contained five items, plus a promo gift card. The estimated value is over $104 U ($81 without the duplicate roll-on). I like the collection of items this month. The natural beauty products are great. I like the mat spray and lip balm the best. The mat spray can be used for other fitness items as well as yoga mats.

If you are interested in trying BuddhiBox, you can save 10% off your subscription using promo code YOGAEVERYDAY.

Click here to check out BuddhiBox.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 

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