Cocoa Couriers Review - February 2016 - Chocolate Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Cocoa Couriers
How Much?
Starts at $25 per month, plus $6.99 shipping. Prices in US dollars.  
What’s in it? Premium artisan chocolate bars.

Cocoa Couriers is a chocolate subscription service that offers the best Fair Trade, sustainable sourced chocolate in the world. The Original plan costs $25 per month and includes 3 full size premium bars. The Deluxe plan costs $35 and includes 4 full size premium bars. The Chocoholic plan is $45 per month, and includes 5 full size bars plus extras. With over 200 bars in their product list, Cocoa Couriers is equipped to keep surprising customers with new and exciting flavours they otherwise wouldn't have access to! Almost all of these bars are not currently available in Canada, except through the website. 

The chocolate included in your subscription is all handmade and for the most part hand packaged as well. We work with many small makers from around the world to provide you the highest quality chocolate you can find. This chocolate is all fairly traded (even if some don’t bare the certification) and the beans used to make these bars are sourced from farmers who are paid a premium for their crops. 

Click the following links to learn more about Fair Trade and the cost of premium chocolate.

It turns out, there is an art to chocolate tasting, much like with wine and coffee tasting. Cocoa Couriers recommends the best way to try chocolate is to take a small piece and chew only enough to break down the piece into small bits.

Once it starts to melt in your mouth, move the chocolate around to all of your taste buds including the back of your tongue. Notice the intense flavors begin to take over your pallet and try to notice the undertones of the cacao. The flavors that come through as the chocolate melts are a result of the ground the cacao plant was grown in. Over time the DNA of the cacao plants merge slightly with crops that were present many years ago in the soil where they are growing. You may experience nutty flavors, fruity flavors, or sweetness.

This is a review for the Deluxe Plan, which includes four bars.

First look

Raaka Mint & Nibs (1.8oz bar, $9.95 CDN)
We blend mint, coconut, and Congolese cacao to craft this fresh and cool rendition of a classic pairing. Toasted nibs add an addictive crunch.
Raaka is made in Brooklyn, NY and the chocolate is sourced from Eastern Congo. This bar is 56% cacao infused with mint and cacao nibs. The mint is subtle and the cocoa nibs add a tartness to the smooth chocolate flavour. Cocoa Couriers suggests pairing this one with coffee or hot chocolate.

Brasstown Fine Artisan Chocolate in Blueberry ($9.95 CDN)
This 75% dark bar from Brasstown is one smooth customer. The strong chocolaty flavors are well paired with the real blueberries that are embedded in the chocolate. The Ecuador cacao gives an amazing richness to the chocolate you're guaranteed to love.
This dark bar is delicious, and the addition of dried blueberries adds just the right amount of sweetness. I liked this one a lot. Cocoa Couriers suggests pairing it with a Merlot.

Dick Taylor Craft Chocolate in Black Fig ($11.95 CDN)
The Dick Taylor Black Fig bar features a delightful blend of 72% Madagascar Origin Cacao and dried black mission figs grown in California. This bar is remarkably beautiful, as most of the Dick Taylor bars however the combination of the fig sprinkled along the back of the bar adds an element of color that makes the bar look very special. The bar has a great chocolate flavor and texture which goes very well with the chewyness of the dried fig. The fig adds a great sweetness as well which is great for infusion lovers! I didn't love this one. It was a bit too bitter for my tastes (and I'm normally a fan of dark chocolate). I didn't find that the figs added much in the way of flavour or sweetness. Of all the bars though, this one looked the best (the top was stamped with a pretty design), and the packaging was great. Cocoa Couriers suggests pairing this with dry red wine or a stout beer.

Madecasse Toasted Coconut ($9.95 CDN)
Madecasse Toasted Coconut is a very tasty infusion bar which takes 70% dark Madegascarian cacao and pairs it up with a layer of toasted coconut. This adds a crunch to the bar that typically isn't often found in our chocolate bars. Madecasse also infuses natural vanilla into these bars which adds subtle undertones that are a nice complement of the chocolate. This bar does contain soy, so be aware if you have any dietary restrictions. This one is delicious. The chocolate is rich and smooth and the coconut aftertaste is wonderful. As soon as I opened the package I could smell the goodness. For pairing ideas, Cocoa Couriers suggests any red wine or an amber ale.

The February Cocoa Couriers included four premium chocolate bars, with a retail value of $41.80. This box costs $35, plus $6.99 shipping It was interesting to learn more about cocoa and how it's sourced and I enjoyed the tasting process for each bar. Like wine, cocoa taste different depending on its origins. It was especially enlightening to learn that true cocoa tastes nothing like those mass produced grocery store bars that we are used to. My favourite was the Madecasse Toasted Coconut bar. I loved the smooth creaminess of the chocolate, and then the subtle hit of toasted coconut. Cocoa Couriers is the perfect subscription for the chocolate connoisseur in your life, or for yourself!

Click here to check out Cocoa Couriers.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 

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