RawSpiceBar Review - January 2016 - Meal Preparation Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review and this post contains referral links.
What is it? RawSpiceBar 
How Much? $6 per month plus $4 shipping to Canada. Save on longer term subscriptions. Prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? 3 hand-picked, small batch, freshly ground spice blends and kitchen-tested, detailed recipes and ideas.

RawSpiceBar is a subscription service offering a monthly box of spices. For only $6 per month plus shipping, RawSpiceBar send 3 freshly ground spices & blends with a new regional theme plus kitchen-tested recipes. The recipes and spices yield enough to create 3 global dishes to serve 4-6 adults. The spice blends are perfectly portioned, freshly ground and expertly blended by top chefs for maximum authentic flavor. It's all done just days before shipping to guarantee freshness. 

RawSpiceBar partners with award winning chefs, bloggers & sources old family recipes to bring you unique spice blends from the highest quality spices around the world, with an unprecedented focus on quality and flavor.

RawSpiceBar charges $4 per month for shipping, but shipping is discounted on longer term subscriptions. On a 6-month term, shipping is only an additional $16, instead of $24. RawSpiceBar ships their packages between the 6th and 10th of the month. It's a slim letter-mail size package that will fit in a condo-sized mailbox. The package comes to Canada via USPS International Priority Airmail, but for some reason, I always receive my package the first or second week of the following month. 

January's theme is "Egyptian Spice Box".
This month, we’re headed to Egypt, where spices were discovered in Egyptian tombs as early as 3,000 BC and were used not only for cooking but for perfumery and medicine as well. Cumin, coriander and cinnamon were among the most well known spices in the early days. A mixture of these three spices- along with toasted nuts, salt and garlic was used to create the popular spice blend we know today, dukkah. Pepper would be a much later arrival, most likely with the Greeks.
This month’s spices include an Egyptian spice blend, used to create a roasted bronzini in parchment paper. We love pairing this dish with olive oil, hazelnut dukkah and freshly toasted flatbread. Sumac berries, which are ground are used to create a sumac lemon dressing for a carrot & almond salad as a side dish. Enjoy’s this month’s Egyptian spice box! 
Hazelnut Dukkah with Toasted Flatbread Recipe 
I expected this to be a recipe to make flatbread, but it's not. Instead it calls for pre-made flatbread, toasted, then dipped in olive oil and dukkah spices. On the blog they also have a recipe for Hazelnut Dukkah Yogurt Dip.
This Egyptian spice blend of toasted hazelnuts and sesame seeds is addictive. Sprinkle onto roasted vegetables, pasta or, most commonly, use as a dip with toasted flatbread and good olive oil. Our freshly ground dukkah also makes a perfect crust for lamb, chicken, fish & tofu.

Sumac Berries with Sumac Carrot Salad Recipe
This recipe is a salad of roasted carrots with almonds and olives, drizzled in a lemon-y spiced vinaigrette. Sumac has a citrusy flavour so it works well in dressings. I experienced it in Turkey as well, sprinkled over top of salads.
Sumac, a berry that comes from a small shrub, has long been used as a flavoring ingredient in Egypt. The bright acidity of both sumac berries bring out a citrusy, tart dimension to any dish. We love including sumac as a part of a zingy lemon dressing, on Egyptian fattoush or on chicken, fish or any dish needing a citrus burst.
Egyptian Spices with Parchment Roasted Bronzini Recipe 
Bronzini isn't something you can find at your local grocery store, so any whole white fish can be substituted. I've never cooked a whole fish, nor have I ever had the desire. I think this Lentil Soup recipe, using the Egyptian Spices, is more my speed.  
This traditional Egyptian spice blend is used to create a spice paste for our healthy, roasted snapper recipe. Warm spices of cumin & cinnamon are balanced with cooling flavors of yogurt & mint for this dish. We also love these spices for roasted eggplant or root vegetables or in a hearty lentil stew.

The January RawSpiceBar included three spice blends, totaling about 1.1 ounces of spice. The package included three recipes to create an Egyptian inspired meal. There are also two alternate recipes on the RawSpiceBar blog.  January features an ambitious menu that takes your dinner guests on an exciting culinary adventure to Ancient Egypt.

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Click here to check out Raw Spice Bar.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 
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  1. Tried it for three months and cancelled. At $Cad$15, it is way too expensive for what it is, plus the choices of spices / recipes did not inspire me at all. Good idea, but just like the Bakers' Krate, too pricey.


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