Little Life Box Review - February 2016 - Canadian Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Little Life Box
How Much? $27/month, including shipping. Tax extra. Prices in Canadian dollars.
What’s in it? Up to a dozen organic, natural, health conscious samples.

Little Life Box is a Canadian subscription service that sends a box full natural and Eco-friendly
samples of carefully selected products, including non GMO, gluten free, and raw or vegan choices. Products may include snacks, cosmetics, supplements, vitamins, and more. Items included in the box vary each month, and Little Life Box guarantees that you will never receive the exact same product sample twice. A vegan option is available for purchase as well. 

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Pretty purple packaging!

First look

Calbee Snapea Crisps (21g single serving, $1.18 value)
The smooth, mild flavor of the pea is already delicious. So why mess with Mother Nature? They simply sprinkled it with a little salt to bring out the flavor and, voilà! Natural goodness, made great.
I've tried these before and wasn't a fan, but I tried these ones with an open mind and they weren't terrible.

Elan Flax Seeds (275g, $3.45)
These organic flax seeds are a great source of omega 3 & omega 6 fatty acids and fibre.
Flax seeds are great in baking, salads, and on top of yogurt. I prefer mine ground (since the whole ones tend to come out whole, if you get what I mean).

SISU U-Cubes Calcium & D3 Gummies (Full size, $26.99)
SISU U-Cubes Calcium and D3 Gummies are specially crafted for children as a daily calcium and vitamin D supplement and a sweet tasting treat. These gummies are made with all natural flavours and sweetners, while providing essential nutrients for growing bodies and minds to help them reach their full potential. These are meant for kids, but I like them! They're a tasty and easy way to get added vitamins. The expiry date is April 2016, so if you received this one in your box, be sure to use it up over the next couple months.

A. Vogel Echinacea Lozenges (30g full size, $3.29)
A.Vogel Echinacea lozenges are made with organic Echinacea herb. They also contain honey to soothe dry throat by lubrication.
These are natural lozenges to soothe a sore through with echinacea and honey.

Orange Naturals MagPop! (2 packets, $1)
Great tasting Tangy Orange flavour, and 100mg of pure elemental magnesium in a convenient single serve packet.
This mix also contains vitamin C & electrolytes. It makes a tasty fizzy orange drink!

Mediterra Bars (3 x $1.99) 
Savory Bar with Black Olives & Walnuts - We upped the artisan ante with a dash of green pepper, a drizzle of extra virgin olive oil, protein-rich pea crisps, and chives.
Sesame Energy Bar with Pistachio & Honey - Packed with fiber, vitamins and minerals, these Mediterranean favorites have been boosting performance since ancient times.
Yogurt & Oat Bar with Apricot & Pistachio -  We drizzled them with honey; sprinkled raisins, figs and sunflower seeds; and added a layer of yogurt to bring you a gourmet bar bursting with Mediterranean flavor.
I've tried the Apricot & Pistachio bar before and it was good.  I'm not sure about the savoury bar. 

Seabuckthorn Tea Nutrition (2 bags, $1.33)
We tend to gravitate towards products that encourage the elimination of toxins.  This is exactly what this tea does and it tastes great.  It's got a whole bunch of goodness to it.
I like tea, especially when it has added health benefits!

LesCocoNuts Deodorant (Samples)
It's gender-neutral. Contains only 3 ingredients. 100% Natural and Safe. It works, it's easy and it's green!
I've been curious about natural deodorants for ages, but find that most do not work well. I will give these samples a try.

The February Little Life Box contained 10 products, with a retail value over $43 CDN. It's a fair value this month, and the product variety is great. I like the SISU gummies and Mediterra bars the best.

If you are interested in ordering Little Life Box, use promo code jill10 at checkout to save 10% off your first month of monthly subscription.

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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. La version sucrée sans gluten n'existe pas encore.


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