Kiwi Crate Review - January 2016 - Kid's Activity Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Kiwi Crate
How much? $19.95/month, plus $6.95/month shipping. Save on 3, 6, and 12 month terms. Prices in US dollars.
What's in it? Materials and inspiration for 2-3 activities involving art, science, games, imaginative play, and more. For kids aged 5-8.

Kiwi Crate is the original kids activity box. Kiwi Crate was founded by a mother of two and built out of a passion for hands-on and creative fun. Kiwi Crate celebrates kids’ natural creativity and curiosity while saving time for busy parents. Your monthly crate includes all the materials and inspiration for projects related to a theme.
Kiwi Crate was designed specifically for children ages 5-8 and includes science activities, arts and crafts, imaginative play and more. With activities designed to help kids discover, explore, and create things in the world around them, Kiwi Crate brings hands-on fun right to your door.  

Kiwi Crates are designed by a team of in-house experts, including former educators and child development professionals. The projects are reviewed by an advisory board consisting of professionals in education, developmental psychology, art, and science. All crates are then tested with kids to ensure that projects are fun and appealing, and to ensure that the instructions are clear and easy to understand. The end result is an innovative and engaging package delivered to your door each month.

Kiwi Crate isn't just one box; it's a family of brands. In addition to the original Kiwi Crate, there are three other boxes, aimed at kids aged 3 to 16.
  • Koala Crate is for pre-schoolers aged 3-4 
    • Every crate is chock-full of play-and-learn activities that engage the natural curiosity and creativity of preschoolers.
  • Doodle Crate is for designers aged 9-16+
    • Young makers learn new skills and gain creative confidence. Every month, a new super-fun DIY project to design and create.
  •  Tinker Crate is for innovators aged 9-16+
    • Discover and learn about science, engineering, and technology through fun hands-on activities. 

This is a review for the original Kiwi Crate. I worked on this kit with my nieces, age 5 and 8. 
The theme is right on the box!

It's Race Day! 

The box includes craft supplies, an instruction booklet, and an activity booklet. There are three parts to the activity. First is "Airbrush Art" to decorate the race cars. Next, we build the race cars, and finally, we race the race cars!

Airbrush art involves sliding a felt marker into the tube of the turkey baster-like device. Next, hold the turkey baster low over the stencil and squeeze the baster. This forces air into the felt and pushes the ink out onto the paper.

This activity is medium on the messiness scale and medium on the grownup involvement scale. It encourages creativity and fine motor skill development.

The end result! We stenciled numbers and a funky design on each car. It was tough to get the hang of, but once we got going it was pretty easy (although time consuming). It was a little more challenging for the 5 year old, but the 8 year old picked it up easily. The airbrush effect is pretty cool and the tools can be saved and used again.

The next step is to build the cars.

This is low on the messiness scale but high on the grownup involvement scale. I had to do the car building pretty much on my own. The kids helped with folding and handing over parts as needed.

There is no glue involved. The cars stay together with some folded tabs and the dowels which hold the wheels in place.

The finished cars!

There was another step involving affixing a balloon and a straw to each car. Then you blow into the straw to inflate the balloon and propel the car forward. There are different experiments to try, like switching to smaller wheels, adding weight to the car, or blowing into a thinner straw. The kids enjoyed playing with the cars as is though, so we opted to forgo the balloons.

The January Kiwi Crate, featuring a Race Day theme, was a hit. The kids enjoyed the crafts and had fun playing with the cars afterwards. It was a fun activity and turned out to be the perfect way to spend a rainy afternoon.

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Click here to check out Kiwi Crate.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 


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