Bakers Krate Review - January 2016 - Canadian Baked Goods Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review & this post contains affiliate links.
What is it? Bakers Krate 
How Much? $19.99 per month, plus $9.99 shipping. Save on 3 and 6 month terms. Prices in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? 6 or more gourmet desserts delivered to your door

Bakers Krate is a Canadian subscription that sends gourmet, artisan baked good straight to your door each month. Bakers Krate curates different sweets and desserts from Canadian bakeries and treat makers. Each box contains at least six different fresh baked goods for you to enjoy.

Bakers Krate ships throughout the month, between the 1st and the 20th. Sign up before the 19th of the month and you will receive that month's box. You can skip a month or cancel anytime. 


First look

The product card lists details about each item as well as "best before" dates. My box arrived at the post office on January 22nd and all the best before date this months are into the first week of February. Generally you will have a two week window to consume all your treats. Along with the product card, Bakers Krate also includes a details ingredients list for each items.

Desserts Plus Peanut Butter Cherry
The perfect blend of chocolate, cherry & peanut butter all rolled up into a ball! A truly delightful treat for all ages!
This was very rich but very tasty.

Goodies Bake Shop Chocolate Chunk Cookie
Who didn't love chocolate chip cookies as a kid? Rich chocolate chips & fresh baked cookie dough make this classic an instant hit. 
I enjoyed this one. It's classic cookie, with big chocolate chunks inside, then drizzled with chocolate on top. It's thin and chewy, which is exactly how I like my chocolate chip cookies.

Goodies Bake Shop Florentine Bars
A delicious indulgent treat! The colorful mixture of fruit and nuts makes for a festive presentation atop rich shortbread.
I'm not really a fan of shortbread but this was tasty. I liked the slivered almonds on top. The slice is huge though so I couldn't finish it in one go.

Goodies Bake Shop Classic Date Square
There's something very satisfying about a good date square. Delicious pureed dates sandwiched between two layers of buttery oatmeal crumb crust.
I didn't really like this one. The date puree was way too sweet and the oatmeal crust way too dry.

Cake-ology Marble Mocha Cake Jar
A great way to start 2016! A marble cake base layered with a delightful mocha icing with a hing of coffee!
I don't think cake jars are meant to be mailed and tossed around in a box. Mine was completely mangled on delivery and was unrecognizable as a layered cake. How it looks on that little plate in the picture is pretty well how it looked in the jar. As for taste, the mocha icing was good, but the cake was very dry. The best before date is listed as February 3, but as of January 26 it was inedible.

The January Bakers Krate included five different baked goods from bakeries in Winnipeg, Manitoba. Two of the items were misses for me this month, but the cookie and Peanut Butter Cherries were delicious.

Interested in trying Bakers Krate? They are currently running an Indiegogo Campaign attempting to raise funds to expand shipping into the US and improve the service overall. 
We've seen a lot of interest in the Krate from many people in the United States, and now it's finally to give them what they're asking for!
But we need YOU to help us do that!

We're running an Indiegogo Campaign to help fund all the necessary tools we need to get to the States!

We're also going to use these funds to improve the Krate as a whole, so that everyone can benefit!

So please help support this campaign! And we'll make Bakers Krate bigger and better that before!

There are several "perks" to choose from, but if you are interested in trying a box, you can get one box for $20 plus shipping. 

Click here to check out the Bakers Krate Indiegogo Campaign

Click here to check out Bakers Krate.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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