Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails Review (Part 2) - December 2015 - Canadian Tween Subscription Box + PROMO

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails 
How Much? $23.95 per month, plus $4.95 shipping. Prices in Canadian dollars.   
What’s in it? A box of unique and creative products for boys and girls aged 8-12

Based in Ontario, Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails is not one subscription service, but two. Whimsy Mail is for girls and Putter Pails is for boys. Founded by best friends, this company aims to send unique and fun products and activities for your "tween" aged children.
Each month we theme our boxes so that it is a brand new discovery every time! We know and appreciate how busy you are as parents, so let us do the work and you can sit back and enjoy your child's surprise each month!

This is a review for Putter Pails. Click here to see my review of Whimsy Mail.

Putter Pails

First Look

The December box is themed "Christmas Morning". This is the same as the December Whimsy Mail and the box includes a few of the same products. This is good for households with boys and girls. No fighting!

Kikkerland GLOW Waterproof Glow-in-the-Dark Playing Cards ($12)
Who doesn’t love things that glow in the dark and who doesn’t love playing cards.  Put them together and you have the perfect recipe for fun!  Place near light to charge - glow lasts two hours per charge.  Check out the fun card game we have included. 
This pack of cards comes with instructions for a game called Doubt It. It's for 6-12 players, ages 6 and up. This was also included in the girl's box.

Wilton Metal Green Tree Cookie Cutter ($3)
The cookie cutter comes with a recipe for Gingerbread cookies, just like the girl's version. It's a great family activity. Everyone can get together and whip up a batch of delicious cookies!

Marshmallow Fun Company Marshmallow Snap Dragon ($9.95)
What would Christmas morning be without a little fun!  These tiny marshmallow slingshots are guaranteed to entertain the boys in your life (even the big ones).  Be sure to send them outside to experiment and keep out of reach of any of your four legged friends who might find the temptation to eat marshmallows just a little too much!
This little thing shoots marshmallows 30 feet! As long as young lads don't replace the marshmallows with anything else, this could be a fun one to play with!

These mugs are sure to bring a smile to even the grumpiest of mornings.  Indulge in your hot chocolate stick with your brand new Lazy One Mug.
This is a great 16oz mug! It comes complete with everything needed for a delicious mug of hot chocolate! I like that they included the same mug in both the girl and boy boxes. This avoids any fighting between siblings!

Enjoy these hot chocolates on a stick, simply follow package instructions  and stir your hot chocolate stick into warm milk.  Impossible to not take a few licks of warm chocolate as you stir:) These are absolutely delicious!! Popbar - bringing the fun factor to treats on a stick! 
This hot chocolate set was also in the girl's box. It's great for boys and girls. 

This box was also supposed to include a small tree ornament like the girl's box, but it was missing. I didn't e-mail customer service, but had I contacted them, the Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails team assures me they would have sent out a replacement ornament immediately!

The December "Putter Pails" box from Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails included seven items, with a retail value over $43 (including the missing ornament). It's a fun box of games and activities aimed at a boy aged 8-12. Some of the included activities are suitable for the whole family, which is something I find really cool. I love the hot chocolate kit and it's great that they included similar items in both the boy and girl boxes. My nieces fight like crazy when they receive different toys and games! It's a nice collection of items that a tween-aged boy will (hopefully) find cool.

Interested in trying Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails, or purchasing a box for your tween? They have some great savings opportunities for longer term subscriptions:
  • Get your first month free on a 6-month subscription (equal to 10% savings)
  • Get your first month free on a 12-month subscription (equal to 10% savings), plus get a special bonus box the month of your child's birthday.

No promo code is required. Just select the appropriate option at checkout. 

Click here to check out Whimsy Mail & Putter Pails.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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