Scent Trunk Women Review - December 2015 - Canadian Fragrance Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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** This box no longer ships to Canada.** 
What is it? Scent Trunk
How Much? $18 per month, plus tax. Free shipping. Save on 6 & 12 month terms. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it? Three fragrance miniatures, tailored to your preferences

Scent Trunk is a Canadian fragrance subscription service for men and women.  Each "trunk" contains three 2ml fragrance miniatures, which Scent Trunk says will last the entire month. The box also includes fragrance notes on each sample.
Your whole mood can be swayed by the scent that you wear. Scent is extremely personal – everyone’s different. That’s why we custom-select fragrances based on your Scent Profile. Let us know what you’re into and we’ll find something niche and unique so it’s always interesting! We call it personality in a box! – Scent Trunk Team.

Scent Trunk takes the guesswork out of selecting fragrances and helps you find your perfect scent. You fill out a personalized Scent Profile quiz, and Scent Trunk selected samples tailored just for you and sends them to your door. When you find one you love, head to their shop and buy a full size version. Also good to know - Scent Trunk accepts Paypal for payment, as well as all major credit cards.

I last reviewed Scent Trunk in May 2015, and how things have changed! Instead of sending the actual sample vials from the company, Scent Trunk has started packaging and labeling the samples on their own. It looks very professional, as does their new website design! Each mini sprayer holds 2ml of fragrance.

Reve Piquant by NANA.M Parfumes (France)
Warm, cold, cold spices and warm spices, ginger and black pepper. Radiance and reassuring strength, Mediterranean citrus zest, guaiac wood and cedar. Soaring freshness on the top and a gentle, enveloping base with mild tobacco and balms.
This one is very woody. Almost like fresh chipped out of a wood chipper. I did not like this one.

Vanille by Mona di Orio (Netherlands)
Vanille opens with a shot of rum flavoured with orange rind and spiced with cloves. amber and tonka further warm up this brew as ylang-ylang’s sharp sweetness joins with rich vanilla. guaiac wood wood adds incensey smoke as woody notes from vetiver and sandalwood help to create an elegant finish.
Seeing "vanille" I would think vanilla, but there is no vanilla here. I get the cloves, orange, and even the rum. It's more like a cocktail than a fragrance!

150 Parfum by Profumi del Forte (Italy)
A proud and vibrant fragrance, which comes from the fresh notes of orange and bergamot, blending with sandalwood and patchouli and then maturing together with the roundness of musk, amber and vanilla.
At first this reminded me of Baby Soft, but eventually it grew on me. I get the sandalwood, orange, and vanilla. It's rather strong though so a little goes a long way! I like this one the best.

One of the new features of Scent Trunk is that on the back of each info card there is a space to spray each sample. Great idea!

The December Scent Trunk Women included three samples of fragrance from niche brands throughout Europe. Two were misses for me this month, but I enjoyed 150 Parfum. If you are a fan of fragrances, this is a great way to sample and try out different scents that you would not normally have access to. All three of my fragrances are from European perfumeries in France, Amsterdam, and Italy, respectively. The full size versions are pricey, but if anything really strikes your fancy, they are all available for purchase at the Scent Trunk store.

Interested in subscribing to Scent Trunk? You can save $7 off your first month using promo code SPRING7.

Click here to check out Scent Trunk.


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