My Favourite Products of 2015

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Happy New Year!

To ring in 2016, I compiled a list with my favourite subscription box products from 2015. These are products that came in a box, or were purchased from subscription box online store. This past year I reviewed over 200 boxes and received thousands of products. It was hard to come up with a top list, but in the end I narrowed it down to products I love, use regularly, and highly recommend.

  1. BAGGU Carry All from Birchbox Canada Shop
    • This bag is pricey at $83 (Canadian), but it's worth every penny if you travel a lot. It's a huge duffle bag that is lightweight and folds practically flat to fit into your purse, day pack, or suitcase. I absolutely love it and wish I had it when I went to Europe in the fall. It would have come in handy! Make it more worthwhile and take advantage of a great promo Birchbox is running. Spend $70 in the shop and receive a free pamper and unwind box! Use code PAMPER at checkout.
  2.  Bambu Upcycled Coconut Bowl from GlobeIn Artisan Box
    • This lovely little bowl came in March's GlobeIn Artisan Box. It sits on my night stand and hold everything from lip balm and hand lotion to ear plugs and a sleep mask. It's the last thing I see when I go to bed and the first thing I see when I wake up. 
  3. Sencha Green Tea Mints from BuddhiBox
    • I am addicted to these tiny mints. Not only do they taste great, but green tea helps inhibit the growth of oral bacteria so your breath stays fresh. Mango is my favourite. I firt experienced Sencha mints in the January BuddhiBox. Since then I've found them at and my local Safeway.  
  4. Duckish Lotion Stick from Little Life Box
    • This handy little stick came in the December Little Life Box, and what perfect timing. The dry winter weather is doing a number on my skin. Lotion sticks are quick and easy. I use it in the morning before getting dressed and at night before bed.
  5. JOCO Reusable Coffee Cup from Student Velocity
    • I was so thrilled when I saw this cup in the November Student Velocity box. I'd been eyeing it on for ages. I use my JOCO cup daily to transport my home brew concoctions to work. It saves me from having to stop and buy java on my way in to the office. 
  6. Okanagan Apple Rings from Naked Snacks
    • I subscribed to Naked Snacks just so I could continue to get these delicious dried apple slices. They're dehydrated, but not dried out, so the texture is soft and chewy. I am seriously addicted. I first experienced them with the November box, and now I can't live without them, and with customized snack selection now available with Naked Snacks, I can ensure I get at least one bag of Apple Rings each month.
  7. Milsean Demerara Butter Crunch from Ellebox and Avalai 
    •  I first received these in the September Ellebox and I was in love. I love toffee and chocolate so these little bars from Milsean in Langley, BC are the best of both worlds. When I got more in the December Avalai box, I was a happy camper. 
  8.  FORLIFE Bell Glass Teapot from Jule's Wellness Shop
    • This was featured on Instagram as one of Jule's Favourites. As soon as I saw it, I had to have it, and I have not been disappointed. It holds 24 ounces of tea and has a built in infuser basket, so I can use up all my loose leaf teas!
  9.  Benefit Puff Off! from Topbox and Birchbox
    • This one first appeared in my February Topbox, then again in my November Birchbox. That's when I finally bought a full size. I don't think it actually "irons out" wrinkles, but the light peach tint does help to hide the dark circles! 

It was the best year yet for new Canadian box launches and Canadian customers now have more option than ever. Here is the Best Subscription Box News of 2015:
  1. Honest Company products available at
  2. Several new Canadian Lifestyle boxes launched, bringing new options to the Canadian market. There is Artibox Collective, The Beaver Box, Boomerluxe, Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box, Lemon Lane Gifts, and White Willow Box.
  3. Two new Canadian "time of the month" boxes launched - Avalai and Ellebox.
  4. Two new Canadian boxes for students popped up with Student Velocity and Student Crate
  5. Two new Canadian fashion boxes hit the market with Frock Box and Magnolia Post
  6. Great new food and drink subscription boxes came to the scene with Eat.Feed.Love Taste Club, Bakers Krate, Miletea, Oatbox, and Naked Snacks.
  7. I clued in that Owl Crate is Canadian, and based in Vancouver!
  8. We got our first "local focus" box with Vancity Box. 
  9. Prospurly and Yogi Surprise started shipping to Canada (I still need to try these)

I only included a top 9 for each of my lists. Now it's your turn. Tell me about your favouite subscription box product from 2015 and what was the best subscription box news from the past year?


  1. Some great favorites of yours in 2015!

  2. that is a great selection and a goo idea to select your favourite products of the year.
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