Birchbox Limited Edition: The Charmed Life Review

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  ** Birchbox is no longer operating in Canada**

What is it? Birchbox Limited Edition: The Charmed Life 
How Much? $53 one time purchase, plus tax & shipping (Canadian dollars) 
What's in it? A collection of chic treasures to keep your space organized in style

The Limited Edition: Charmed Life box from Birchbox is a one time purchase collection of chic treasures that keep your space organized in style, while adding modern design touches.  The collection includes eight items, valued at $157. 

The occasional pile of laundry notwithstanding, our home should be our sanctuary. It’s where we reset, regroup, and recharge—which is why it should be filled with thoughtful, beautiful items.

One of the coolest things about Birchbox is their great limited edition curated boxes. Unfortunately, Birchbox Canada rarely gets these offerings, so when one becomes available, I jump at the opportunity. In the year Birchbox Canada has been operating, this is only the second limited edition box release (the first was Birchbox x Conscious Commerce). Here's hoping 2016 brings us more limited edition boxes.

The box is big and tall. Much larger than the monthly Birchbox, and much higher than the Conscious Commerce box. It's perfect for gifting. Inside everything was packed among crinkle papers. The usual Birchbox product info card sat atop all the treasures.

Umbra Geo T Ring Holder ($13)
I don't have a ring holder and I'm wondering why I've never purchased one. I have a family heirloom ring that I lose on a regular basis because I take it off to wash my hands or before bed and then forget where I put it. Hopefully this little guy will solve that problem. It's simple and functional but stylish. There's a Geo J version too. I wish I had that one!

Illume Demi Vanity Tin in Anemone ($12) + Matchbox ($5)
This candle is made with soy and infused with essential oils. The metallic tin is inspired by retro cake boxes. The notes on the Anemone candle are pretty descriptive. Who writes this stuff!
Like being wrapped in your lover's shirt, this powerful combination is a sure thing. Citrus blossoms and crisp apple are blended with ethereal oak moss, oriental clove and a touch of patchouli.
Isaac Jacobs Sunburst Picture Frame (~$30)
This frame is smaller than I imagined it to be. It's only 4" by 4", but it's still good for a small photo and perfect size for a bedside table. I couldn't find this frame for sale online as it appears to be a Birchbox exclusive. So exclusive, it isn't even available in the Birchbox shop! I found a similar larger style that retailed for $24 US.

Canvas Home Dauville Single Stem Bud Vase ($33)
This is another thing that was much smaller than expected, but it's still very nice. The top half is glazed and the bottom half is more dull. I don't think it fits into the décor of my home, so I might use it as a gift. For those interested, the shop has a matching pebble dish and bowl.

TOCCA Crema da Mano Hand Cream in Cleopatra (2oz, $10)
Hand cream is as important to me as toothpaste and deodorant right now. I'm hoarding it like a squirrel hoards nuts. This "Cleopatra" scent is grapefruit & cucumber, which I really enjoy. TOCCA hand cream is made with shea butter and avocado oil so it isn't greasy.

NUXE Huile Prodigieuse (0.33oz. $4.50)
This is a multipurpose dry oil for face, body, and hair. It's a nourishing, repairing, and softening oil for the whole body. Another great item for winter from a luxury French brand.

Stephanie Johnson Folding Mirror (~$35)
This is a folding mirror that tucks away so it looks like a little notebook. It would be handy for travel. I couldn't find this item on the SJ website. It might be another Birchbox exclusive. Her small makeup pouches go for $33 CDN in the Birchbox shop, and her Pouch + Mirror Set goes for $47, so I estimate the price for this folding mirror is in that range.

The Limited Edition: Charmed Life box from Birchbox included eight items to beautify and organize your home. It's a great collection and each item is high quality and useful. The entire set would be perfect in a bedroom to give the room a mini makeover. It would also make a great gift. The advertised value is $157 Canadian but I'm not sure how they came up with that figure. I estimate it to be a tad bit lower. Regardless, it's still a fantastic value since the box only cost $53. With shipping and the "international handling fee" that Birchbox charges (brokerage fees to get the parcels to us without additional cost at the door), the total cost was about $68 Canadian and I received double the value.

This box is still available, while supplies last. You do not have to be a subscriber to purchase from the shop.

Click here for the Limited Edition: Charmed Life box.

Click here to check out Birchbox.

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