Warm Hug Box Review - November 2015 - Canadian Wellness Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Warm Hug Box 
How Much? $20/month plus $7 shipping. Priced in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? Everything you need for a month of self-care

Warm Hug Box is a Canadian subscription service based in Nova Scotia. Each month they send a box if items for you to put yourself first and take some time for self-care. 

Here at Warm Hug, we believe that self-care is huge. We want you to take time for yourself throughout the month. It’s hard to give to anyone else if you haven’t first taken care of your own needs. As mothers, fathers, caregivers, students and more, we often forget to look after ourselves. We want to help you with that through our Warm Hug box.

Boxes are available for one-time -purchase, or as 3 and 6 month subscriptions. Boxes are $20 per month, but you can save 10% with a pre-paid 6-month subscription.

Before I continue with this review, I want to share a personal story. In late 2001, my best friend was diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis. We were 22 years old at the time, attending college and living life to the fullest. I was young and had never truly experience illness so close to home. In those days I had a personal blog that documented a lot of the feelings I was experiencing. When I received this box, it reminded me of that time. I went back through my old blog archives to find this post, from 2002, to explain what I did when my best friend was diagnoses with a serious illness:

I have since done this again for a co-worker when she was diagnosed with cancer. Her bag of junk was modeled after this one and her reaction was identical. So going forward with this review, think of Warm Hug Box with my story in mind.

First Look

Second Look and Letter

Affirmations - 4 affirmations, one for each week of the month. Set these where you can see them throughout the week and repeat them to yourself. Since this is your first box you are also receiving a card holder to display your affirmations for the week.

Tea - Nothing says relaxation like curling up with a warm cup of tea. The blends you will receive are handmade with the highest quality herbs.

Handmade Bath Salts & Soap - For the ultimate warm hug, sink into a bath with some of our fun bath salts and glycerin soap. This month's soap is Tangerine with a Carrot, Cucumber and Aloe Vera soap base. The bath salts are Sweet Orange.

Chocolate - For most of us, there is nothing that says comfort more than a little dab of chocolate to brighten the day.

Gemstone - Each month you will receive a different gemstone with a description of its properties. Carry the stone with you in your pocket, or just rub it soothingly when you are upset to remind you to breathe. This month's gemstone is Red Jasper.

Essential Oil Blend - This month's blend is called Boo Boo blend and it is great for minor cuts and scrapes.

Mascot - Ok, so you don't need a mascot, but you do need smiles. Each month we will include a polymer clay figure to help bring a smile to your face. Each one is unique and different, a one of a kind creation.

Surprise - We will also include a small surprise every month. This month's surprise is a pair of hand-crafted earrings.
The November Warm Hug Box included a collection of products to up-lift and help with self-care. The concept behind Warm Hug Box is a good one and I think there are a lot of people who could benefit from a box like this. Like the "bag of junk" I gave my best friend, Warm Hug Box would be a wonderful gift for those struggling with illness or going through tough times. At $20 a box, I really think it needs to have a more professional feel, with professionally printed affirmation cards, product inserts, and proper labels for the tea. Ingredient lists for bath & body products would also be a good idea. I'm not convinced it works as a monthly subscription, but as a one time box gifted to a friend in need of an emotional boost, it could work.
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Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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  1. I don't see the value in this box & agree that they need to step it up to make it continue as a viable box.


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