Eat.Feed.Love Taste Club Review - November 2014 - Canadian Gourmet Food Subscription + PROMO CODE

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 ** As of February 2016, EFL is no longer based in Canada.
Shipping is no longer free for Canadians.** 
What is it? Eat.Feed.Love Taste Club 
How Much? $39.95 per month, plus tax, with free shipping. Save on longer terms. Prices in US dollars. 
What’s in it? A box filled with new items and delicious recipes, themed together to make the perfect feast or dinner party.

Eat.Feed.Love is an online gourmet food store based in Victoria, BC. With every purchase, EFL donates to organizations that feed those in need. Along with the online storefront, EFL also offers a monthly subscription called Taste Club.
Every month, we send a box filled with new items and delicious recipes, themed together to make the perfect feast or dinner party.
Each delivery will include a variety of items from spreads, condiments, jams, honeys, syrups, cooking sauces, oils, vinegars, salts, spices, seasonings, chocolate and cocktail mixers, along with an assortment of recipes to make use of your new products.

Since my last review, EFL has raised the price of the monthly box by $5, to $39.95 per month. This price includes shipping. Also remember that EFL bills in US funds.
The products in this box are wrapped SO well. The bottom of the box is covered in water-soluble packing peanuts (these things are amazing - corn based so they dissolve in water). Each product is wrapped in bubble wrap, then tissue. and all the products are packed into the box with crinkle paper and more tissue. There will be NO breakage with this box.

This month's theme is "close to home". All the foods in this month's box were selected to help you enjoy the comfort of food and family. They've dubbed it the "Cozy Night In" box. The products featured will help you get through those long, cold nights of winter, cuddled up with the ones you love.

The charity of the month is the Mustard Seed, a Victoria based non-profit that helps fight hunger and restore faith for a large portion of people living in poverty in the Greater Victoria region. They run Vancouver Island’s largest food bank, a clothing bank, a church, a family center, counseling services, life-skills training programs and addictions recovery at Hope Farm Healing Centre. The 100% community funded rganization serves, on average, over 5,000 people per month.

Rufus Teague Whiskey Maple BBQ Sauce ($6)
Rufus Teague is a multi-award winning small-batch creator of premium barbeque sauces. Whiskey Maple is just as it sounds, a rich and tangy sauce with the malty, smoky flavor of whiskey and the sweet pure taste of real maple syrup. Rufus Teague uses all natural ingredients and is dedicated to barbeque sauce, and only barbeque sauce, making their sauces some of the best available.
Rufus Teague is made in BC! I've seen this in stores but never tried it. None of the included recipes use this sauce, but it is useful for many things (perhaps in the EFL Meatloaf recipe in place of the spicy BBQ sauce).

The Coffee Lab Equilibrium Victoria Blend (1/2 lb, $8)
Coffee Lab's hometown blend, as beautiful as the city for which it's named. The perfect marriage of artistic sensibility and scientific sense, this medium roast coffee has balanced acidity and a well rounded and balanced full-bodied flavor. A great everyday blend.
I love the smell of fresh coffee beans! This company is based in Victoria! Two of the recipes call for these coffee beans - Coffee Rubbed Ribeyes and Cold Brew Coffee.

Olive the Senses Black Cherry Dark Balsamic Vinegar (100ml, $5)
A dense and incredibly fruity balsamic with a heady aroma and a full, bold taste, our Black Cherry balsamic is a perfect partner for sharp cheeses and fresh, tart fruits. This balsamic makes incredible reductions that will perfectly finish poultry or pork dishes. Try a reduction on roast duck for a dish to remember.
This would be wonderful as a glaze for pork tenderloin. Yum! This is also used in the Chocolate Red Wine Cake recipe. I also found a recipe on the EFL website that uses the Cold Brew Coffee recipe and some of this Black Cherry balsamic to make a Black Forest Frappe. That is a must try.

Olive the Senses Harissa Infused Olive Oil (100ml, $5)
Featuring the bold taste of Middle Eastern and North African cuisine, this oil is infused with a blend of savory and spicy flavors. Serrano and Cayenne peppers are crushed into a paste with garlic, caraway, coriander and cumin and then blended to create an incredibly spicy and complex oil that works well with chicken or vegetable dishes.
The website suggests using it in hummus for a spicy kick! The box included a recipe card for Spicy Harissa Roasted Carrots, which uses this oil.

Olive the Senses Harissa Infused Olive Oil (100ml, $5)
For some reason there was two of these in the box. I wonder if that is a mistake, because a couple of the recipes call for Wild Mushroom & Sage Infused Olive Oil, which I did not receive.

Metropolitan Chef Steak & Rib Run ($4)
A fantastic alternative to marinades, Met Chef's seasoning rubs are formulated to perfectly complement your cooking. Perfect for barbeques but equally delicious rubbed on roasts to impart a deep seasoning that permeates every bite.
This is another BC based company. The Coffee Rubbed Ribeyes call for this one.

Askinosie 62% Dark Milk Chocolate + Fleur de Sel ($12)
Askinosie is a small-batch bean-to-bar chocolate lovingly created by the Askinosie family in partnership with ethical cacao producers on four continents. We handcraft this single origin 62% dark milk chocolate (54% cocoa liquor and 8% cocoa butter, pressed in our factory) with cocoa beans we source directly from farmers in Davao, Philippines plus goat’s milk powder, certified organic cane sugar and a touch of Fleur de Sel Sea Salt.
I could use this bar to make the  Chocolate Red Wine Cake, but why do that when I could just eat it instead?!

Sal de Ibiza Granito to Go (~$6)
SAL de IBIZA is exceptionally rich in vital minerals and trace elements. We simply add nothing nor take anything away because a pure and healthy sea-salt requires nothing but sea, sun and an ocean breeze - truly Cristal de la Vida! Our Granito type salt (small grain) contains no anti-caking or pouring agents. Nevertheless, it remains easy to pour simply by virtue of being slightly coarser than regular table salt.
This is some fancy salt! Pretty well every recipe comes with salt (and salt enhances any dish), so it's always great to have on hand and especially to try new, high quality brands.

The November Eat.Feed.Love Taste Club included eight products, with a retail value of $51 US. The products fit better with the theme this month. The products are all useful and high quality. I like that so many items are sourced from local BC companies. I also like that they tie the recipes in with all the products, and there are many different recipes for each product (found on their website). My only complaint this month is the duplicate Harrisa oil. Something different would have made more sense, so I'm assuming it was just a mistake.

If you are a foodie and love experiencing new and interesting tastes, this box may be for you. It would also make a fantastic gift. As an added bonus, readers can save 50% off their first box by using promo code cdnboxaddict at checkout. This code is valid on the purchase of a month-to-month subscription only. 

Click here to check out the Eat.Feed.Love Taste Club.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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  1. I am SO glad I stumbled across your blog! I have been looking for box subscriptions for 6 months now so that I can send interesting boxes to my kids at university! This is exactly the kind of thing I have been looking for! Thank you so much. I look forward to more posts and I'm sure the kids are going to appreciate the variety of boxes they will get in 2016.

    1. I'm so glad to hear this! Thank you for posting.


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