Cheesy Place Cheese of the Month Club Review - November 2015 - Canadian Cheese Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Cheesy Place Cheese of the Month Club 
How Much? $49.95/month recurring. Save with 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. Shipping extra, calculated based on location. Priced in Canadian dollars. 
What’s in it? 3 hand-selected, perfectly aged artisan cheese, totaling at least 500g of cheese

Cheesy Place is an online gourmet food and cheese shop based in Ontario. Cheesy Place ships the finest quality artisan cheese direct to your door, anywhere in Canada. Along with a gourmet shop and cheese sampler packs, Cheesy Place also offers a Cheese of the Month Club. With your subscription, you will receive three artisan cheese per month, totaling at least 500 grams. You may occasionally receive bonus products or samples. The cheeses will vary each month throughout the year, so it is a perfect way for people to try new and interesting cheeses you might not have discovered on your own. There are a few subscription options and they are all completely flexible. 
  • $54.95 for a one time purchase box. No obligation.
  • $49.95 per box for recurring subscription sent every month, every second month, or every third month. Your choice! Modify your shipping schedule or cancel your account anytime.
  • Big savings on 3, 6, and 12 month subscriptions. These terms are not pre-paid, rather fees are billed on 25th of each month. Term subscriptions do not auto-renew. Modify your shipping schedule anytime online.   

Shipping is extra and is charged based on location. Cheesy Place ships primarily through FedEx to ensure the box arrives as quickly as possible, but they also use Purolator and Canada Post for some areas. If you live in an apartment building, be sure to read their shipping policy before signing up.  The cheeses are vacuum sealed and packed in insulated packaging with freeze packs. The aim is to have the boxes arrive in 3 days or less so the cheeses stay fresh and don't spoil. I will warn that shipping is not cheap. For shipping to me in the Lower Mainland of BC, the calculator put it around $25 for FedEx delivery. Unfortunately the cost is necessary to ensure fast delivery so the products arrive cold and fresh. Food safety is the main concern.

Along with the shipment comes an information sheet on all the cheeses and a welcome brochure with cheese handling and storage tips. There are also little blank cheese markers.

These are the freeze packs that come inside a silver insulated envelope. They are re-useable!

Goumas Kalamata String Figs - Imported from Greece
This was a bonus item in the box... they pair with one of the cheeses.

Sonoma Jacks Gourmet Processed Cheese Wedges - Original
This is another bonus item. They're like Laughing Cow and very good. If you are in Western Canada, London Drugs carries them in various flavours.

Le Riopelle from Fromages I'lle-aux-Grues, Montreal (164g)
Artisanal made soft cheese, bloomy rind non-pasteurized cow’s milk. The Riopelle de l’Isle is a soft cheese made of fresh milk and cream. The Riopelle reveals a creamy and incredibly smooth centre beneath a thin, bloomy rind. Leaving an exquisite hint of butter, it is absolutely enchanting. 

It's similar to a Camembert or brie and can be enjoyed the same way. I found it a little stronger than a brie, but quite creamy.

It paired perfectly with Ontario Caramelized Onion Spread from Stasis Preserves. I toasted a little croustini, topped it with onion spread and Le Riopelle, and baked until the cheese just started to melt. Deicious!  Cheesy Place suggests pairing it with a crisp Chardonnay and some wine jelly or red pepper jelly. I did the red pepper jelly too, but I preferred the caramelized onion croustinis.
Thornloe Asiago (197g)
The cheese makers at Thornloe have blended a small amount of goat milk with cow milk to produce an authentic mezzano d’Allevo taste profile. This hard cheese is creamy white in colour with a compact and granular body. It has a sweet, nutty piquant flavour. Serve as is at room temperature or use in recipes wherever you might Romano or Parmesan cheese.

This is a unique one because of the addition of goat's milk. It's very subtle, but the tartness of the goat's milk comes though. 

Cheesy Place had lots of suggestions for the Asiago. I went simple and shaved some onto a salad topped with apple, nuts, and dried fruit. They suggest pairing it with olives and antipasto as an appetizer, or figs and nuts as a dessert. For a wine pairing, try Merlot or Chianti.

Gris Bleu (186g)
I couldn't find this one online, but a blogger from Ontario posted about it here, saying "Gris Bleu is a decadent layering of succulent goat cheese and tangy, blue-ribboned cows milk. Gris Bleu is an incredible combination of smooth and citrus that will leave you wondering why all cheeses aren’t layered to perfection."

Now here's a problem. I detest blue cheese. The smell is just too much, and this one was no different. I did try a little smidgen, because I was hoping the goat cheese would hide the "blue", but unfortunately not. I passed this one on to a blue cheese loving friend... 

...But not before using the included figs and creating a little hors d'oeuvre. There's some Gris Bleu and chives stuffed into a fig, topped with a drop of Fig Balsamic Cream. My friend said they were tasty. I will take his word for it.

This seemed like a good time to pull out my Brooklyn Slate cheese board from Bespoke Post!

This is what I came up with while having my cheese tasting party. Okay, so there was only two people, but it still felt like a party. It's subscription box goods on display! There's cheese Le Rioplle from @cheesyplace, pepper jelly from @mrsjonesjams via @eatfeedlove, caramalized onion spread from @stasispreserves via @foodiepages, and Tuscan Roadtrip mix from @mynakedsnacks. It's all presented on my reclaimed walnut butcher block from @wdwrks via @bespokepost.The other cheese on the right is my own stash of applewood smoked cheedar.

The November Cheesy Place Cheese of the Month Club box included five products, with the fresh cheeses totaled 547 grams. I couldn't put a true value on this box, but I estimate it to be around $40 retail, including the two bonus items. While I absolutely LOVED this box and really enjoyed the tasting experience (could you tell from my food photos?), I'm concerned about the value. I know that cheese is expensive, and we have to consider curation and packaging, but I feel like $50 for a box (based on a monthly recurring subscription) for only three cheeses is a lot. It would be better if it was a guarantee to receive 4-5 items each month, rather than just three. One of the things I liked about this box is that it included something other than cheese, that could be used with the cheese (figs!), so it would be great to see that every month. 

Click here to check out the Cheesy Place Cheese Club.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.

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