Bespoke Post Review - November 2015 "The Butcher" - Men's Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

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What is it? Bespoke Post Box of Awesome 
How Much? $45 per month + tax, plus $10 shipping to Canada (US dollars) 
What's in it? Fresh & interesting lifestyle brands for men built around a central, unique theme   

Bespoke Post is a lifestyle subscription box for men. Each month, Bespoke Post sends a new "Box of Awesome" - a box filled with a limited edition collection of products built around a specific theme. To complement the box, Bespoke posts how-to-videos, tips & tricks, and interviews with the makers. Their goal is to introduce men to something new. Many of the boxes could appeal to women as well, which is why I subscribe. You can also skip as many months as you wish, so I've been subscribed for a couple years, but only get a box every few months.

Over the years, Bespoke Post has worked to lower the Canadian shipping charge. Originally I was paying $20 a box for shipping to BC. Last year they managed to get the cost down to $10 per box (or for shop orders $45 and up) Canada wide. They also cover the brokerage fees and duties, so there are no additional fees due upon delivery.

There were several boxes available for November, but I selected The Butcher. Those of you that have been following my site for a while may find this familiar. The Butcher first made its Bespoke Post debut in November 2013, and I received one then as well. Check that review here. The products this time around are a little different, and I love the food themed boxes the most, so I opted for this one again.

A presentation-worthy cutting board with small bites to match. 
Preparing your food is an art.

One that’s a lot easier when your cutting board has some serious artistic chops. This one was born for cooking and entertaining alike, thanks to a handsome edge-grain construction. It’s easy on knives when you’re whipping up a recipe, and can work overtime as a serving tray when you’re dishing out some snacks. Lay out a spread, pour yourself a drink, and enjoy. 
This month the post has some tips on preparing food and developing your knife skills. Click here to see the online version.

Unbound Pickling Bacon Pickle (16oz, $9)
Contrary to the name, these pickles are completely vegetarian. But they do have one very bacon-like ingredient: hickory smoke, which lends some depth to the tangy crunch of a snacking favorite. They’re created by the green thumbs at Unbound Pickling, where everything is sourced locally in Portland, OR.Subscribers had the option to select Creminelli Fine Meats Salami or these vegan "bacon" pickles. I've received quite a bit of salami from boxes in recent months, so I opted for the unique pickles. No pigs were harmed in the making of this pickle!

Treehouse Chocolate Co. Camp Drinking Chocolate (1 packet, $3)
Coffee and chocolate are a match made in warm drink heaven. Inside this packet is the dry equivalent of a full cup of coffee, blended with organic, sustainably farmed, 72% cacao chocolate. For a delicious mocha, just add water.
This was a rich and delicious chocolate/coffee mix... which I guess makes it a mocha!

Bee Local Honey Sticks (3, $1.20)
This is as good in your tea as it is with your cheese plate. The raw, unpasteurized, wildflower honey is gently filtered and packed with nutrition – you’ll get your vitamin A, B, C, D, E, and K, along with all the great antibacterial properties that come naturally to this sweet stuff.
I like using honey sticks for tea. They are great for work and travel. 

Ft. Greene Farms Pickled Mustard Seeds (2oz, $2.65)
This isn’t your average mustard. The chef-favorite, locally sourced seeds are tangy and vinegary, with a caviar-like texture that bursts with flavor. Add a drop or two to your charcuterie, sandwich, or dip, then take a bite and be amazed. 
At first I was wondering why they would put mustard seeds in the box, but then I clued in that they are pickled. Use it just as you would regular mustard... but maybe a bit less. 

Ft. Greene Farms Charred Sriracha (2oz, $2.25)
Drizzle this small-batch sriracha onto just about anything that needs a fiery, garlicky kick. Ft. Greene Farms roasts the chilis, rather than fermenting them, which helps to release natural oils for a more balanced flavor and richer color.
This is

Booklynn Butcher Blocks Edge Grain Butcher Block ($60)
Meet the new workhorse of your kitchen. It’s quick to clean, doesn’t absorb moisture, and is much more forgiving on your razor-sharp chef’s knives. That’s because it uses an edge-grain construction (much better than plastic or single-piece wood boards) with cherry and maple pieces that are joined together edge-side-up. It creates a softer cutting surface for when you’re prepping dinner, and a handsome profile for when you’re serving guests.
This block is custom designed for Bespoke Post. It's 12x14x1. Similar ones on the Brooklyn Butcher Block Site, sized at 12X18x2, go for $150!

My November Bespoke Post selection, The Butcher, included six products, with a retail value around $78 US. I have to say, I didn't enjoy this version of The Butcher as much as the 2013 version, but there are still some great things here. The pickles are probably my favourite and the butcher block is being gifted to my Dad for Christmas. I'm not really sure how the honey sticks and hot chocolate fit in with the "butcher block", appie sampling, sandwich making theme, but they're still fun things to try.

Interested in trying Bespoke Post? New subscribers can save 20% off their first box by using promo code BOX20 at checkout. There are several great boxes available right now, including The Butcher, so be sure to check them out.

Click here to check out Bespoke Post.  

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