Avalai Review - December 2015 - Canadian Time of the Month Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review.

** This company is closed.** 

What is it? Avalai
How much? $34.95/month, plus $3 shipping across Canada. Save $5 per box on a 3 month prepaid term.
What's in it?
A customized box of pads, tampons, gourmet chocolate, tea, bath and body and other treats every month.

Avalai is a Canadian "Time of the Month" subscription box that sends all the supplies you need for your time of the month. Avalai is a sevrice for women and designed by women.  Avalai also focuses on Canadian small businesses and donates a part of their profits each month to the Canadian Women's Foundation. 

Avalai is a service for Canadian women, by Canadian women. You get a customized box of pads, tampons, gourmet chocolate, tea, bath and body and other treats every month just before you need them. Our goal is to provide convenience and pampering for busy women during their period.

The name and logo may seem familiar to you. That's because Avalai isn't exactly new. It's actually been around for a while, but only recently became a Canadian based company. Avalai used to be American owned and shipping to Canada was $10 a box. I never subscribed due to the cost. When I heard that Avalai is now based in Canada and ships exclusively to Canadians, with a focus on Canadian products, I was excited to check it out.

The product card includes details about each product. It says they searched across the country to bring the very best in this month's box, and it's the biggest of the year! They weren't kidding about that. The box was jam packed, literally!

This is a beautiful cookie! I haven't tried it yet though. I'm saving it for a special treat.

I'll Know It When I See It (Vancouver, BC) - All is Loud Holiday Card ($4)
This company's motto is "a pretty and witty design studio" and this card is both pretty and witty. They have loads of great designs for sale on their Etsy site. 
So many treats!

Squish Candies (Montreal, Quebec) - Gummy Bears (80g, ~$4)
These gummies were featured in the celebrity gifting lounge at the recent Toronto International Film Festival. The website is super cool and they have tons of great flavours.

Higgins & Burke Tea (6 packets, $1.20)
Tea is always a great addition to a box like this, especially soothing Chamomile.

Milsean Demerara Butter Crunch (Aldergrove, BC) - Assorted Flavours (6 x $1.99)
OMG. I received these in a different box and I was in love. So amazing. Chocolate, butter toffee, and nuts in a perfect little bar. The Milsean online shop has been offline for ages, but I found them for sale at a local Vancouver cookware shop (and they also do online sale - check the link above).

Cottenelle Fresh Care Fushable Cloths (10 wipes, $1.99)
This is a useful and practical item to include. 

Wild Prairie Soap Company (Edmonton, Alberta) - Wintervention Soap ($5.75)
This natural cocoa butter and olive oil based soap is meant to help you beat the winter dry skin blues. It smells nice too!

The supplies - I received 14 pads (10 regular/4 heavy) and 10 tampons (7 regular/3 super). Avalai stocks Always Infinity pads, Tampax Pearl and ob tampons. When you subscribe you have the option to choose pads, tampons (Tampax or ob), or pads and tampons. If you have specific requests about the mix of items, just shoot the Avalai team an e-mail and they will try to accommodate your request.  The value of these products is around $6.50, based on retail prices for the products at London Drugs

Your first box will include this cute and handy holder to keep your products neat and discreet inside your purse. This is a great addition!

The December Avalai box included everything needed to survive a monthly cycle. I like that they included supplies and hygiene products, chocolate and tea, and some seasonal gifts too. I estimate the value of this box is around $40 Canadian. I was really pleased with all the products and I love that they sourced many of the items from small Canadian companies. The products included are thoughtful, good quality, and useful. I will definitely check out Squish and IKIWISI again. 

Click here to check out Avalai.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up. 

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