Kawaii Box Review - October 2015 - International Surprise Subscription Box

This box was provided complimentary for review. This post contains affiliate links.
What is it? Kawaii Box
How Much? $18.90 per month. Save on 6 and 12 month terms. Shipping included. Prices in US dollars.
What’s in it?
10-12 super cute hand-picked products from Japan and Korea

Kawaii Box is a subscription service based in Asia that sends a box of kawaii products from Japan and Korea to your door each month. Kawaii means cute and everything in the box is guaranteed to be super cute. Products may include Japanese candy, stationery, beauty accessories, and toys. The subscription price includes free worldwide shipping. Like what you received? Buy more from the blippo.com Kawaii Shop.

As a bonus, when you subscribe to Kawaii Box, you are automatically entered into a monthly draw of the Kawaii Megabox raffle. The Kawaii Megabox is jam packed with kawaii products, and valued over $100 US.

First look

Second look - definitely some cute in here!

Flan Dakigurumi Plush Pouch ($28.50 US)
This pastel polka dotted super cute and huge FLAN plush is guaranteed to melt your heart. Decorate your room or keep him with you in case you need a hug. FLAN plushies are available in several different styles and color patterns. Absolutely kawaii!

Popcorn Nora Kokkok Roller Stamp Set
This is a cute stamping set that my nieces will be sure to love.

NingJu Pattern Envelope Set ($2.50)
These cute envelopes are perfect for letters, money and storing invoices. Each of them is decorated with a lovely pattern, and one set includes 5 envelopes. Choose from 10 different styles! Cute!

Jewelry Seal Fashion Stickers ($3.80)
Now you can kawaii-fy your mobile phone and other items in genuine Japanese keitai style! This package includes a sheet consisting of big and small pearls which you can use to cover your phone, or any other product. Choose from 3 cute pastel colored sets.
Nuoying Heart Shaped Nail Flake Stickers
I'm not into nail art but I know someone that will like these!

Meiji DIY Sushi-Bar Gummies
These were tasty. The rice ones tasted like banana.

Lollipop Pen ($1.80)
Write sweet messages to your friends with these sweet lollipop ballpoint pens! Every pen has blue ink and lollipop decoration! Pens are available in 8 different colorful styles. Make your work or school days cuter and sweeter!

Unchi-Kun Poop Lollipop ($1.20)
Uchi-kun is the luckiest poop there is! Don't let the looks deceive you - the candy may be shaped like a poop, but the taste is so sweet! Choose from 3 different flavors - cola, cider soda and strawberry! So good you have to taste them all!

Finger Family Monster Pouch ($1.80)
This colorful little pouch is good for anyone who likes monsters and those who like to store their small items in a cute way! You can fill the pouch with any small items you want and easily carry them with you everywhere! Perfect size for cards! Choose from 4 different colors.

Neko Emoji Mini Pouch ($2.30) 
This super kawaii and cute mini pouch is too cute! You can fill the Neko pouch with any small items you want and easily carry them with you everywhere! The mini pouch has a ball chain so you can attach it easily to your bag, phone or anywhere you want! So adorable! 

Animal Sticker Sheet ($1.90)
This adorable sticker sheet features many cute animal characters balloon stickers. Decorate your books, notebooks, cards and gifts with these adorable cuties!

The October Kawaii Box included 11 items, with a retail value over $43 US. Everything is super cute as promised. I've already claimed the candies and the envelopes. The other items will be passed to my nieces. I think this would be a good box for a tween or young teen girl. There's a bit of a void in that age range when it comes to subscription boxes, so this could be an option. 

Click here to check out Kawaii Box.

Disclaimer: Box information is correct as of posting date. As prices and terms are subject to change, please be sure to read the FAQ of this company before signing up.


  1. Some cute items in here! My sister would love it.


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