Student Velocity Review - September 2015 - Canadian Student Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.

** As of Dec 2016, Student Velocity ceased operations. **
What is it? Student Velocity 
How much? $30/month, plus $6 shipping (CDN$)
What's in it? Minimum of 3 snacks and 3-5 lifestyle items 

Student Velocity  is a brand new Canadian subscription that sends care packages to Canadian students. Boxes will contain healthy study snacks, practical items, and fun gifts to help university and college students get through their academic terms. 

Each box is themed around a specific point in the academic year. Whether it's back-to-school, term paper madness, or stress eating finals the box is designed with students in mind! 

Shyla, the 25 year old entrepreneur behind Student Velocity, started the company because her younger brother was heading off to University. Shyla wanted to buy him a student subscription to help him through the school year, but the only ones available were for US students and didn't ship to Canada. Seeing a gap in the Canadian market, Shyla created Student Velocity specifically for Canadian students.

Student Velocity offers two box options. Gift subscriptions are available as well.
  • Hatchling: $20/month + $6 shipping - Includes minimum of 2 snacks and 3-4 lifestyle items 
  • Raptor: $30/month  + $6 shipping - Includes minimum of 3 snacks and 3-5 lifestyle items
This is a review for the Raptor box.

Boxes ship on the 24th of each month. You can skip or cancel any time, through your account page. Student Velocity also has a referral program. Subscribers will get a unique code for their friends to get 10% off a subscription. When three friends sign up using your code, your next box is free!

The September box is "Back to School" and includes some useful and tasty items to help with the year ahead.

First look

Calbee - Snapea Crisps Harvest Snaps (21g x 2, $2.10)
These are like potato chips, but made with ground up peas and rice flour. I've never been a fan of them because I don't understand why someone wouldn't just eat snap peas (this lady agrees). Students aren't known for having the most healthy diets, so I guess compared to actual potato chips, this would be a healthier option.

Seltzer Goods The Seven Year Pen (Whale Design, $7.95)
This pen has enough ink inside to write 1.7 meters a day for 7 years! It's also refillable. It's quite amazing, especially since (according to Seltzer), 100 million pens are discarded everyday. I just threw one out yesterday!

Wow Baking Company Lemon Burst Cookie ($1.99)
This is a soft, chewy jumbo cookie flavoured with refreshing lemon. It's gluten free, made with a rice and tapioca flours.Any starving student would be thrilled to receive this guy.

Chimes Ginger Chews (2oz, $4.19)
My goodness these are delicious! These are soft, chewy ginger candies, flavoured with a hint of peppermint. The 2oz tin contains about two dozen individually wrapped pieces. I may have already eaten half of them!

Thymes Iumit The Bookmark That Shines ($14)
This bookmark comes from Asian, and it's genius. It's thin, but contains a 3.7 volt rechargeable lithium-polymer battery that lasts 3 hours. The entire bookmark lights up, or shines, so you can study all night without interrupting your dorm-mate.

Bicycle Standard Playing Cards (1 deck, $3.99)
Playing cards are the easiest way to make new friends and new memories. Perfect for long nights in the dorm.

Eccolo 2016 18-Month Weekly Agenda (~$14)
This is the perfect thing to include in a student subscription box, especially a back-to-school themed box. This 18-month agenda starts July 2015 and goes through 2016. It's weekly format, so students can keep track of homework and assignment due dates. This is my most favourite item!

The inaugural Student Velocity  box, featuring a Back to School theme, included 8 items, with a retail value just over $48 US (over $60 Canadian). This box costs $36 CDN with shipping. It's a great value this month and the box includes many useful and practical items that could make the life of a student a little easier to bear.

If you are interested in trying or gifting Student Velocity, you can save 10% off your first month using promo code BOXADDICT10 at checkout. New subscribers only!

Click here to check out Student Velocity

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