Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box - September 2015 - Canadian Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.

What is it? Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box 
How Much? $30 per month plus $4.32 shipping or a one-time trial box for $39 including shipping (CDN$) 
What’s in it? Hand-selected female focused health, wellness, and lifestyle items

The Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box is a surprise monthly female focused wellness and lifestyle subscription box. Each box is carefully curated with luxury wellness items. Expect to receive an assortment of healthy lifestyle products such as health-concision snacks and food, artisan chocolate, natural and organic skincare products, supplements, loose leaf teas, lifestyle products, and more. Products will always be gluten-free and health-conscious, but may contain dairy and/or nuts. 

This isn't a sampler box.. but a box featuring full sized lifestyle products hand-selected specifically for health-conscious women. We do include a few smaller products as well so you can have fun trying some new things.
You can also shop the Jule's Wellness online boutique where you can find an assortment of artisan wellness and lifestyle products. Everything from bamboo sheets to loose leaf teas, to natural skincare products, artisan chocolate and healthy snacks is available from Jule's Wellness. The Jule's Wellness Lifestyle box brings you a selection of items from the boutique so you can test and try before you buy.

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Product info sheet

"This month's box is all about practical goodies for a fresh start!"

First look.

Wash & Beauty Co. Konjac Sponge ($14)
 This is a bamboo charcoal sponge made from konjac root fibre. These are very popular and I've received a couple through subscription boxes, but I've never really figured out the appeal. I am vowing to give it another try though so I will put this one to use.

Consonant Natural Foaming Face Wash (125ml, $18)
This is a Canadian line and I'm so happy to have discovered it through Jule's Wellness. This is an organic face wash made with irritating ingredients. It contains no artificial colours, dyes, fragrances, or dyes.

K's NRG Whole Food Energy Bar ($3)
This did not look appealing at all. It seemed to have melted a bit and reformed at one end of the package so it was a big sticky mess. The first ingredient is molasses, which explains the stickiness. It didn't taste great, and I'm not keen on snack bars that have 18g of sugar per serving. It would probably be better for someone who is very active and needs lots of energy for endurance sports.

The Honest Leaf Tea in Relieve (80g, $13)
Relieve tea will settle an upset stomach, relieve bloating and aid with digestion. It contains organic ginger, chamomile, organic peppermint, and organic fennel. I often drink peppermint tea after dinner so I am very curious to try this one.

Manitoba Harvest Hemp Heart Bites (113g, $7)
This is a new product from Manitoba Harvest and it's great to receive a full size bag, but they are definitely an acquired taste. These bits are made from shelled hemp seeds, evaporated cane syrup, brown rice syrup, vanilla flavour, and sea salt.

To go along with the full size Consonant Face Wash, they also included a sample of Consonant's DHE Mask. It's made from manicouagan clay and can be used as an all over mask, or as an overnight spot treatment for pimples or oily areas. 

The September Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box included five full size items and a sample product, with an approximate retail value at $55 CDN. This box costs $34.32 CDN with shipping. The value is great, the products are high quality, and I love that nearly everything is full size. I like that they included a collection of skincare items that complement each other. The snacks are a miss for me this month, but they were worth a try, and that's what this box is about - trying new things.

If you are interested in trying Jule's Wellness, there are a few promos available:

  • Sign up for the Jule's Wellness newsletter and get a code for 10% off your store order. There are a lot of great products in the store, at very reasonable prices.
  • Save 10% off your order at Jule's Baskets using promo code JWB10.
  • Subscribe for 6 months of Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box and receive the 7th month free. Enter code CBA7F in the "Notes" section of the checkout page. Please note that you do not purchase a 6-month subscription at once, rather if you stay subscribed to the Jule's Wellness Lifestyle Box for 6 consecutive months,they will send you the 7th month free. If you cancel before 6 months is up, the promo is voided.

Click here to check out Jule's Wellness. The subscription box is under the "Offerings" tab at the top.

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