BuddhiBox Review - September 2015 - Eco-Lifestyle Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? BuddhiBox 
How Much? $30.95 per month, plus $9.99 shipping to Canada (US$) 
What’s in it? Mix of 4-6 full-size products and product samples to enrich mind, body, and soul.

BuddhiBox is a subscription service for yoga lovers. The goal of BuddhiBox is to deliver "monthly mindfulness through a curated box of products that enhance your yoga practice and lifestyle". Each month you will receive items that enrich mind, body, and soul. Items may include healthy food, supplements, beauty products, and yoga accessories. A monthly BuddhiBox will include 4-6 products for you to discover and share. Even if you don't practice yoga, BuddhiBox is for people who enjoy a peaceful and mindful existence. BuddhiBox practices Saucha (living purely) and only partners with businesses that follow ethical and conscious standards in production. They also donate a portion of proceeds to charity. 

If $41 US per month is too much for you, BuddhiBox also offers a mini version. For only $11.95 per month, plus shipping, you can get 2-3 product samples and coupons. This review is for a regular box.

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My BuddhiBox arrived a little early this month. Maxine, the BuddhiBox founder, was kind enough to ship it out a tad early to accommodate my upcoming vacation.

The yoga pose this month is for Downward Facing Dog. Finally one I know and can do pretty well! The recipe is for "Penne alla Norma" and is made with one of the products included in the box this month. 

This is made from shea butter mixed with coconut and avocado oil, and scented with bergamot and lavender essential oils. Use it as a hair mask or body butter. The label recommends using on skin after shaving, which I think I will do as I have super dry legs.

No Sweat Laundry Detergent (4oz, $6)
This bottle has enough for 4 loads. It contains a unique ingredient that eliminates odours caused by bacterial and oil, so it leaves your workout clothes smelling citrus-y fresh.

Love Reusable Bags Snack Pouches (2 pack, $12)
Eco-friendly re-usable snack bags! They have a Velcro seal, food-safe coating, and are top-rack dishwasher safe. These are a great alternative to plastic sandwich bags. The company has some cool tote bags too.

The Essential Nest Ease Up Headache Relief Rollerball ($14) 
This rollerball contains lavender, peppermint, and basil essential oils plus sweet almond oil. Roll it on temples, forehead or nape of the neck so the soothing lavender and calming peppermint can go to work. 

Yoga Anytime - 1 Month Gift Code ($18 value)
Yoga Anytime is an online streaming site that allows you to stream yoga videos anywhere you can get a WiFi signal! This is a coupon code for 30 days of unlimited access. You do not need to provide a credit card to sign up and take advantage of this offer.  

Ground 2 Table Italian Spice Blend (2g, $2)
The motto for this company is Buy Small Use it All. Spices lose flavour once opened so these single use packets are the solution. Use one packet as needed to ensure maximum freshness. They would also be great work work, camping, and travel.

Rickaroons Vegan Macaroon ($3)
This is a soy free, gluten-free, vegan, paleo-friendly chocolate coconut macaroon.

The September BuddhiBox contains six products and a gift card, with a retail value of $77 US. It's a great value this month and this is one of my most favourite BuddhiBoxes yet. I love all the great, useful lifestyle items, especially the re-usable snack bags and the No Sweat detergent.

For those wondering what's inside the mini version of BuddhiBox this month, the September sample box includes a Rickaroon Vegan Macaroon, No Sweat Laundry Detergent, a Ground 2 Table Spice Blend Packet, the Yoga Anytime 1 Month Gift Card, and a Pyrite Stone. The retail value is $32 US. 

Interested in BuddhiBox? Save $3 off a month-to-month subscription using promo code buddhifriend at checkout. This September box may still available for one-time purchase, while supplies last. Check out the Buddhi store to pick up your own.

Click here to check out BuddhiBox.

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