Razor Blade Club Review - Canadian Grooming Subscription Service

This package was provided complimentary for review.
What is it? Razor Blade Club 
How Much? $6.99 per month, shipping included (CDN$)
What’s in it? First month includes an ergonomic handle and four 3-blade cartridges, then four cartridges per month.

Razor Blade Club is a Canadian grooming subscription service that sends quality blades to your door. For only $5 a month, plus $1.99 shipping, you will receive four 3-blade cartridges each month. Your first shipment also includes the razor handle. If you ever break or lose your handle, just contact Razor Blade Club for a free replacement.

Razor Blade Club is a unisex service. Both men and women can "shave cash" by joining this club. I was previously subscribed to Razor Blade Club for over a year with no complaints. Every month I found a small envelope in my condo mailbox containing my blades for that month. It was easy, convenient, and most of all... cheap!

The blades and handle, although inexpensive, are not cheaply made. The blades are high quality and provide a great, close shave. It's a basic set up with three blades that get the job done. No moisture strip or aloe strip here, folks! The handle is ergonomic and comfortable, although at times it was difficult to get the blade off, especially when the razor and hands were wet. The push button would stick a bit, but a little force and persistence would get it done.

If you are looking for a way to cut back and save cash, look no further than Razor Blade Club. Traditional blades aren't cheap. A five pack of Gillette Venus blades goes for $19 or more. A three pack of Intuition blades runs $12,99 and up. It's summer time and we are shaving our legs every few days. That adds up fast. A subscription to Razor Blade Club will cut your monthly shaving costs by at least half. If you aren't picky about name brands, aloe strips, pretty colours, or number of blades in your cartridge, this could be for you.

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  1. I have been using this subscription ever since they started out. I love the fact they are in Canada and that there are no cross the border hassles with shipping. I have always gotten my blades each month. I lost my handle while on holidays and they shipped me another one after I emailed them. They are a small company but they are reliable and I can see they want to really do a good job and keep everyone happy. I love this idea and have told lots of my friends. And of course you know that shaving blades are really really expensive. This is a great way to save lots of money over the year. They said there shaving blades are made here in North America. Great to know.


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