GreekPack Review - July 2015 - International Snack Subscription Box + PROMO CODE

This box was provided complimentary for review.

** This company no longer offers subscriptions.**
What is it? GreekPack
How Much? $19.99 per month, plus $5 shipping (US$). Save on 6 and 12 month terms. 
What’s in it? 6-8 carefully selected Greek products, shipped directly from Greece

GreekPack is a new international subscription box that sends 6-8 Greek products, straight from Athens. For a small fee each month, you can get a taste of Greece delivered straight to your door. The best part is that GreekPack ships anywhere in the world and charges only $5 per month for shipping. This box was of great interest to me because I am planning a visit to Greece (among other places) in the fall. 

The box arrived a little banged up, but everything was intact. I didn't get a tracking notice, but they did e-mail when the box shipped. It took about two weeks for the box to arrive.

The info sheet is very detailed and explains each product and their origins. 

The box was light, but packed full! 

Tsakiris Chips
 These chips are "Gyros Yogurt Sauce" flavour. There are two kinds of chips in the bag. The ripple chip is "gyros" flavour (ever had donair? It's like that... kind of a meaty, bbq flavour) and the flat chip is the Greek yogurt flavour, which reminds me a lot of sour cream and onion chips. Mix the two together and you have a delicious meal in your mouth (seriously, they are good!). I will definitely be looking for these chips while I'm in Greece!

Mikio Mini Breadsticks 
These little hard breadsticks are made with graviera cheese and feta cheese. The cheese flavour was very mild. I enjoyed the breadsticks quite a bit. They were good with tzatzki and hummus. This is a popular snack on the island of Crete.

Chalvadopita Nougat 
This is a strange item. The inside part is like nougat - made with honey, egg yolks, vanilla, and almonds. It's sandwiched between two paper thin, tasteless wafers. Apparently it's a very popular snack on the island of Syros.

This is a nut-based "halva" or dessert made tahini and other nut butters. I'm not huge on tahini and sesame so this was a miss for me. 

This is a sesame seed candy bar, similar to the Asian ones we see a lot at Halloween. Again, I'm not a fan of sesame seeds so this is a pass for me. They are pretty healthy snacks though, full of protein, but lots of sugar because it's made with honey.

Fino Greek Honey
My sister visited Greece a few years ago and raved about eating Greek yogurt topped with honey. The islands of Greece have over 7500 different species of plants, flowers, and trees, some found no where else in the world. As you can imagine, it's a bee's dream. The pollination of all these different types of flora results in some of the best honey in the world. Fino honey is produced from a unique blend of forest from all over Greece. It has a pleasant woodsy flavour, almost like the amber honey we experience here.

Mastiha Gum
This is a natural sugar-free chewing gum. It's made from mastic, a resin or sap obtained from the mastic tree. It's bitter at first, then releases a slight pine or cedar-like flavour.

The July Edition of GreekPack included seven products. I can't put a value on this box, but I'd say it's worth the subscription cost, since these products are sourced and shipped direct from the isles of Greece. This box was fun to experience and it's made me even more excited for my upcoming trip.

If you are interested in trying GreekPack, they are currently offering an amazing summer promo. For a limited time, you can save 35% off all subscriptions. A month-to-moth plan is only $14.99 plus $5 shipping, a 6-month plan works out to $13.99 per month ($113.99 for 6 months, including shipping), and a 12-month plan works out to only $11.99 per month ($199 for year including shipping). No promo code required!

On top of that deal, you can save an additional 10% off your first box ($2 off for a monthly term) by entering promo code CDNBOX10 at checkout. This will bring your initial cost including shipping to $17.99 for a monthly subscription (it will then be $19.99 per month thereafter, with the summer discount).

Click here to check out GreekPack.


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